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Then came along the pregnancy rumors, fans go crazily protective of her actions again. In China, they will not announce their pregnancy if it doesn’t past the first 3 month duration. Cetaphil Has 5 Easy Solutions To Everyday Problems, 10 Must-Read Celebrity Memoirs That Are Now Hitting The Book Shelves, 6 Cashless Apps To Pay For Parking With Your Mobile Phone. It’s understandable William Feng Shaofeng and Zanilia Zhao Liying want to protect their son for privacy and safety reasons. It’s now 6 months since baby Feng was welcomed to the world. March 8th marked International Women’s Day and also the birthday of Zhao Liying's newborn baby! Zhao then reshared the post and wrote, “Please wait. Ever since Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) was rumored to be pregnant, she and her husband, William Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰), have kept their personal lives very private. FSF?ZLY. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Dylan Wang Meets Love Rival, 2009 “Hua Ze Lei”, Yu Haoming, Zhu Zhengting Warns His Sasaeng Fans and Retaliates By Posting Their Pictures, Qin Lan Reveals Why She Was Always Offered Second Female Lead Roles Prior to “Story of Yanxi Palace”, Nicholas Tse Explains Why Has Been Focused on Cooking Instead of His Singing and Acting Career, Huang Zitao Cherishes Memory of His Father with New Song, “You”, Mike Angelo’s Son, Maxwell, Asks “Daddy Really Loves Me?” while Streaming with His Mother, Xu Kai Scolded By Fans for Refusing Picture Request. LETS JUST CONGRATULATE BOTH OF THEM. But beside that, i dont think we need to hate on her or put her down. It’s understandable William Feng Shaofeng and Zanilia Zhao Liying want to protect their son for privacy and safety reasons. At that time, I said, ‘Won’t allow.’ If my child really has the same dream as me in the future, I should happily let him do it. It gave me peace of mind so I don’t judge people who feel similarly.

I won’t be holding the wrong child.” William Feng Shaofeng later realized he was just worrying too much. Stop spreading false rumors. William Feng Shaofeng wrote down the Chinese character “想” (xiang, translates to miss or think) and immediately says, “My son’s nickname is “Xiang Xiang” (想想).” After realizing he blurted out his nickname, he expressed, “I don’t know why I said it. I don’t know what made her fans so crazy.

Learn how your comment data is processed. After plenty of ongoing rumours and repeated denials, newlyweds Zhao Liying(赵丽颖) and Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰) finally decided to put the rumours to rest by ringing in the New Year with their upcoming baby announcement! - h [ ... ], On 12 Aug 2019, Jing Boran was filming on the set of "The Climbers"《攀登者》on a 5m high stage [ ... ], Irene Chen Ai Ling shares seductive pregnancy curves with husband Alex; talks about miscarriage. Zanilia Zhao Liying and William Feng Shaofeng Seen on a Date, Debunking Marital Discord Rumors, Zanilia Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo Confirmed to Star in Series “Legend of Fei”, William Feng Shaofeng was asked, “Did you spend time with your family?”. 3 Sep 2019 - Actress and Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Whitney Hui (30) finally married her foreig [ ... ], 3 Sep 2019 - Angelababy was filming with David Beckham in Macau and Beckham graciously prepared an a [ ... ], 31 Aug 2019 - Kris Wuyi Fan (28) has been spotted holding the hands of his girlfriend Luyi Luna (19) [ ... ], 27 Aug 2019 - Over the last weekend, Elva Hsiao (40) decided to go public with her new boyfriend num [ ... ], 24 Aug 2019 - Wang Leehom (43)'s wife Lee Jinglei (33, also Li Jinglei) delivered a baby son Wang Ji [ ... ], 22 Aug 2019 - Zhao Liying Zanilia has been spotted on a number of occasions after her pregnancy but  [ ... ], 22 Aug 2019 - On a recent filming session while Tiffany Tang was on the set, she was dressed in bagg [ ... ], Japanese heartthrob Takuya Kimura (46)'s 16 year old daughter Mitsuki Kimura has just made her debut [ ... ], On 18 Aug 2019, it has been allegedly discovered that Malaysian songbird Fish Leong (41) has already [ ... ], Shawn Yue has been happily married since Dec 2017. Miscarriages or stillbirths are much more common than ppl realize so many ppl are reluctant to share that news early.

All rights reserved. They will soon be a family of 3. She didn’t threaten to sue the tabloids Jesus. Kim Soo Hyun Posts New SNS Picture and Netizens Swoon Over His Small Face and Other Top Actors With Such... PD Shin Won Ho of Hospital Playlist and Prison Playbook Confirms 2021 SBS Drama Racket Youth Team About Badminton. Tired of these people getting news from “sources” and act as they’re truth. Is Zanilia Zhao hiding a baby bump? Hmm…and she was on that long list of celebs who were being investigated for tax evasion..Makes you think twice about a person. He revealed, “The moment he came out, I was very apprehensive. Wow! From today onwards, a new little guy has joined our family. There are no pictures of him either. When William Feng got on the bus, he was warmer than before. K-ent Discusses Last 4 Year Netflix Success Through K-dramas Culminating in 2020 Global Hits Crash Landing on You, It's Okay... Kim Soo Hyun Shares New Pics on SNS Looking Dapper for Photo Shoot, Song Hye Kyo Shares New Footwear CF with Dramatic Eyes and Blush Look. If they love their idol they should’ve just told her it’s ok to be pregnant and just admit, instead of trying to deny things just to be on the news and hot search every week. Marie Claire Styles Kim Go Eun as a Gothic Horror Housekeeper in New Pictorial with Maximus From The King: Eternal... Memory Laden First Teaser for the Coffee Prince 13th Anniversary Reunion Led by Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, SBS Fri-Sat Drama Backstreet Rookie with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Ends with Average 6.6% AGB Nationwide Ratings, Kim So Hyun Confirms Sageuk Drama Moon Rising Over the River Playing Female Lead Princess Pyeongang. The baby showed up a few days early but I’m sure the parents are thrilled to make his acquaintance. Your email address will not be published. William Feng Shaofeng finally talked … Wishing them happiness with their baby son and hopefully no more need to so awkwardly hide stuff from the public in the future. The name of Zhao Liying's baby son hasn't been revealed yet, rumours say that the couple likes the name Xiao Feng for their little prince. Groom Exposes Bride’s Affair During Their Wedding. Watch the best in Chinese and Taiwanese dramas FREE on Hotpot TV! Agree on this. Idk why ppl get so mad about celebrities lying about dating/marriage/etc. They think everything ZLY did is ok but not others. If there are any faults then it’s only her management faults, or it’s always her co actors faults. William Feng Shaofeng responded, “What I owe the most is towards my family. The couple’s new drama series “The Story of Minglan” premiered on 25th December 2018 on Hunan TV. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. He joined the second season of the travel reality show, “Qi Yu Ren Sheng 2” (奇遇人生2), where he travelled with host, Aya Liu (阿雅), to the UK. Oh Snap! Lets protect our brave mommy, Zhao Liying.”, William Feng Shaofeng Talks about His Son for the First Time, Zanilia Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo Confirmed to Star in Series “Legend of Fei”, William Feng Shaofeng’s Team Denies Extramarital Affair Rumors, A Look into William Feng Shaofeng’s Dating History, Zanilia Zhao Liying Addresses Pregnancy Rumors. Their baby announcement is believed to be their way of promoting the drama. Many star couples were ready in advance. So much fake news about her. HAPPINESS STAY TOGETHER FOREVER,TILL DEATH DO THEY PART ????

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