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Mr. Hornby doesn’t characterize Tucker Crowe’s music all that plausibly, but he can at least be funny about it. Nick Hornby's Juliet, Naked is a taste-based comedy that revolves around a reclusive American singer-songwriter from the 1980s.

But in its diffident way, “Juliet, Naked” is as candid as the unplugged music on “Naked.” It knows its characters too well to lie about them. It’s Annie who gets a reply.

It centers on the story of Annie (Rose Byrne), and her unlikely romance with singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke), who is also the subject of her boyfriend's (Chris O'Dowd) long-time music obsession. Juliet, Naked is a 2018 romantic comedy film directed by Jesse Peretz based on Nick Hornby's novel of the same name.It centers on the story of Annie (), and her unlikely romance with singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke), who is also the subject of her boyfriend's (Chris O'Dowd) long-time music obsession.The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2018. “Juliet” is supposed to be one of the great lost-love albums, akin to “Blood on the Tracks,” even though Tucker has since figured out that the girlfriend about whom he wrote it wasn’t all that interesting. "And I really wanted to do High Fidelity and John Cusack did a great job, and this one came along and I got to play it so I'm happy.". Annie's sister Ros wasn't actually that character in the book but she was an amalgamation of her best friend at the museum, who was a lesbian, and her mother and her terrible therapist. Every word he speaks is about Tucker Crowe. “Did Duncan know him?” she asks herself. Every day she watches Duncan run an ultimate fan website for Tucker Crowe, a once-famous rocker who’s fallen into obscurity. This book ends pricelessly with the Internet chat that is generated when Tucker finally makes his next move. The novel begins with Duncan on a fact-finding expedition to Minneapolis, where he makes a pilgrimage to the bathroom that Crowe visited on a night that apparently changed his life. I feel like we're pretty true to it.".

But as with most book-to-big-screen adaptations, there were elements of the Juliet, Naked story from the novel that were changed or dropped for the film version. "Within the context of the book, it's so vague and oblique, there's something kind of exciting about how it really lets you imagine how they move forward, but for me I really felt, and especially telling the story in 2018, I felt that any ending that kind of implied that she was moving from one man child to another man child was gonna be something that was ultimately unsatisfying to most people that I cared about. Wissen wir nicht?

So “Juliet, Naked” casually gives Annie something for which Duncan would kill. The romantic comedy Juliet, Naked is just the latest Nick Hornby book to be adapted for the big screen.

© 2020 The Hollywood Reporter See how this article appeared when it was originally published on NYTimes.com. [2] The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2018.[3].

TWITTER "Immediately they have a rapport and the fact that she writes a scathing review and he thinks it's brilliant, it starts off in a very witty and unconventional place," Byrne said.

“Maybe he’d spent too long translating something that had been written in English all along,” Duncan finally acknowledges. Nick Hornby’s “Juliet, Naked” is a taste-based comedy that revolves around a reclusive American singer-songwriter from the 1980s. As the wheels of “Juliet, Naked” move Tucker, Annie and Duncan toward the inevitably amusing showdown, the book also develops a mournful side. In earlier days, Duncan might have been the lone creep sifting through Bob Dylan’s garbage in the middle of the night. We sort of figured out how to … funnel them all through this one character," he said. His name is Tucker Crowe, and he has inspired a small but disproportionately rabid band of followers. A year later, Annie emails Crowe, explaining that she has moved to London and decided to have a child on her own; they agree to meet. Tucker Crowe, the third part of this quirky triangle is a rocker who briefly found fame after a single successful album in the 1980's. The acoustic “Juliet” consists of a set of old demo recordings and it quickly becomes known as “Naked,” whereas the famous, fully produced version is “Dressed.” Now for some plot engineering from Mr. Hornby: he prompts Annie to quietly write her own small online review of “Naked” while Duncan concocts a far more self-important version.

Im Net spricht er immer wieder von Tucker, kennt alle Lieder, kennt sein Leben. Juliet, Naked is a 2018 romantic comedy film directed by Jesse Peretz based on Nick Hornby's novel of the same name. There is a sort of danger about him but that's part of the attraction," the actress told THR on the red carpet at New York's Metrograph theater. Left holding the baby, Crowe panicked, leaving her in the restroom and walking away from the concert and music entirely.

It’s Christmas in Croweland when an unplugged version of “Juliet,” his most famous album, is suddenly made public. Every now and then schoolchildren are dragged off to a place like this, the book observes, either because their “parents had misremembered a vacation from their youth or because they had failed to spot the romanticism and poetic license in Bruce Springsteen’s early albums.” When Tucker comes to Gooleness, one local is excited that an ’80s singer-songwriter is around. Crowe had a brief career in music during the 90s, where he released just one album, called 'Juliet'. Crowe lives on his ex’s property to be near his youngest son Jackson in America. The story is set mostly in the charming English seaside town of Sandcliff. “Annie was glad this one couldn’t,” Mr. Hornby writes. "I think it's really going with your gut and if you have to let go of stuff, to start with, how can you compress a couple of characters into one?

The town’s mayor has Crowe sing for the exhibition, and he reluctantly performs “Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks. Annie discovers Duncan lurking outside her home, and Crowe proves his identity with his passport. In maneuvering and manipulating these characters, Mr. Hornby, the author of “High Fidelity,” is on safe and inviting terrain. Aber Duncan hat in den Jahren ein ZIMMER voll von Andenken angehäuft. Annie and Duncan argue over its quality, and Annie writes a negative review on Duncan's fan site dedicated to Crowe. Duncan invites Gina, a new teacher at his college, over to hear the album, and they sleep together. So when Tucker releases a new album, it kind of clicks him out of that and somehow that nostalgia or thing that he was holding onto from better times past is kind of shattered for him. "I really wanted to audition for About a Boy and they wouldn't let me. So we just had to build those elements so that when all three came together, it was combustible.". “Well, yes and no. "Duncan is obsessed with Tucker, but more than that he is obsessed with the person he no longer is from the time that he loved him first.

Back home, Annie is at a bar when Duncan pleads for a fresh start together, but she declines.

Annie has to think before she answers. Every discussion leads to Tucker this and Tucker that. Annie visits him in the hospital, where she meets Jackson, Lizzie, and most of Crowe’s exes and other children who have flown to his bedside. And it keeps Duncan in the dark about the identity of Annie’s new Internet friend. 8:27 PM PDT 8/18/2018 Duncan stays for dinner, but his obsession with Crowe’s work annoys Crowe, who declares that he thinks 'Juliet' is worthless. During the credits, a video of Duncan from his site reveals that Crowe has released a new album So Where Was I?, inspired by Annie. Nick Hornby’s “Juliet, Naked” is a taste-based comedy that revolves around a reclusive American singer-songwriter from the 1980s.

"I think it is really just trying to kill the darlings of the things you may love but just can't fit in the story and just focus in on what's the sort of A, B plot that you want to delve into.". But this time, Ethan Hawke, a longtime fan of Hornby's work, was finally able to play one of the music-loving author's main characters.

In “Juliet Naked”, Chris O’Dowd plays Duncan who is folk rocker Tucker Crowe’s biggest fan. ", As for the effect Tucker ultimately has on Annie, Hawke said, "I think one of the most wonderful things about falling in love is feeling witnessed, feeling that someone else sees you. [6][7], On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 83% based on 153 reviews, and an average rating of 6.8/10. In the film, Hawke plays Tucker Crowe, a mysterious musician with whom Chris O'Dowd's Duncan is obsessed, much to the annoyance of his long-suffering girlfriend Annie, played by Rose Byrne. After all, Annie calculates that she has wasted 15 years hanging around Duncan. Production also filmed at Home Farm in the Borough of Swale which features as Tucker Crowe's 'mancave' and his ex-wife's house in the US. "There is something to be said for never meeting your heroes," O'Dowd told THR. Soon she and Tucker have become so enmeshed in their correspondence that he sends her a photo of himself, which she puts on her refrigerator. Lizzie, his pregnant daughter from another relationship, visits from London; it is revealed Crowe also has twin sons from yet another relationship.

One such Crowologist is a middle-aged Englishman named Duncan. Hilary Lewis He knows all about the get-a-life pop-cultural obsessive who can devote himself to the study of someone else’s career and declare himself a “world expert” on the subject. “Do I know him?” Duncan asks suspiciously of this unfamiliar new face. Duncan’s chances for happiness may reside in the fact that he is also a self-styled HBO expert and thinks he knows a lot about “The Wire.” Annie needs to escape the gloomy seaside village that Mr. Hornby calls Gooleness — though he does give it a perverse rock ’n’ roll cachet.

And when it came time to craft their characters for the film, Hawke and O'Dowd both said they based their portrayals on the parts as they were written in Hornby's novel.

And Mr. Hornby knows that Annie’s dissatisfaction with Duncan is no joke. His name is Tucker Crowe, and … The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. Director Jesse Peretz explained that they consolidated some aspects of the novel for the movie. Crowe tells Annie why he left music 25 years ago: Julie, his ex whose breakup inspired Juliet, visited him at his concert with their child, Grace.

“Duncan would have wanted to chat to it all night.”.

But we really worked to craft something that came out of the story that gives each of them a personal victory in terms of challenging places that they're stuck in their life in which maybe there were motivating forces for them to make a change in their life, and then ultimately leave the hope for those that want to that maybe somehow after that there was room for them to find each other.".

"That was a challenge when we were filming it: Why does she do that and why does she go to a guy who's as dysfunctional as Duncan?".

"I think he's a risk. CLEVELAND, Ohio - "Juliet, Naked" is based on a 2009 novel by Nick Hornby. It understands that Tucker, for instance, has backed himself into an inescapable corner, to the point that his most natural companion is his youngest child, a 6-year-old boy, and that no career options are open to him.

So we had to understand what Tucker Crowe means to [Duncan] and we had to understand what Tucker's life is, like, 25 years from ever performing and we had to understand what Annie's life is like being in a relationship that hasn't worked out and being kind of angry about it.

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