timmy the ghost at disneyland

He told us that on one of the test runs of the coaster, before it opened to the public, an Imagineer stood up on the ride and was beheaded. A ghostly apparition wearing white Victorian clothing is said to wander Main Street, helping lost children find their way to the baby care center. Disney denies the story, but rumors persist. They were arrested two days later. While the ghost himself isn’t really all that scary, the story behind it is straight out of a 1980s summer slasher set up. From ghostsnghouls.com to hauntedhoneymoon.com to theghostdiaries.com … Despite warnings from security guards, he tried to avoid the oncoming train by hiding beneath the track. The glass was bulletproof, so it punctured the glass but did not shatter it. The story is, of course, a little more chilling than one might imagine though. Again, she looked back and saw the light was on. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I went, and frankly, I found it far more crowded than it normally is, with a bunch of idiot teenagers doing idiot things. Whether or not she deliberately unbuckled herself or the belt malfunctioned was never solved during investigations, but to this day, Cast Members who work on the ride claim the stories of her ghost lingering at the ride are true. In 1984, a woman named Dolly Young was vacationing at Disneyland. He is most often described as a “friendly ghost” who appears in the line as a living person, chatting and enjoying the day.

Of course, there are tales of the man behind the empire still stalking his park. EXORCIST Creator William Peter Blatty. As nice as the lady in white is, this story gets back to the more spine-tingling side of things. Many have also claimed to see the same boy at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Numerous grad parties are let loose on Disneyland and allowed to use it’s functions until 6am the following morning. by catmz@theshadowlands.net Hundreds of people visit the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland every day. This ghost is called Disco Debbie, allegedly the ghost of a former Cast Member who died while working on Space Mountain. He attempted to sneak into the park one night by running along the monorail track. Imagineers found it too costly and time consuming to replace the glass, so they covered it with a spider. The Scole Experiment – Proof of Life After Death. When I was a kid, my best friend’s father was an Imagineer and he helped build Space Mountain. The great man himself – apparently he never left the location!

Outside, there was an ambulance and police car. After his death in 1966, the apartment remained empty, but employees still went up to dust it. As we mentioned with the crying boy, people have taken to spreading the cremated remains of loved ones across the ride track of the Haunted Mansion as a way to give the ride its infamous 1,000th ghost. Who knows…. The Ghost of Walt Disney. A child?

You knew this one was coming. When he was alive, he had a personal home/apartment built above the fire station on Main Street. But there has never been a kidnapping at Disneyland, despite all sorts of crazy rumors.

The skull’s identity has never been made public but it is a freaky little tidbit for next time you’re on the ride. On the way out, the guest’s mother snapped a few behind-the-scenes photos to finish off the camera roll. The REAL Ghosts in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

Buried Alive: 7 Shocking Cases of People Who Were Mistakenly Declared Dead, 25 Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes that Will Give You Nightmares, Nightmare Fuel: 5 Real Stories that Will Validate Your Fear of Clowns, Investigation of a Haunted Hotel Produced The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded, The Woman in Black and the Mystery of the Charfield Railway Children, The 10 Most Bizarre Cults in Modern History. When she got back out on Main Street she turned to see the lamp flicker on, then the curtains slam shut…as if someone had been staring down at her…but did not want to be seen…, Ever since this paranormal incident, workers at the park have opted to leave the light on every night – they want visitors to know that Walt Disney’s spirit is alive and kicking in the area…. This is another ghost who is claimed to be the spiritual remains of a guest who died on a ride, this time with a little bit of dark irony to the name. After one Cast Member claimed to hear a voice say “I am still here” they decided to leave his vacant apartment lit permanently as a memorial to him and to appease his lingering spirit. She returned to the apartment and turned the light off once again…and made sure the location was locked. All of the children have lost their parents on Main Street and the Victorian lady appears to lead them to the baby care center. Not quite as spooky, but as your Doom Buggy travels by the ghostly ballroom scene, you may notice a large spider on the glass just before you pass into the attic. Down on Main Street, she looked up again and saw the light blink on, and the drapes pull back, as if someone was looking down at her.

As with any large public place, the threat of kidnapping is always present. On one occasion, a female cleaner was working at the park late at night, and Walt’s apartment was on the cleaning list. He kept an apartment over the fire station on Main Street, where he and his family would stay to enjoy the park, or where Walt himself would go to get some work done.

Before the Haunted Mansion opened in 1969, it has been said that a guest went on an early test ride, had a heart attack on the ride, and died of fright. This is said to be the spirit of a woman who died at the site in the 1900s, before the park was built, but still connected to the land. Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair; sometimes as a child. Here are some of the scariest and strangest ghost stories and urban legends to come out of the Magic Kingdom. As a Los Angeles native, I have been going to Disneyland since I was a baby, and never experienced anything creepy, but others have.

Sometimes places with a reputation for being haunted don’t exactly have the most obvious backstory. Since then many have claimed to see unexplained ripples and splashing in the water late at night. Some have theorized that the old-timey feel of Main Street may have been why she remained. One-Way haunts Space Mountain. The light remains on every night, to remind people that Walt’s spirit lives on in the park. An animatronic? I know my mother-in-law has made this request (don’t worry; we told her it wasn’t going to happen).

Ever since then, that section of the track is called Dolly’s Dip by Cast Members, who sometimes report hearing her voice, feeling cold spots, or the feeling of being watched while walking the track after closing. On Main Street, she noticed the light was still on. Everyone knows Disneyland is the “happiest place on earth.” But many call it the “happiest haunted place on earth.” Yes, even the ghosts at Disneyland are said to be harmless – even helpful. Your email address will not be published. The popular ride was once said to have been made up of real skeletons – apparently in 1967 real skeletons were a lot cheaper than the movie prop versions!

Required fields are marked *. As the story would go, a child would be snatched from a stroller while the mother’s attention was elsewhere. Anyway, one set of ‘real’ skull and crossbones is thought to still remain on the ride – the one over the dead captain’s bed! In 1966 one of those idiots was a teen named Thomas Cleveland. Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The name, of course, comes from his fatal one way trip on the ride back in the 70s (or 80s, depending on who you ask).

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