when i grow up i want to be an actress essay

I've grown up to realize the question “what do you want to be when you grow up” is more than just saying a career in fact, “what do you want to do when you grow up” would be a better question for the answer that's expected. I count myself lucky that I’ve managed to turn my favourite hobbies into paid employment, but opportunism isn’t particularly fulfilling and I am always enormously jealous of those whose jobs consume them entirely.

So I ended up making that and it was real fun because anything with Mrs. Neal was fun, we ended up taking first in states, which was cool because Mrs. Neal had been getting first for her middle school show choir’s for a while, and it made me realize that someday I want to be part of a musical .

I’ve seen first hand how passion can insulate you from a reality which so often destroys self-confidence, so you are off to a good start. Still, it’s a secret and only my best friend knows it because I could never tell my parents. In order to find out, I guess we would have to have some type of clinical, or study, to be able to figure it out. Titanic became my favorite movie so I bought the three disk collectors edition which had hours upon hours of how the movie was made and what really got me was the set, I could not believe that the had a scale replica of the titanic built to film and sink it, that made me realize that I wanted to be a film actor, to work on big sets like that and to do my own stunts.

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I ended up making it the next year as well and we won first again. To find an agent, search online or ask your network for recommendations. Not because we don’t have a particular interest but because we just have too many.

Also that he can’t stay little forever which meant he has to grow up and be responsible for what he does. So the end of the year came and I some how got my credit, I was real relieved that it was over because I wouldnt have to anything like that again.  In my opinion the way to get other to accept your ideas is you have to be a person of integrity, this is the first and foremost key to being able to have others accept your ideas. Get Your Custom Essay on, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our, https://graduateway.com/why-i-want-to-be-an-actor/, Get your custom

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