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The term "Joropo" refers not only to the music, but to the dress, dance, and poetry as well. This site is not affiliated with any government entity associated with a name similar to the site domain name. Joropo is usually a dance for couples, but groups of only women also occur. The musical style is usually down tempo and it is descended from the waltz. It is a direct and virtually unchanged import from the Western Africa region. Long before the Spanish had conquered Ecuador, and even before the rise of the Inca civilization, the diverse native cultures of the region had rich musical traditions. Ecuador has many annual festivals, with nearly every village celebrating a Roman Catholic Saint.

Media related to Music of Ecuador at Wikimedia Commons. The mixture of the indigenous, Spanish and African music and sounds have formed very distinctive music styles that are present today. El nombre de yaraví relaciona a un género musical que es común en los paises andinos como el Ecuador, Perú y Bolivia. Pasillo was named the "national style of Ecuador" and is the style of many city anthems, such as that of Guayaquil. Most visitors to this part of the world only spend the night at one of the luxury hotels in the area while others just pass through by bus or on foot enroute to other destinations. Ecuador.com. A small panpipe called the rondador is the most distinctive instrument, but ensembles are typically groups of wind instruments, guitar trios (often including a bandolin), or brass bands. The music of Ecuador is a diverse aspect of Ecuadorian culture.

Afro-Ecuadorians are the descendants of African slaves who worked on the coastal sugar plantations in the sixteenth century. Rocola Bacalao integrated Andean rhythms and made in their song-texts references to emblematic rural towns, such as Pujilí in Cotopaxi. To left-leaning factions, rock was regarded as an expression of cultural imperialism that corrupts national popular culture. We are using cookies to make the website better. The bomba style originates from its namesake instrument, a bomba drum. In the Chota Valley, bomba music is the predominant style.

Afro-Ecuadorian music is also a prominent part of the country's scene, with styles such as marimba and bomba stemming from the days of slavery. As it spread during the Gran Chaco period, pasillo also absorbed the individual characteristics of isolated villages. Please help us out and disable your ad-blocker. Pasillo, pasacalle, and yarabi are popular styles of folksong, with the former being similar to a flute and usually downtempo as it is descended from the waltz. Puerto Ayora is known for the high standard of living that is enjoyed by its residents. Lyrics are usually sentimental and poetic, describing melancholy themes. The origins of bomba are disputed due to lack of written documentation, though it is known to have been created mostly by Afro-Ecuadorian slaves. Marimba is played on a musical instrument of the same name. The music of Ecuador is a diverse aspect of Ecuadorian culture. The Afro-Ecuadorians that are present in Ecuador today are famous for their marimba music as well as their many music and dance festivals. The inhabitants of the Chota River Valley have also invented a form of music called the bomba, which has achieved a bit of a reputation outside the region. In its waltz, pasillo alters the classically European dance form to accompany guitar, mandolin, and other string instruments.[6]. Pasillo, pasacalle and yarabi are also very popular forms of music in Ecuador.

Instruments played in Joropo vary by region, but the sounds and rhythm stay the same. As with almost all the other musics of South America, it has been influenced greatly by Africans and Europeans. Musicians like Huayanay have helped to popularize Andean-Ecuadoran music.[3]. In contrast to other styles of pasillo, however, Ecuadorian pasillo is slow and melancholic, often resting on themes of heartbreak and regret. This site is supported by ads. Of course, I can't explore every country in South America, but I've narrowed it down to a select few of wonderful countries. Really though, Salcedo has a lot to offer and should definitely be given a second glance.

Nevertheless, in the 1980s and the early 1990s the rhythm of the social as expressed in Ecuadorian rock was characterized by hopelessness and resistance or even resignation against repression. Ecuadorian music ranges from indigenous styles such as pasillo to Afro-Ecuadorian styles like bomba to modern indie rock.

Some of the rhythms associated with it are currulao, bambuco and andarele. Music in Ecuador, Artists, Musicians, Culture, Culture in Ecuador, Cuisine, Religion, People and Tradition. There is no significant African religion, although Catholic worship is distinctive in Esmeraldas, and sometimes is done with marimba music. Folk rhythms include cachullapi, yumbo, and danzante. This gives it an eclectic feel; however, the style, tone, and tempo of the music differ in each village. Pasillo is highly popular in Ecuador, where it is the "national genre of music." Ecuador is home to a number of cultures, including the Mestizo culture and a unique blend of Afro-Ecuadorian culture.

Pasillo is played with a guitar and rondin (a flute-like instrument). ... At the heart of the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador lies the sleepy little town of Salcedo. When the Spanish, with their Catholic missionaries and their African slaves, conquered Ecuador in the 16th century, many other musical styles were introduced. It is characterized by its sadness and slow tempo as well. It is clear that music has always played an important role in the ancient Andean people’s lives as archaeologists have found some very old instruments, such as drums, flutes, trumpets and other musical artifacts, in ancient tombs. Bomba was originally a style used only during celebrations and holidays, but following its rise to popularity and commercialization, it has been found in other contexts as well.[4]. Other popular rhythms in Ecuadorian music are the Albazos, Pasacalles, Tonadas, Danzantes, Yaravies… More information can be found on their website here. Marimba music also plays a part in Roman Catholic worship in and around Esmeraldas, as well as in celebrations and at parties. Ecuador is well-known for marimba, a unique form of music that was introduced by the Esmeraldas. The music of the Otavalo people is well-known worldwide. In recent years, cities such as Guayaquil and Quito have developed an indie rock scene that has allowed bands such as Da Pawn and La Máquina Camaleön to achieve international popularity. Sal y Mileto and Casería de Lagartos coined the genre of new Ecuadorian Rock. No part of this site shall be reproduced, copied, or otherwise distributed without the express, written consent of Ecuador.com. Rock music came to Ecuador in the midst of military dictatorship in the 1960s. I've dedicated this blog to explore more into the music of South America! "Rockin`for Pachamama: political struggle and the narration of history in Ecuadorian rock music.” In: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Fundación de Desarrollo Social Afroecuatoriano, "Highland Afro-Ecuadorian Bomba and Identity along the Black Pacific at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Music_of_Ecuador&oldid=973217155, Articles needing additional references from July 2014, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 August 2020, at 01:12.

The drum is played in both single and compound duple meter and is typically accompanied by an ensemble of three guitars, a shaker, and vocals.

The musical style is usually down tempo and it is descended from the waltz. The Fundación de Desarrollo Social Afroecuatoriano (AZUCAR) has existed since 1993, and offers a variety of workshops for all ages in music and dance, as well as handicrafts and other topics. The most popular form of traditional music in Ecuador is Pasillo. All trademarks and web sites that appear throughout this site are the property of their respective owners. The mood of Yarabi comes from the sufferings of the Indigenous and African populations from the European conquerors.

[1][2], The mountainous, Andean region of Ecuador, the Sierra, is home to a style of music called Sanjuanito [es]. Pasacalle is a form of dance music, while the sentimental yarabi is probably the most popular form in Ecuador. Olaf Kaltmeier 2019. Pasacalle is a form of dance music, while the sentimental yarabi is probably the most popular form in Ecuador. It was these sad songs that helped them dance and be happy. Pasillo is usually at a slow tempo and descends from the waltz. By clicking Agree you are accepting Terms of Service. Marimba music comes from Esmeraldas, and gets its name from the prominent use of marimbas, along with drums and other instruments specific to this region such as the bombo, the cununo and the wasa. Pasacalle is a form of dance music, while the sentimental yarabi is probably the most popular form in Ecuador. The Andes mountains house several indigenous styles of music, such as that of the Otavalo. Religious practice among afro-Ecuadorians is usually Roman Catholic. All rights reserved. All Rights Reserved. A relaxed atmosphere pervades the town and tourists will find that, though they might be busy taking in the sights, they will still be able to unwind. Within the context of political culture deeply shaped by Catholicism, rock music was considered to be a dangerous movement that seduced the youth. The Music of Ecuador reflects the multiethnic and multicultural character of the country, Ecuador's Music has been influenced by African rhythms, traditional Andean music, and indigenous music from the jungle. Ecuadorian music ranges from indigenous styles such as pasillo to Afro-Ecuadorian styles like bomba to modern indie rock. The instrument features wooden bars tuned to produce a chromatic scale and with resonators, and these bars are played with small mallets.

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