tales of crestoria tier list

This requires a dupe of the Memoria Stone per Limit Break. This is a long grind, but at the bare minimum you’ll gain a lot of power and still be able to have a full elemental grid with max dupes just through farming. More ATK buff for dual blades type characters after x20 hits, Artes – chances to apply curse effect on the enemy + single target damage, Skill – Improves  DEF for wind element characters, Artes – single-target damage, chances to cast wildfire/burn on an enemy, Skill – Increases HP for Fire Element characters, Artes – Single-target DMG, multiple-target DMG, Skill – HP Regeneration for all the characters, buffs ATK for light element, Artes – AoE, Single-target, multiple-target, Skill – Improves the ATK power of all the characters, Skill – Improves the ATK power of all the characters during the battle. Both her Artes have a 3 turn cooldown. He hits hard. The rates for the general gacha is 5%. Summary. Wolf's Gravestone Kannono has some of the highest attack in the game while also boasting above average defense and HP. Home Guides Tales of Crestoria – Tier List. Here cooldowns for her Artes are also fairly low, and her 2 turn Arte also has 2 turn Debilitate, which means 100% up time on debilitate.

We have all the heroes in the game organized by their respective tiers, along with their elements, and other helpful information.

Reid – Element: Fire – Type: Sword – also Perk: Fire element characters recover HP and reset cooldown; Ludger – Element: Dark – Type: Dual Blades – also Perk: Buffs allies Attack (+ Dark); Milla – Element: Light – Type: Sword – also Perk: Light Element +HP However, being one of the only dark units, he’s actually quite strong in his element. We’ve purposely left out any SR heroes or below, as they are not up to the same standard as SSR heroes. This is because each Limit Break gives the same static amount of stats. However, fully limit breaking a character actually only equates to roughly 25-30% of their total stats at level 100. Yuri has average HP and above average defense as well as one of the lowest attack values. Casting both within a turn gives you an immediate 53 hits allowing for MASSIVE combo gains for your team.

Here’s the updated Tales of Crestoria tier list with the best SSR and SR characters’ tier ratings details as of August 2020, This Tales of Crestorira tier list showcases the best SSR characters in PvP and PvE.

Its characteristic genre is: An RPG Written in Blood and Betrayal. Her MA requires 200 MA, which is slower than the average, but still faster than Velvet and has 15 hits to boot. He has some of the highest HP and defense, albeit average Atk. Weapon His MA hits decently hard at only 180 OL. Memoria Stones that are of rarity SR an SSR via gacha, will come with a character as well. Do you love playing mobile games? Sounds pretty bad right? It does not work if you are targeting the inflicted enemy, even if you use an AOE attack that technically damages its allies; your target indicator must be on one of its allies. Now to get down to the numbers. His 1st Arte is an AoE though has a 5 turn CD and his 2nd Arte is decent. 39000 HP, puts him at the highest HP unit in the game. check here for how the tales of crestoria reroll guide. Below is the Tales of Crestoria tier list (PvP Arena) featuring SSR units that are below average(B-Tier) –. But having a strong hit count unit alive is great. Tales of Crestoria SSR Unit Tier List. 4000 Defense! Her attacks are also quite good but both have 1 turn more cool down than the average powerhouse unit. However, his OL damage is alright, and OL cost is alright. Now we’ll answer a bunch of questions that you may have regarding our Tales of Crestoria tier list. You summon your favourite characters from previous entries in the franchise, build a team out of them, and send them out on a wide variety of quests and adventures.

by archefayte on reddit. Let’s check it out: –, In this Tales of Crestoria tier list part, we have listed the best SR characters; SR characters are not as powerful as SSR characters; but, in the early game, they can help you with their abilities and strength, which is enough to destruct enemies in early stages. Restore HP for longsword type after achievement successful BREAK, Skill – immune to status effects (all characters), buffs ATK for earth element(After x20 hits), Artes – single-target DMG, buffs self-attack power, Skill – Increases max HP to staff-type characters, Increases DEF to light-element characters, Artes – restore HP of all allies, single-target DMG, Restore HP(x1 ally), Skill – increases max HP to all allies, +10 to the OL gauge of M-Arts type allies when artes used, Artes – restores HP, dispel physical ailments from an ally, single target DMG, Skill – Improves the ATK power of all characters. Chronos is one of the other very few Martial Arts units. Tales of Crestoria is a mobile turn-based hero collector game that is based on the popular “Tales of” series. Asbel has about average attack, very low defense and very high HP. check here for tales of crestoria reroll guide.

For more attack power, bring more attackers to the team. Facebook. She is a Martial Arts type character. Introducing Tales of Crestoria Database (Tier List, Calculator and more!)

In case the person related to the crime is judged guilty, they are branded with a “stain,” and an enforcer is dispatched to hunt the criminal down and pass the sentence. His MA is pretty good too. Do you have any suggestions? In world that Tales of Crestoria is set in, people are required to carry objects known as vision orbs.

Vicious is amazing. Recovers HP(Fire element) on achieving a successful BREAK, Skills – single-target damage, chances to unleash burn effect, Strength – buffs DEF for knight and water type/element characters, Strength – Increases HP for all characters. Note – you will have to strategically adjust the squad based on the enemies you are against to – pay attention to characters’ key roles; attackers, healers, tank, etc. Burn (Stahn, Reid, Cress, Misella, Sorey): Does increasing damage each turn dependent on the enemy’s max HP; turn 1 is 9%, turn 2 is 12%, turn 3 is 15%. Aegis is the definition of tank. Skills – single-target DMG, chances to unleash burn effect on the enemy, Strength – buffs ATK for water element characters(After x20 hits), Strength – chances to reset the cooldown (Fire Arte element).

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