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Rather than keeping to the crest itself like it did in the Arc Dome Wilderness, the trail stayed lower, around 9,000ft, for a good 15m or so. But he also has extensive experience as an Nevadan sportsman/outdoorsman. North Arc Dome is poking out on the far left. I couldn't find any officially-designated trailhead parking within Columbine Campground, so I pulled into one of the free campsites and started up the Stewart Creek Trail, marked with a "Crest Trail" sign. And yet there is some magic that happens on a big day or multi-day tour as well as riding with a motivated partner.

At this pass, I could see the wide slope leading up to the Arc Dome ridgeline ahead. October 3, 2018, View Thumbnails There was a twinge of “summit fever” in deciding to descend here or do we continue on to San Juan Creek. This Province is an alternating landscape of parallel mountain ranges and valleys; a traverse of this area is an ever-changing feast for the eyes. Below is a list of all trip reports on my site, designed to make finding hikes easier. Aspens, rabbit brush, paint the landscape yellow. 5900′ elapsed time 7:30, Ride Report; Beat the Heat, a Short Section on the Toiyabe Crest Trail, Day Trip; The Full Toiyabe Crest Trail – Bikepacking Northern Nevada, Ride Report; San Juan Creek and Cottonwood Canyon – Bikepacking Northern Nevada, Overnight; Bike Your Park, Dry Valley OHV Area, Ride Report: Black Rock Hot Springs Loop 2.0, Follow Bikepacking Northern Nevada on Over 70 miles in length, and because of its remote location, this Toiyabe Crest Trail seems to be made for the hiker seeking solitude and a challenge. Finding the overgrown start to the trail was a challenge.

Patrick is a cycling coach and behavioral science graduate student at University of Nevada at Reno. ORVs (off-road vehicles) ravage the approaches to the Toiyabe Crest, destroying public resources and watersheds. Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail. The ride was never a crusher. Once on Arc Dome ridgeline I was expecting to see Arc Dome, but it was still too far away. In some places the brush was thick and the trail thin. 8700′ elapsed time 1:15, Mile 14.5 Start TCT    elev. The descent is over, let the heat begin. ( Log Out /  The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking. After topping off our water from Groves Lake we began the climb. Up to 9000′ the grade would wander between 15-20+%. I’d recommend having a guide, however. Kingston Summit between Big Creek and Kingston Cyns Find the trailhead Find the trail, ha! I carried about 6L of water and consumed most of it. By: John Watson

Parents. The Smokey Valley filled with golden light as the unique landscape was dressed in an evening gown I’ll never forget. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. At the top of the slope, the TCT continues up to the right on a small rocky section to gain the ridge above. “Looking at flowers” is my preferred euphemism. Overview:. This road was dubbed “the Loneliest Highway” but it’s anything but that for mountain bikers. Looking back, the Columbine Campground is somewhere in the center far below. Toiyabe Crest Trail is a 36.4 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Round Mountain, Nevada that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. It will lead up to the Toiyabe Crest Trail. © 2006-2020 The Toiyabe Crest Trail is a National Recreation Trail traversing the range from the South Twin River at its southern extent to Kingston Canyon, about two-thirds of the way up the Toiyabe. Previously: Nevada Highway 50 MTB Road Trip: Carson Valley’s Clear Creek Trail. Entering a major drainage along the Trail 096. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2020 Benjamin Prepelka    All Rights Reserved. Nevada, where water goes to die. Say you’re heading west, or east for that matter, from or to Moab, Utah for a mountain bike trip. This should take us straight to the car. Starting on the southern end at 6300’, the trail maintains an average … We planned on two runs up on the Crest. ( Log Out /  My site is free to use, but consider sending me a few bucks to help keep it running. Patrick pointed out a heard of elk. 5900′ elapsed time 0:00, Mile 9.6  Top of BCR-begin descent on Kingston Cyn Rd       elev. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. So my first estimates for what we could ride were ambitious (also the route builder underestimated the elevation by 2,000′, HA!). Accessing the campground took some work due to long dirt roads and Google doing a poor job navigating. It worked…. Little consideration is given to damaging a delicate eco-system and increasing the danger of range fires. Chad and Candace bought the bed and breakfast a few years back, looking for a change of pace.

You see, Miles End Lodge is nestled at the base of the Toiyabe Crest Trail and over the past few months, our comrade Kurt Gensheimer, has been working with Chad on clearing the Forest Service road up to the top of the Toiyabe Crest Trail.

;) Arc Dome seen poking out on the left. Just behind me is a slightly rocky section that I'd use to gain the Arc Dome ridgeline. Arc Dome summit, view southeast. This was my third trip to the area. They had been steaming in a sauna since our creek crossings. Time. Sarah and her friends attempted to traverse the crest and ran out of time, forcing them back down the mountain. The I never eat enough. Remember, we’re all ambassadors for cycling, so be polite on the road and the trails and observe the leave no trace principles. Our final turn-off was a bit tricky to find. (6). I recommend setting the coordinates to here (38.9604372,-117.4398648) and then continuing on that road to reach the campground. Over the whole ride I averaged about 1000ft per hour of climbing at a speed of only 3.47 mph. Passing through some minor talus as the trail starts ascending the wide slope. The trail more or less stays near the crest, with views alternating between Washoe Valley to the east and the Tahoe Basin to the West, until the descent into Tahoe Meadows. Hell, at least we got some photos of that rig! Very scientific! This is a report about a mostly solo hike along the Toiyabe Crest - A National Recreation "Trail." Hiking trip report for Arc Dome via Toiyabe Crest Trail, located in Toiyabe National Forest, Nevada. The Reese River Valley is peppered with large ranches, the first one we came to was at the bottom of Washington Creek Rd. The Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children.

The Radavist is a group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors.

It's big, untamed, mountainous and wide open. We were 20+ miles in, 6,500+’ of climbing in, we had 15 miles of descending, and 15 miles of hot flat Reese River Valley to ride. Like many Great Basin streams it was a trickle. The effort required to hike this sometimes a trail is estimated … Continue reading Day Trip; The Full Toiyabe Crest Trail Ride Report; Beat the Heat, a Short Section on the Toiyabe Crest Trail On August 10, 2018 By Kurstin Graham In Day Trips 4 Comments Sams Rock. View Gallery, By: John Watson The rewards don’t stop there, however. I took the standard route for this one, starting from the Columbine Campground. 8500′ elapsed time 5:00, Mile 43.2 Turn onto Reese River Rd. Every drainage we passed Patrick had his nose trained to the the wind and eyes discerning rocks vs. animals. Glorious. 7550′ elapsed time 1:35, Mile 21.7 High point TCT, first opportunity to descend elev. Several people are working hard to develop the Toiyabe Crest Trail as a riding destination.

Are you loading up the car yet?The biggest attraction for me is the Toiyabe Crest Trail. I was up over 10,000', then lost much in the deep saddle prior to Arc Dome - the reason for the high ERM, besides it being tall. The trail continues to the saddle visible center. Kurt strongly encouraged us to use fenders on our bikes. He carried his provisions in a large hydration pack. We were chewing up elevation on a descent road. Looking back once on the ridgeline, the wide slope I just ascended visible center left. They’re mountain people but with a vision. The plan was to reach the TCT from the north at Groves Lake, then head to Washington Canyon to loop back to the car via Reese River Rd. Use the filters to narrow your search. We camped at Big Creek campground, visited Groves Lake, Kignston, and Spencer hot springs. Needless to say, when Kurt expressed an interest in riding the TCT, I was a bit apprehensive. Would video do it justice or would it look like every other helmet cam? Rolling back to Kingston in darkness, we were greeted by Candace who had prepared burgers and beverages. This is a report about a mostly solo hike along the Toiyabe Crest - A National Recreation "Trail." (2), Comments Date.

You look at the map and your options are pretty straightforward. I have since expanded the route to 61 miles with no additional climbing.

Once near the top of the drainage around this point, trail 096 meets ends when it meets with the Toiyabe Crest Trail. He is also a well rounded cyclist though he had not done anything quite like this before. The views from North Arc Dome were lovely, and I could finally see Arc Dome in full view ahead. After each turn into the shadows, we were certain our work would be done for the night.

We made our way up to the TCT, passing a family in a side by side hunting birds. Tundra flowers, warm enough for a t-shirt, no one around. We car-camped at a gravel pit at the junction of an unnamed road and Big Creek Rd, the final crossroads before Big Creek campground. North Arc Dome on the left. Reese River Rd was in great shape. We’ve come to call this trip the “Nevada Highway 50 MTB Road Trip.” This is the second installment. The goals are to maintain an open trail that is navigable by bicycle, map and maintain all intermediate trails that feed into and out of the TCT.

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