why did the south secede essay

Surely at the very least this might have made the Southern cause more sympathetic under the sensibilities of the time. A variety of reasons kept morale in the war high, state and region pride was a powerful motivator especially for Confederates, ideological differences, and at one point in the war both sides were confident that they the war was going to end quickly and in their, Analysis Of Daniel Shays Decision To Attack The Springfield Armory, The Importance Of Religion In Australian Schools, Similarities And Differences Between Cystitis And Pyelonephritis, Case Study Of Hypothesis Testing In ANOVA. Lincoln was an Abolitionist but not because he cared about slavery but to try and save the Union.

Northern states, however, were primarily manufacturing states and did not have as great of a need for slavery. The North was not so state orientated and failed to recognize the southern allegiances before the war begun. If the reason for seceding was to protect slavery from abolition -- then perhaps a better strategy would have been to wait until such an attempt was actually made. Perhaps some legal arrangement would have been worked out granting the South more autonomy within the U.S., with freedom to set their own tariffs and slavery policy. The event of a mass slave rebellion in and of itself might have been the kind of catalyst for end to slavery -- perhaps one that would have proceeded in a very different manner from what actually transpired. certain things they should not have to follow, many issues arise. Lincoln’s election was the last in a string of events which had heightened sectional feeling to beyond the realms of reason or constraint.

Read our clients’ reviews and feedbacks. The prospect of a federal government controlled by the ‘Black’ Republican Party was too much for some, and South Carolina was the first state to secede, followed quickly by six others. It would have prevented the South from thriving. However, over time the North began to become very industry-based and urbanized, while the South remained agriculturally-based.

(549). This is because the South felt like they were being, 1850s . This was based in their culture, economy and ideas, for example, the North were generally unionists, supporting the supremacy of the Federal government, the South were generally more state orientated, supporting the rights of individual states to run their own affairs. The boll weevil attacks are just one hypothesis for how this system would have become obsolete. Professional Essay Help ‘If you want professional essay help for Why Did The South Secede From The Union Essay your university essays, make sure that you knock the door of TFTH only. (2016, May 30). Productive, non-rebellious slaves could attain positions in skilled trades or as house slaves, where their status (in the eyes of white society at least) and living conditions were somewhat improved.

Southern states needed the institution to help with their main source of economy; agriculture.

That is, the Republican Party supported a free Kansas and refused to countenance the idea of admitting another slave state after 1860. A break-in, even when you’re not there, has a major impact on your and your family’s sense of safety and well-being. There was no immediate proposal to abolish slavery, the Democrats still had enough political muscle to obstruct such attempts, and there was still a large faction of the North that opposed taking any drastic action on slavery.

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