target nose rings

Which was probably a good choice considering one of his tats was two pistols on his calf with the inscription “Live fast, die young.”), But that makes sense within the context of Jewish beliefs (one of the most interesting and informative theological discussions this agnostic ever had was with a Jewish co-worker on the subject of tattoos). A number of stores will also be converting to Kmart where the store is suitable to do so. I wish I could broadcast it to everyone. We haven’t forgotten about the guys, either.

I got it in 1998 and the only times I’ve been asked if I would be willing to take it out were by temp agencies when I was just starting out after college before facial piercings were so ubiquitous. Body piercings should always be titanium. +1. I used to cover mine with professional makeup and wore hose, and if you looked really close (not that any interviewer would) you could still see a hint of it. LW #1 could wear a piercing retainer for interviews- it’s a clear stud that lies flush with your skin- which will prevent the piercing from closing, which can happen very, very quickly (within hours). You shouldn’t have to justify yourself to anyone. The only people I have known who had nose rings: 1) drug addict from HS, 2) the girl who didn’t have a job and had loud sex in the afternoon and got evicted downstairs from me, 3) random people walking around Williamsburg in the middle of the day, presumably without normal 9-5 jobs (or they’d be at work). Re: what Alison wrote below – I do hope you won’t stop reading. It very much depends on the rest of your “look” – I’m a fairly preppy dresser, so a shirt dress and ballet flats with a nose stud is less of an issue than say Doc Martens and a trench coat (I know I’m making a BIG generalization, but that’s kind of my point). my employee doesn’t wear a bra on Zoom meetings — should I say anything? Not yet. $39.90. Either way, actually asking made a lot of difference to them. My advice: Come back and read this discussion in a day or two when it’s not as fresh, and read it imagining that it wasn’t your comment people were reacting to, because that can help give you some distance. Alternatively, OP could phrase it as a where/when question. My kids applied for holiday temp work last year – including both places. Shop for multi color nose jewelry online at Target. Ask HR, they don’t have a policy but state to your manager that you usually wear it, and would she be ok with you wearing it in the office and if she is ok with that clarify if she’d want you to take it out for client meetings or anything front facing. Some of the things we hear about industries being “conservative” and it being “risky” to have someone with piercings (or tatoos) in a customer-facing position remind me of the rationale that kept black people and women out of certain positions. I hope something positive comes out of this discussion! You need to know your workplace, and know you’re decision makers. I’ve been in environments with the interview bait and switch. I was only 16 when I got a tattoo on my hand and my mom was worried it would hurt my job prospects as I got older. I know it might all depend on the industry in general, but I’m wondering about the average workplace, and if “professional” norms have changed. Hardly anyone notices the labret in my lip; I have a coworker who just noticed it last month after working with me for two years. But if you’re planning to keep it, politely informing is more the way to approach it. The hospital serves the community right? I think that’s the crux of Steve’s original point. *) all of us that it’s good for people to know this particular shorthand won’t serve them well. (I should mention that I’m in NYC, so the tolerance for piercings and tattoos and such is pretty high). $119. Oh yeah, I hear you. But I don’t want to take it out, and I have a choice: work someplace where it’s not a big deal, or take it out if I want to work someplace where it is. For Friends, they’d really have to work at it to stay that excluded. I think young people are just more into them, and they’ll be seen as perfectly professional with time, the way pierced ears are now. That is interesting about your husband’s tech firm not typically hiring those with facial piercings/tattoos/strange colored hair, it really shows how much an industry can vary geographically. These are quick blog discussions alot of people are doing while at work. ;) Have fun!! The Band-Aid is like a great big flag calling attention to the piercing. i haven’t taken my earrings out for a work-related meeting since my NCG interview for this job.

Some men prefer blonds, some white ladies only date black men – who cares. It’s specifically the ‘unattractive’ bit that got peoples’ hackles up.

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