thunder 149 vs indy 149

but because of your damn blog i've had to order a set of royals.. the 5.5. i normally skate an 8.25" board.. hence some of my love of ACEs.. (44 are close to 8.25) and theeve. The Darts are the very definition of surfy trucks, but are also extremely stable even when you run them so loose they rattle. The stock bushings on the Royals are very good, but I think the Bones bushings would do well in the Royals, too. i mean i love this shit.. all this talk of trucks.. i like ACEs for their insanity.. (i have / had? ) I use with my 147 Hi Hollow Lights the bones hc bushings 91a, left the bottom washer and locker the kingpin nut so the "inlay" of the kingpin nut build one line with the top of the kingpin (if you know what I mean).

and for general skatepark i use an og mark 2 underhill, the one everyone hates, except me, with gullwings and toxic shocks. And in PLG's latest video advertisement, he shows how he keeps an extra deck in his truck, and it is a 7.75" PLG deck - I sincerely doubt he skates that with his Thunder 149s on vert ramps.

I've bought plenty of reissues but i'm only riding one, my ripper pig. Other than that little detail, the Royal Four 5.5 trucks are great all-around trucks for those who like loose trucks and wheels 54mm or smaller.

Venture 5.8 Light - The Venture 5.8 Light trucks have a forged baseplate and hollow kingpin.

Was my fav. They sound sweet wake. After some grinds - they stop. Every move I did felt very comfortable. The 149 Lights were a clear example of how much difference the forged baseplate makes. For hard bushings, Bones bushings are the best. The Venture 5.8s are surfy trucks that turn quickly and have no wheelbite. A lot of longboard truck manufacturers are making TKP (Tradit... UPDATE (Spring 2013): The Polar Bears are so good they make a lot of other TKP trucks feel like cheap toys. I put 97a Thunder bushings in them to help them out. They are the smoothest grinding trucks I've ever skated, locking in perfectly and grinding as long as you want. All in all my fav.

It completely changed my mind on the Tensors.

It is amazing how much those little details make a difference. The Darts have a predictable, smooth, fast grind. The bushings were wonderful but the flat bottom washer was dysfunctional. Had to get back to you. I have 169 but for some speeds they are kind narrow and I wish they were wider and the aces come to mind. I'll second that (start another thread) sentiment! The Darts have a special place in my heart because they're such an underdog in the looks department yet perform like little lightweight champions on pretty much anything and they have a much wider adjustment range than the other trucks here. Don't really have a favorite deck manufacturer these days. Tracker aggro's, gullwing pro 4's, and thunders. The Shadows were too hefty and slow for technical street. so i might try to find a set of royal four for cheap!love this over tech shop talk. Thunders turn too quickly for me.

going for the royals.. the truck company who pro's don't even try to hide that they ride indy's! The Dart 149s should do really, really well in bowls.

I felt the Aces were too tall for street use. i agree weird. The Thunder 149 Lights were not very surfy trucks, because of bad wheelbite and the subsequent need to run the trucks pretty tight. What brand do you skate then? With the stock bushings in the Tensors, I would never have even considered pumping in a bowl, much less carving and grinding. These trucks turn, for sure, but the turn didn't felt really confortable.I bought a pair of Thunder Hollow Lights Hi + Bones hardcore bushings and I'm very suprised. Earlier today, I received a set of Independent 159 Stage X Mark II trucks. I've already got a pair of indy 149's I've been riding for years and I love them but I'd just like to get some opinions from folks who've skated both about their opinions on both. The boys' boards have gullwing 850's, one with bombers, the other with t bone 2's. I can now recommend the Tensor Ten Magnesiums 5.75 Low to anybody who wants a great all-around truck. They turn differently, but they definitely turn. I was doing 50-50s for as long as I wanted, it was so smooth. Very helpful source of information, thank you. i find most modern boards are geared around mullens freestyle-to-streetstyle tricks where a narrower board with shorter wheelbase and more symmetry is ideal for control and ease! I would love to hear your thoughts on the Mini Logo trucks put through the same tests as the other trucks.Or if you could just give your thoughts on the ML trucks right here in the comments that would be great too.I know that ML don't do a "149" specifically as the 8.38 is a 146 - I actually ride the 8.75" trucks on an ML 181 8.5" board ( I find this pushes the wheels right to the very edges of the board and makes the most of the K15 concave in avoiding the dreaded wheelbite).

Since wheels are all going to be within the same width range, the important measure is the hanger width. The Shadows come with a flat bottom washer that causes the trucks to have a lot of wheelbite. I have seen significant differences among Ace trucks, particularly with regards to axle lengths and placements. Keep up the great work!-SlickBoston MA. For medium tightness, the Venture 5.8s are hard to beat for all-around skating - their really good kingpin clearance makes all your grinds smooth, too. I think that's cause all truck impressions are a mix between objectiv and subjectiv influences.I rode the ACE 44 3 times and don't feel very comfortable all the way. Bones makes a soft bushing, but it is very soft - 81a - and the Independent aftermarket bushings in soft/red feel midway between Bones soft and Bones medium. If they ever release a popsicle with mullen graphics a la harris, they should make all the chess pieces and the skeleton robotic, and call it the 'mech mullen', paying homage to cabs modernised graphic which was the mech dragon :-). They were the stickiest trucks in the comparison.I think you were skating the Thunder 147 Hollow Lights? The Indy FHs harshly punish you when you don't flick just right, or don't tap just right, or turn just a little off, or don't land squarely on the bolts.

I love how light Tensors are, but I hate that they don't turn. I’m not a great skater but they made me feel a little bit better! Just be sure to get those tall barrel bottoms! I haven't found a better truck for the 7.9-8.1" deck size than the Theeve TiAX 5.5s. That said, Ace trucks have quality control standards consistent with those of about the year 1990.

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