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Vinesauce (a human), but Isaac's reality warping nullifies this, he gets assimilated by the Jahns a good while later, stole the girlfriend of one of the nicer islanders. It should be noted that Vinny very rarely refers to himself and Vinesauce as separate characters, instead opting to refer to Vinesauce as 'myself'. In Episode 49, Karl tried to ask Two Faced out. Vinny got tired of having him on his island eventually removed him after becoming annoyed by his status as an overused meme. Coming from one life simulation game to another, Ralph is a short little troll with a love of pizza. He tries to change out of it, but Vinny forces him right back into it. After BonziBUDDY leaves, she starts a relationship with his best man, Walrus. Vinesauce - Vinny in the Invader Zim comic, issue #36. Tempted Two Faced into cheating on Walrus, then helped kill her during the Battle Royale.

Donkey Kong takes advantage of his loyalty so that he doesn't have to reject Clown Lady in person. It was originally spelled "fuhker", which was pronounced exactly the same way. If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us. Accidentally called "Dongley Knog" once by Vinny during Quirky Questions. ", "I am pleased to announce Ricochet 2: Electric Boogaloo. Her original creator set her as a kid, but Vinny gives her a birth year that falls under the grown-up threshold.

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, spending some time in her vacation home. he is invited by the man himself to go on vacation with him to Hawaii. We will continue to update information on Vinny Vinesauce’s parents. Ironically, this may be why Sponge decided to accept her relationship invitation. Replicas will not share the same tastes in clothing or food as Vinny's. Reblog. Origin Entry . Vinny and his Mii are infatuated by her, though she constantly rejects them in favor of Walrus. He has an English and communications degree and worked at a TV station as a video editor. Sent to Vineland Island as part of the next Idiot Abroad season, but forgets about it as he goes on an increasingly ill-fated quest for love. Character artwork by Fretless. Episode 50 reveals that she's the final lost Mario Brother. Jesus can crash, After her deletion, Vinny notices her empty apartment (. as Vinny had misspelled it without noticing. Walrus is so hurt that even Vinny feels sorry for him, and from there on, tries to be nice to him, even giving him new clothing and a new interior. Also happened after his first taste of cotton candy. She eventually got a nice dress in Episode 55, replacing the witch costume for the first time since she got it 50 episodes ago. Inverted — it's heavily implied in Episode 53 that she was actually a Jahn/Jehn the whole time, given her facial structure and worried catchphrase. The fun-loving, albeit somewhat creepy, entertainer of the island. he was evicted, came back and convinced Vinny that he's always been there, and then was assimilated. ioui" is her primary catchphrase. Clown's catchphrase on the Totally Normal Island is "I wanna honk you". A short man with a love for baseball. After being rejected again, Vinny outright refuses to feed him spaghetti, instead giving him salami, instantly cheering him up. Discover what happened on this day. some TeeKO gems from VIH Day 1 :) angelxintestines . Millennials is a generation who grew up with computers, internet and social networks. Vinny Vinesauce Fans Also Viewed .

Subverted when it was revealed that Kenny survived into Season 2, and then possibly double subverted with the fact that he can die in several of the endings to Season 2. The fact that his "funny face" is so unimpressive had a lot to do with his deletion, and was the last thing he ever did before he temporarily came back. From then on, Vinny suggested that he wants to become friends with Walrus. Seems to have been a false alarm; no mention of this has been made since Mulder and Scully made the Jahns leave. She got together with BonziBUDDY, but Vinny evicted him eventually. Was blamed for ruining Vinesauce's marriage proposal in the David Bowie special, as Cling On ended up thinking of him at an inappropriate time. She is also given a lovely flower, which she places in her hair. his girlfriend is (or was) a girl with two faces.

The polar opposite to Small Face.

In the very last episode, Vinny gives Banana a purple dress. When she's mad: "fouck" (a misspelling of "fuck" that the game pronounces properly, in contrast to Clown's angry catchphrase). The jury is still out if that makes her a Mario sister. --Copernica, SteamWorld Quest. Pass it on!" Please check back soon for updates. He is the singer and guitarist for the band Red Vox. He started Vinesauce in 2010 and grew it into a large Twitch streaming network. Inadvertently screws up Vinesauce's proposal to Cling On in the David Bowie special, along with Scrumin' Birt and loco moco. Episode 53 heavily implies that she might actually be a Jahn, as many viewers speculated beforehand. When he's angry: "Gimme pizza" (considered by Vinny to be spoken and gestured like a true New Yorker). Two Faced arrives to the island sick, needing cold medicine from the island's owner before she can do anything. (This also shows up when you collect a 1-up in. Again. "Kazuma-kuuunnnn" is her primary catchphrase. His and Karl's multiple failed attempts at asking girls out have earned them both the title of Sloppy Seconds Bros. Vinny gives him prison cell interior for his apartment. He ends up claiming that he can't stand reality in Episode 49. Created by resident Vinesauce troll Regaulity, but the trolling intent of the character wore off when Southbird decided to focus on her in his edits.

Groose, Vinny attempts to hypnotize Two Faced into ending her love for Walrus (, Walrus and Two Faced's date at the amusement park (, The game is just mocking Vinny at this point... (, Vinesauce slaps Two Faced, and the chat erupts (. Once more details are available on who he is dating, we will update this section.

Vinny added him on a whim, and quickly grows to hate him. Eventually becomes despised by Vinny. His arrival on Vineland Island, of all places, means that the island might hold some holy significance. Like us on Facebook! ", "Would you like to see a funny face I've been working on? However, because the European version's speech-synthesis engine is harder to "break" (at least when the game is played in English), she has a normal-sounding voice on Southbird's European island. His primary catchphrase is "Expand dong.". Unlike the removal of Bonzi and Dolan, Vinny insists that he died rather than merely moving away. Which only makes his recurring rejections more upsetting. A purple ape who wants to be everyone's friend, but also has a habit of filling up their computers with ads and viruses. He failed to save his princess in time, and she died waiting for him. the Jahns begin invading and controlling Vinny, a homewrecker for Walrus and Two Faced's relationship. 35 Year Old Web Star #43. Game Grumps (Just haven't been in the mood to watch their stuff. What little time he had on the island was spent sitting in the background. She appeared in a fanmade Vinesauce mod for Resident Evil 2, replacing Ada Wong. and then Isaac crashes the game. Venus is the planet of love, harmony, money and possessions. An incredibly creepy banana with a wide grin and cannibalistic tendencies. On July 30, 2007, Michael Stevens launched the main Vsauce channel, which was inactive until 2010.

Implied when, during Quirky Questions, they don't answer when asked if they're afraid of "the end". The top part of the head is female, Jill, and the bottom half is male, Jack. I hope you love this game too..." and leaves it at that. During the first round of the Battle Royale, he KOs Two Faced twice, spelling her doom later on. Vinesauce Vinny Vinesauce JoelEasily my top two favourites. Zodiac Sign: Vinny Vinesauce is a Taurus.

After receiving a disposable camera from Vinny, she takes an "artsy" photo of a seagull and names it "Surrounded by Sadness". He's brought back in Episode 47, but Vinny doesn't even bring up the fact that he was gone, treating HOTDOG like he's always been there and never left. Assuming it's canon, this is what actually happened to her after getting evicted. Ruling Planet: Vinny Vinesauce has a ruling planet of Venus and has a ruling planet of Venus and by astrological associations Friday is ruled by Venus. A boxer who has taken down Mike Tyson in his prime, Little Mac now resides on Vineland Island. Either she was under their mind control, or she was lying so she wouldn't be assimilated. 738 notes. Vinny Vinesauce’s age is 35.

The result of a young woman performing a very bad Jamaican accent, and then getting content-aware scaled. BonziBUDDY's inevitable eviction shortly ended their marriage. 547 notes. While Vinny later admits it was more of his own fault, Waluigi's not off the hook yet, and might have been evicted had it not been for the promise of future episodes. This takes a darker turn when it becomes evident that he knows about Vinny's mind control-induced antics in Episode 49. A little lamb with a big heart. A bastardized version of Donald Duck. Any that have been recreated for this page are marked with "Replica". Dump the chump and wank the Manc. The Dimension Two island is overrun with HOTDOGs. The 1980s was the decade of big hair, big phones, pastel suits, Cabbage Patch Kids, Rubik’s cubes, Yuppies, Air Jordans, shoulder pads and Pac Man. Sponge does not share this sentiment. The creepy female fitness instructor who oversaw many people's attempts to lose weight in Wii Fit, somehow ended up in Super Smash Bros., and then became a Vineland Island resident. At first Vinny merely showed a strong dislike of him when interacting with him in this game, but said dislike grew strong enough for Vinny to delete him entirely. Vinny Vinesauce’s birth sign is Taurus and he has a ruling planet of Venus. he's killed, corn dogs become available for purchase at the store. She didn't even show up. A man with an incredibly small face and body. He gives him some sausage to make him feel better, and gives him an actual, nice apartment to replace his usual jail cell. It's a major reason people believe she's a Jahn.

Vinny condemns her to one in the penultimate episode after she loses the popular vote, sending her to fight Vlinny in. In the process of becoming Mime Lady, she dropped the strange coloration in favor of gray. A walking, talking burger girl. They have a strong faith and can be seen as stubborn in their old ways.

becomes "Push down on the +Control Pad to speed through messages. A big man with red hair who wishes he were the hero instead of Link.

Her primary phrase becomes "......" (pronounced "dot") as Mime Lady. When he's worried: "Bomb dodongos!" He actually really likes it. Barry Nathan Kramer (born December 3, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA) is an American editor, writer, actor, and YouTube personality known for serving as a long-time editor for Game Grumps, main host of for Table Flip and occasional host for Steam train and Grumpcade from September of 2012 until December 21, 2017. She wonders if Vinny thinks she's unlucky, unsure if she even believes in luck. Vinny Vinesauce Is A Member Of . Dheerse admitted to being devoted to Satan, she ended up being one of the first ones kicked off. She says "Walrus mmmmmmm" as her primary catchphrase. 0 +5.

"Remember kids, only you can prevent burnt marshmallows. When he's sad: "swahswahswahswah" (originally. However, he is not amused when the latter becomes Mime Lady and the two end up breaking up later in the stream. In contrast, Vineschnoz is more clearly one. Pin Tweet. Walrus is an anthropomorphic marine mammal with a voice like an alien bug.

Another resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. – Who’s the richest YouTuber in the world? Isaac and Satan, who are considered "evil" islanders, who is connected to Isaac and Satan, two islanders who aren't normal in any way.

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