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(And honestly a lot easier to watch because there's so much less drama and angst, lol.).

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Everything slows like they’re about to have a moment, but then he puckers his lips and Gal-hee whips out Chapstick and applies it for him. It really is a great joy to watch Jin Ki Joo and Kim Young Kwang acting together and playing each other , Just a small warning to those who are planning to start watching: I personally quite disliked this first episode (1hr), especially Jung Gal Hees minioning... it took me 3 episodes (3hrs) to fall in love with this show. The recaps makes me want to do a rewatch but where's time. Yes, yes, i know that all writing is manipulation but i swear...aaargh!

Sauntering over to the group, he jovially confronts one of the execs, grinning as he muses out loud that in spite of the compliments, the man is planning to vote to keep Min-ik’s uncle (CEO Shim) in the CEO position, rather than Min-ik. Seeing that his head is bleeding, he immediately runs off in a panicked daze and grabs a taxi. Thank you!!! As luck would have it, Min-ik strolls in carrying the form Dae-joo gave him for the company athletic competition and Gal-hee – noting the official looking document – assumes that it’s her contract. And honestly, if it were in anything else, and I assume played by anyone else, she would annoy the heck out of me too. It reminds me of my reaction watching FULL HOUSE, where I could not get behind the drama logic at all, and was like "how in the world can you still trust these so-called friends, and how can they even legally sell your house?"

AJ at MyDramaList. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. The reason why #KimYoungkwang couldn't fall asleep.. I’m sure we weren’t supposed to love him in the first place given what he put Gal-hee through, but I was on the verge of not enjoying the show because the character annoyed me so much.

Dae-joo end up being called out for a dinner with the CEO, only to realize that it’s really a get-together of the head execs, the same ones that Min-ik slighted earlier that day. Off to watch this ! Gal-hee immediately stomps a salute and swears that she never needs any rest, shouting to the shocked Min-ik, “I will run with you even to the point of risking my life.” When she promises that she’ll work until her armpits become a salt farm (again, ew), Min-ik caves. Subscribe to #Kocowa and watch our new #Kdrama #The_Secret_Life_of_MySecretary w/ complete ENG... Jump to. Yes, am guilty as charged!:D.

Kim Min Gyu has wealth and success, but lives an isolated life due to his allergy of people. Even though all of the elements should combine into something I would usually dislike, I'm weirdly into it. Injured and unable to stop the momentum, Min-ik tips up over the railing (it’s drama magic, just go with it) and falls to the pier below. When she stares frozen in shock, he actually backs up into her, grabs her arms, and pulls her up on his back. And their behind the scene interactions are just as playful and cute. I just watched the first and second episode and I fell in love with it immediately! Me, I am particularly enjoying Kim Young-kwang and loving him to bits. After narrowly avoiding a confrontation with her ex-boss, Gal-hee packs up her stuff and heads down to the breakroom where she sits and stares at the saying on the wall, which just so happens to be the same as her family’s motto.

Um, I would be Really happy if it were, lol. But am not sure if CandidClown will be reviewing each and every episode or if there will be only one general review of the series at the end? That said, I equally love Gal-hee and her candy character so far.

Attention is pulled though when they marvel at Gal-hee’s effort as she does push-ups on the side, claiming she has to get ready to compete with her boss. or

Opening on a flashback, our heroine, JUNG GAL-HEE (Jin Ki-joo), narrates that her family always had a motto they stood by: “Three moments of patience can ward off disaster.” Everyone believed in it firmly, right up until her mom gets hit by a truck whilst exercising those three moments of patience. Will an office romance blossom? This is a very (for lack of a better word) tender male character and i haven't seen that kind of sweetness from this actor. I was hoping someone on Dramabeans would recap this and was deeply sad to find that no one was. He scoffs that she didn’t need to do that but looks slightly appeased. KJK is the best thing i found after this drama... i never saw her before but i know she will bebon my radar.. she is such a great actress....

The last five episodes nothing happens so... Bless all my fellow KYK fans in this thread. The two are diametric opposite when it comes to cleanliness. The secretaries get the last word however, when they remind her that Min-ik has gone through a new secretary each year and never renews their employment contract when the year is up.

QUICK THINK OF SOMETHING TO SAY: “nice to meet you. On top of that, I’m equally surprised and impressed by Jin Ki-joo.

Problem is, Gal-hee is still fuming that not only has this jerk fired her after a year of servitude, she’s now being considered a suspect for his assault. I agree with you. I’m really impressed with Kim Young-kwang’s portrayal of Min-ik, especially at the end when he was flinching away from every person he saw.

Never seen her before, but she is nailing her role here. Followed by, really? Thank you for the unexpected gift, @candidclown. Gal-hee leaps up and starts running frantically back to the company building.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. (but Jo Boa's Second Lead got me through LOL).The first half is batshit hilarious though, and the story goes nowhere if you wanted to just watch the first half of that hehe, oh i've watched it and like you said the first half was great and the second half was stale. The fan walls are so full of spoilers that more can't hurt, whether in Open Thread or the walls. He starts to rip it up, but stops when he looks back at the care package she left. The comedy was fantastic as well, with some truly funny moments that made me laugh out loud. She's a better pianist than me, she cooks waaaay better than me, and she was better at getting around places than me (not saying much, I can get lost in my own house if you give me the chance). Ohhhh a recap! Gal-hee freezes in shock when he rests his head right on her upper chest, just like a terrified child. Now that Min-ik is injured and clearly needs her, I’m looking forward to them butting heads over her returning to work for him. She may be acting like a minion, but she is in no way cowed. He hasn’t, but Gal-hee learns that of all the many secretaries Min-ik has had, there was one – his first secretary – that he kept for 3 years and even suggested hiring as a full employee. Or his illness is the challenge in their 'love story'(?). JKJ have a thousand facial expressions that makes her effective in delivering funny scenes. Yeah, on paper it sounds less than it is! Kim Young Gwang is a body-shamer so sadly I will be passing on this one . Like she's undressing him without blinking an eye when in work-mode haha. Gal-hee is shocked he figured it out, until he reveals that before Min-ik had a secretary, Dae-joo was the one assisting him. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account?

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I want to own their tracksuits. He's instead a positive support for the lead.


I like that DMI's character isn't the typical jerk and that Gal Hee has some spunk to her.

The actress is hilarious! He's falling backwards over the railing? A love triangle between the female lead....and herself. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];

Thrilled, Gal-hee gives the nonplussed Min-ik a hug before catching herself, then backs away with a cute “First place!”. Interpreting DMI's acts as one who is in denial with his feelings from the start towards his secretary due to their social status difference (?). I'd like some context. (Oh no.) On the patio, the attacker pulls out a knife and Min-ik askes in disbelief if he’s really going to stab him.

She's a writing assistant of dramas. Oh well. Heh, she instinctively bows and yells “Yes, director!” when she hears his voice. Although she diligently carries out the tasks her mean boss instructs her to do, she does not hold back in saying what she wishes to say. So happy coz I'm watching this (ff-ing most of the office politic stuff) and recap always makes it better. The Secret Life of My Secretary. Gal-hee is in heaven as they run down the finish line. She passes before delivering the message, leaving the rest of the family sobbing and Gal-hee desperately asking what her last words were.

(2019– ). There is a lot of weak plotting, but the OTP is just too sweet to miss. That roommate is Se Hee. By then some revelations showed the motivations behind some acts... And they do comment on Gal Hee's overdoing her secretary duties But he said he prefers girls who don't have thick ankles, and he's suddenly a body shamer? thanks for this recap... finally its here and am so happy. Honestly, I've had no trouble overlooking most of the naivety/stupidity, because I'm getting everything else I want out of the drama.

Masked Man lunges and manages to pin Min-ik against the railing, both men fighting for possession of the weapon. The pacing is good, too. On her death bed at the hospital, Gal-hee’s mom tries to tell her daughter to “ditch” the family motto, but the beeping of her heart rate monitor blocks out her words. Yay. Right at that second, one of the characters falls off the wall and it changes the motto to read “Three moments of patience brings great disaster.” Like a lightbulb going off, Gal-hee finally understands what her mother had tried to tell her on her deathbed and leaps up into action.

Thinking that he’s leaving work for the night, Gal-hee’s old co-worker calls her to tell her that it’s clear for her to come get her stuff.

Turns out Dae-joo has been looking everywhere for Min-ik as he’s needed at the rehearsal for a big company broadcast that Min-ik is hosting. Yoo-mi was charmed by Jin-wook's sly and playful personality, and they ... See full summary ». Cinthie’s ‘Concentrate’ Will Make You Miss the Dance Floor, César awards: ‘Les Miserables’ wins best film, Polanski takes best director, César awards: ‘Les Miserable’ wins best film, Polanski takes best director. Uhm from memory... I can't wait for your commentary on the rest of the series. Definitely!

I say "awesome" a lot in real life, but this drama is starting to make me feel self-conscious about it. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; There are so many ways to describe this show: Cute, funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking; there’s even a smattering of action that sneaks its way in. Gal-hee is great with all her facial expressions and earnestness to support her family. He's done Stranger Living In My House. And different to other "bosses", I didn't find his character so jerky from the beginning, and now with this blindness problem he cannot be a jerk at all. 9.4 (22,793) 초면에 사랑합니다. Hopefully CandidClown will do the recaps for every episodes from now on.Cant wait to know everyone's perspectives on the happenings of this drama. SO much love for Kim Young-kwang ❤️️❤️️❤️️ And the chemistry between the leads is AWE-some!!! She thinks it’s just a figment, but Min-ik’s repeated calls get her attention and she squints upwards. Suddenly Min-ik leans down in front of her so their faces are inches apart.

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