what does the name christy mean in the bible

Christy or Christie (with various alternative spellings) is a given name, used in English both for females and males.The name Christie originated from Italy in 1222, [citation needed] and derives from the Greek names Christos (a reference to Christ, literally 'anointed one') and Christiana (meaning 'follower of Christ'). Name: Christy (Add to Favourite List?) So Jesus Christ combines His name (Jesus) with His title (Christ), meaning Jesus, the anointed One, or Jesus, the chosen One.

Her work has appeared in numerous print and online publications. [citation needed] The name Christy appears in Ireland in 1345,[citation needed] and is a common masculine name there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The first of the twin boys was named Esau, which means “hairy” because of how hairy Esau was at birth. With youthful-yet-earnest contemplation, many young people choose the names of their future sons and daughters based on such things as an inspiring book character, a beloved geographical location, or (cringe) the pop culture craze of their era. The psalms of David and the prophecies of Daniel described the work and coming of the Messiah whom God would send to save His people from their sins (Psalm 16; 22; 45; 110; Daniel 9).

Abreviación. Aaron (M): A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength, Alexander/Alexandra (M/F): Defender of men, Bartholomew (M): A son that suspends the waters, Christian/Christianne (M/F): follower of Christ, Emmanuel/Emmanuelle (M/F): God is with us, Ethan (M): Strong; the gift of the island, Gabriel/Gabriella (M/F): God is my strength, Jeremiah/Jeremy (M): Exaltation of the Lord, Josiah (M): The Lord burns; the fire of the Lord, Judah/Judith (M/F): The praise of the Lord; confession, Matthew/Matthias/Mateo (M): A gift from God, Moses (M): Drawn out or saved from the water, Nehemiah (M): Consolation; repentance of the Lord, Reuben (M): Who sees the son; the vision of the son, Samson (M): His sun; his service; there the second time, Solomon (M): Peaceful; perfect; one who recompenses, Zachariah/Zachary (M): The Lord remembers. Your email address will not be published. Gen, Ge, Gn.

Send us will publish it for you. Jacob means: That supplants. At the beginning of His ministry on earth, Jesus went to the synagogue in Nazareth on the Sabbath and read the Scripture for the day.

Mary means: Rebellion. The different meanings of the name Christy are: The name Christy is in the following categories: Cute Names, Nicknames or Pet Names. The Jewish people knew the Messiah was coming, but they misunderstood what He was coming to do. The Old Testament predicted that God would send a chosen one—the Messiah—to save the world from sin.

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