workplace harassment thesis

Symposium on women and the law, 1-25. The sensual harassment is also common in the school, and the victim students have its impact in different ways. Consequently, the necessities that organizations have to consider for the prevention of liabilities or any other problem include training employees and creating appropriate anti-harassment policies. However, a significant number of people have provided reports pointing to being harassed in the workplace. For this reason, the reported effects have prompted the creation of various legislations preventing this form of discrimination. In essence, sexual harassment is a major cause of anxiety and stress, which can degenerate into clinical depression that can gravely affect the victim’s life.

Such a consideration is essential for promoting a suitable working environment. Some of their efforts have proved fruitful while others have proved futile (Hersch, 2015). Before you start writing your essay, it is necessary that you carry out thorough research on for valid facts that'll support your arguments. On average, more than 50% of women have reported the case of sensual violence. The issue is a growing and ongoing risk affecting the operation of various organizations in the world. Therefore this an issue that organizations must work hard to solve, Victims of sexual harassment have always tried to end it. The court also assists in addressing and preventing sexual harassment in workplaces by giving guidelines to employees. However, this silence would cause an increasing rate of this type of criminal activity. [Internet]. However, all the above facts are important to your thesis writing assignments. Got questions?

The importance of the awareness is to ensure that employees have the latitude of exercising their employee rights without being subjected to sexual harassment unbeknown to them that it is wrong. Such sexual conduct creates a threatening and hostile environment. Centre for the Study of Women and Gender. You can have a detailed study on this topic for sexual harassment thesis statement. Moreover, when the employees are fully aware and cognizant of their social and human rights, the management culprits cannot take advantage of their naivety and harass them sexually. Retrieved November 05, 2020, from There are also different factors that can reduce the risk of sexual violence. Gutek, B. The purpose of this paper is to give a clear understanding of various aspects of sexual harassment as a problem its definition, Its characteristics and how workers can deal with it (Hersch, 2015). Request changes or add full text files to a record, Email us: It should be highly avoided or prevented to ensure continued growth of an organization. The transgender persons in the society are also vulnerable to this type of risk. It affects the self-esteem of an individual and how he relates to others. You may also find various risk factors that make the low-wage employees much vulnerable to the sexual harassments.

For instance, the victims can feel the headache, stress and low self-esteem. The culture of a given organization or region influences the tolerance level for sexual harassment.

The reviews will entail the imparting of invaluable information about what constitutes the selfish practice of sexual harassment. The sexual harassment can affect the victims in different ways.

You can keep revising and revising until you are satisfied with the perfect thesis arguments. If the victim is unable to face the harasser, he should write a letter or an email telling him to stop the behavior. The harasser could be an age mater of the individual being harassed. Sometimes sexual harassment is seen as a power game where men in top positions ask for sexual favors from their subordinates to give them some promotions. The employers - the owners of the organization or academic institution, are held responsible for any quid pro quo sexual harassment by supervisors. (1998) When it proves impossible for a victim to end sexual harassment, he should check on the policies that the company has laid down to address the issue (By Kumar, 2015). What is sexual harassment?

These topics may be related to their academic subjects or some issues in the society.

You can look for the professionals to write the thesis statement and the lengthy thesis papers. International Congress on Interdisciplinary Business and Social Science, 1-8. Make sure that you have obtained the information from the reliable sources. My analysis builds upon a review of literature on workplace sexual harassment and bullying from 1979 to 1997. Sometimes even the harasser is not usually aware that his actions are offensive sometimes to him it may look like a just a mere joke. There are also negative effects on the workplace. Your detailed information on this topic will add value to the papers. This type of harassment has caused a concern to everyone in our modern society. Carrying out the necessary research will give you an idea on how to present your facts and structure an argument. If the policies are incumbent, the lessons, which can be meetings, will be significant in reviewing the policies to remind the employees of their rights. Pros and Cons of Globalization, How to Write an APA Research Paper Outline. During the interview, these officers may ask the candidates to give them sexual favor, and in return, they will offer job to the candidates. An individual can also choose to inform the supervisor of the issue, If the harasser refuses to stop the harassment even after the victim informs him that his actions are inappropriate, one should take the complaints to the next level (Gutek, 2012). There is another relevant thing to be written on the thesis. Few of these instances are not easily provable at the court. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. However, when female employees dress decently, the chances of being manipulated by people sexually are slimmed. Tejani, S. (2004). There are two main types of sexual harassment which are legally recognized: Quid Pro Quo is a Latin phrase meaning "this for that." So the victim must first settle the complaint within the company. Where do I place the Thesis Statement? This activity violates the legal rules, and thus, sexual harassment is a type of crime in several countries in this world. Whenever an individual decides to use sexual behavior to control you, whether physical or behavioral that can be referred to as sexual harassment. Thesis, Topic: However, we think that it would be better to focus on any of the aspects of sexual harassment. Some of them think that every real woman must look sexy. Sometimes sexual Harassment in workplaces is not all about sex; the harasser usually tries to demonstrate power. Sexual harassment causes stress and anxiety to the affected people. Due to its rampancy, many human rights activists and adherents have carried various researches to decipher the rationale behind the perpetuation of this inhumane practice. 27-36).Springer Netherlands. Tejani (2004) also asserts that decent dressing is also an important practice in the fight against sexual harassment. We use cookies to enhance our website for you. But with the proper guidance, you can develop the thesis statement that will add to the effectiveness of your sexual harassment essay. The common form of sexual harassment is sexual manipulation of women in junior positions by their seniors. However, some thesis writers also write about the men, having high susceptibility to the sensual harassments. In this paper, we will look at the definition of sexual harassment, its effects on both the organization, employees, and how the management can try and prevent sexual harassment at their workplaces. They can report any case that suggests sexual harassment directly to the management with adequate proof for the course of law to punish the perpetrator. Following either the acceptance or rejection of the advances by the subordinate/ student, it then leads to a promotion or demotion, an employment gain or loss, success or failure in specific academic courses. Available from:, "Free Thesis On Sexual Harassment In The Workplace." Reduction in productivity of a firm greatly affects the productivity of a firm, therefore, the firm experiences slow growth (Heather McLaughlin, 2012) (Gutek, 2012). Thus, by presenting various types of evidences, you will be able to prove that women are more at the risk of the sensual harassment. As borne …, Your email address will not be published. Sexual harassment at the workplace: Emerging problems and debates.Economic and Political Weekly, 4491-4494. 8(3), pp. Most of the victims do not report against the criminals at the right time.

It is through the thesis statement that you can pin down the exact trajectory of your sexual harassment essay, ensuring you have a good flow while writing. Theemergence of the workplace bullying discourse in UK trade union publications, the mediaand self-help texts is traced. However, most students often appear to be at a loss when it is mentioned that they need to have a thesis statement in their college essay. More often than not, the refusal of the assaulted negatively impacts on his/her academic performance or employment and it creates an offensive and intimidating environment for the victim.

The few sexual harassment cases that get to the federal court can take a significant number of years to conclude.

One of their principal duties is to provide secure and safe working environment for their subordinates. Persuade your thesis readers to know the importance of these policies. These social benefits are also likely to influence economic benefits since employees are likely to become more productive. Most of the international organizations, including ILO, UN and EU, have defined it as the unlawful sexual activity. The students need to write their essays and theses on various topics. Your thesis papers have to encourage the readers to take all these steps. Sexual Harassment, Workplace authority and paradox of power. The statistical data is must for any type of thesis. This type of sexual harassment occurs when unwanted sexual advances affect the job or learning environment of the individual. The first step you need to take is brainstorming. Some feel that sexual benefits from their subordinates are a side benefit of their position.

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