used tractor tires

Valve Height 1-7/8", Diameter 0.625", This tube fits 10-28, 11-28, 11.2-28 and 12.4-28 tires. This tire is Tubeless,... 11.2-38 Firestone 4 Ply Field & Road 23 For these jobs, you should always consider new or like-new tires first. Some suppliers offer customization options and can add logos for your convenience. Bead damage, blistering, cuts, casing cracks . 10-28 and 11.2-28 are the same size tire and are interchangeable. 23 Degree Long Bar tread for excellent traction. This tire is Tube-type and requires a tube. This tire is Tube-type and requires a tube.

Below are some of our most popular farm tire brands. Check your tire size before buying. Home Last 24 Hours Wanted Equipment Subscribe Advertise With Us Digital Edition 294 Results containing the keyword(s) Tires … Used on many Farm Tractors. Oops, something went wrong. © ∙ About Us ∙ Shopping Guide ∙ Privacy Policy ∙ Your ads here. They are ideal as a cheaper alternative to a factory-fresh set. Tire only. features radial tractor tires that will fit a wide variety of tractor makes and models. 23 Degree Long Bar tread for excellent traction. Has a TR-218 air/water valve stem for tractor tires. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 II, Q10.70 LDR. Go to previous slide - Shop by Compatible Equipment Make, Go to next slide - Shop by Compatible Equipment Make, 9 product ratings - 6-12 TIRE 6x12 front 4x4 Compact Garden Tractor Farm AG R-1 lug 4ply made in USA. Classic look for older Tractors from 1940-1960. Look for a tractor tire that has the features that best suit your type of work.

Many brands feature treads that work for a variety of terrain types while maintaining good traction. All Rights Reserved.

Select your desired tire setup to get a quote. Same day Shipping for orders before 1PM EST. Browse our store to see for yourself! Most brands have been tested to ensure they are still durable enough for resale even after being used. . Response to COVID-19 Dealer Login Dealer Login. Used Farm Tractor Universal Joint Pto Shaft Widely Used Pto Shaft Cross Universal Joint For Farm Tr… 4 new tractor tires. Work with confidence when using these farm equipment tires. With a wide range of manufacturers and models available, it is easy to find a set to suit your needs. Terms of Use . Tell us what you need, and we'll alert you when it's in stock! Tire... 11.2-38 Crop Max Irri Pro 23 Check... 11.2-24 Carlisle 6 Ply Turf Pro Because everyone drives on used tires every day... Why buy new?

There are brands available for small local farms and large, commercial farming operations. that will fit a wide variety of tractor makes and models. Search for. $ 2,500 . In fact, any used tire is at a higher risk of failure in high-load applications. 18.4-38, 16.9-28 tires, dual PTO, 3 PT, cat. At NTS Tire Supply, you will find every major brand of used tractor tires for sale. 11.2-38 Firestone 4 Ply Field & Road 23 R-1 Ag Lug. Our detailed inspection process for all used tractor tires for sale at NTS Tire Supply, along with our industry exclusive 2-year Black Gold Warranty, ensures the quality of our used tires and makes it easy for you to make a smart used-tire purchase. R-1 Ag Lug. This tube fits 10-24, 11-24, 11.2-24 and 12.4-24 tires.

Check your tire size before buying.

FREE Shipping & Risk Free Buying with our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! "Do you have a good set of used 18.4-38 tractor tires on hand?"

Free shipping. For... 11.2-28  Alliance Farm Pro 8 Ply For more tire specs, see "Details" above. Or drop us a line, and we will help you find the right tire for your operation. Free shipping. While many sellers simply estimate the percent of tread remaining, we take three precise measurements of the left, center, and right face of each used tire. $490.00. The specific delivery to depends on the tyres whether in stovk and the quantity of your order. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy 13.6-28, 13.6X28 Cropmaster 8ply R1 tractor tire. Used Tractor Tires for Sale NTS Tire Supply has over 3,500 used tractor tires and wheels for sale. that offer various benefits in different types of work. Get the best deals for 13.6 28 tractor tires used at | Check your... 11.2-28 Crop Max Farm Torque 6 Ply Compare our prices anywhere and we will beat anyone's advertised price on farm radials and Implement tires.... 16.9-34, 12.4-24 tires, 540 PTO, cat. Tire only.

Onetouch 7. .

Report Ad. Add to Cart. These used tractor tires are strong and durable, lasting for a long time without the need for replacements. Pneumatic Farm Tractor Tire 4.00-10 with R1 pattern---Best choice for your tractors Weifang Lutong Rubber Co. | Suppliers Q: How long is your delivery time9 A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. We rate all used tractors tires for sale at NTS Tire Supply on a five-point scale, beginning with no stubble damage up to severe stubble damage.‍, ‍Some farmers must travel many miles to work their fields. Goodyear 14.9R28 tire, no visible breaks, bought a pair and only need 1, tread is wore/would be okay to put on tractor to sell or make it useful again-$125.... Open station,loader,2 sets remotes,16.9-38 Firestones, Cab, wiper, 3pth & PTO, remotes. Long Bar with 45° angled lugs for the older look. And, for the first 30 days after installation or 6 months after purchase (whichever comes first), we’ll offer FREE replacement, repair, or the full purchase price of the used tire back.

This tire is Tube-type and requires a tube. 23 Degree Long Bar tread for excellent traction. Including installation and labor costs! 8am - 6pm EST MOnday - SaturdayClosed Sunday. 355/80D20 tractor tires; 41×14.00-20 tractor tires; 44×18.00-20 tractor tires; 305-521 tractor tires; 9.5-22 tractor tires; 7.50-24 tractor tires; 8.3-24 tractor tires; 9.00-24 tractor tires; 9.5-24 tractor tires; 11.00-24 tractor tires; 11.2-24 tractor tires; 280/85R24 tractor tires; 11.25-24 tractor tires; 12.4-24 tractor tires…

Used on many Farm Tractors from 1961 to today. One way to use these agricultural tires is as handy spares when needed.

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