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Thanks for reading! As such, rather than the usual cliché of the main character being a suppressed genius from a small and weak family or school that needs to prove himself or amaze the world, Song Shuhang is an ordinary guy who joined a powerful sect, personally mentored by the strongest member, received preferential treatments from other members that even elite disciples from major schools will be drooling with envy. Amongst the current practitioners, aside from Third Nine Serenities Ruler, he was the only one known to have all three, and he obtained them extremely early on his path of cultivation. Song Shuhang started his cultivation at the age of 18, well over the golden age for cultivation.

His defensive core had been growing throughout the fight, but it couldn't keep up with this. That wouldn't work now, not against an opponent with over 100,000 lucrim at his disposal. Even if it didn't cripple him for life, he might not be able to afford the treatment for a serious internal injury. True Illusion (?) Used on tag:landuse=farmland to describe method of cultivation. Rick smiled politely and took his time getting into position, pretending that he needed to stretch. The last of the Birthrighters kicked him in the chest, flipping him heels over head. My father gave this to me!" Patreon. Shāmò Shìjiè) was the first True Illusion awakened by Song Shuhang. At first, the True Illusion (?) "We might be able to find someone to spar with you, but since you aren't members, it will b-" The head Birthrighter punched Henry in the stomach, instantly folding him in half, then dropped him like trash. "Yeah, I'll think about replacing him." 7 Level ch. He dreams of becoming a scholarly-looking swordsman with poetic sword arts. So Rick moved back onto the mat, making a few weak attacks while working to defend against his opponent's brutal blows. It's still for me to worldbuild in, but now we have the wiki! ", "I work with what I got. Rick knew he couldn't dodge or his opponent would just get angrier.

A moment later, Rick collapsed to the ground. Defending effectively was impossible now, it was the most Rick could do to focus on his defenses and keep them intact. Each one of them sent pain shooting through his arms as he desperately tried to defend, but Rick wasn't paying attention to that. Shuhang’s mental sense also being blocked when White realised that the former was chatting using the Cultivation Chat Group. That was the real reason he'd been willing to stand up and get the crap beaten out of him: losing this fight might earn him more power than months of training. Tried to tell himself that he was the winner in realistic terms, because he had increased his defensive strength and his opponent had gained nothing. Cultivation Chat Group Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Rick did his best not to stare at the bars. "That should cover the fee, shouldn't it?". Members of the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group who participated in the 5 + 1 Heavenly Tribulation and 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation will also obtain another Seal when they successfully transcended their respective proper Seventh Promotes Eighth Heavenly Tribulation.

4 Level ch.542 5 Level ch.638 6 Level ch. Online. S.No Name Stage Grade Chapter Four Extreme Scripture Sun Heart Sutra Taiyi Heart Sutra Buried Dragon Scripture Pure Heaven Sword Scripture Heavenly One Soul Art I was holding back too much for this to even be fun." Lots of people who worked at sparring gyms ended up broken by middle age, and he couldn't afford that. Royal Road® is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Some things that ‘don’t need movement’, can be switched into running in the background, while things that need action will be switched to the front desk.[3]. Lucrima cores grew in strength either from individual training or from interacting with other lucrima. key. instance of. None Song Shuhang first encountered a True Illusion while he was just a First Stage Beyond Mortal, by inadvertently entering White’s True Illusion: Desert World. Somebody will have to step up, or it will harm my development.". Judging from the way his two friends were snickering, he had done this before. It’s also paired with Tyrant Demon Seal.[15]. His entire body ached, he was pretty sure several of his ribs were broken, and blood from a cut on his forehead was running down into his eyes, but he forced himself up. Obviously, Mike wanted to goad him into a reckless attack, then counter hard enough to drop him. Without it, blows like these would destroy him. I'm an author who does a variety of different things. A character used the capital letter way, Tyrant Sabre Song ONE!” Venerable White said. Song Shuhang was accompanied by Li Yinzhu, Doudou and Soft Feather physically, and 28 members of the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group joined in their nascent spirits. 8 Level ch.

Bio: 5 Level ch. Saturday, February 16, 2019 9:17:55 PM; Bio: Hello! However, all of his chosen names were already taken. Ancient Saint Seal: Tyrant Dragon [霸龙] This title was taken directly from Shuhang’s Dragon Net ID. It felt like pain, but he thought it had improved. Song Shuhang obtained his second Seal when he was dragged into Skylark’s Seventh Promotes Eighth Demonic Tribulation due the Aura of Undying he obtained from the Eye of Skylark. Song Shuhang obtained his seventh seal before he transcended the tribulation for it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hello! [20], This seal represents the ‘future’. Language Label Description Also known as; English: cultivation_method. Senior Song, your phone has also ran out of battery.

Congrats. The name usually shortened to Tyrant Song (霸宋; Bà Sòng). [18], The strength Heaven and Earth rule starts to forcefully change this Saint Seal’s Saint Title – because of Profound Saint Tyrant Song in ‘Manifest Presence In Front Of Human’, the Heaven and Earth rule must through his Saint Seal, broadcast the ‘Collapse of the Heavenly Way’ signal to All Heavens and Myriad Realms. About Community. Rick glanced toward his boss, but the older man simply sat back and pretended to be absorbed in the magazine he was reading. Shuhang tried to choose his own title with the opportunity given by the Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler. He needed to let it clip him and hope he could survive the impact, but-. documentation wiki pages. He might be a clumsy fighter, but he was no novice. Part of him wanted to grab for them, but he knew that would just invite the Birthrighters to mock him. As soon as his friends retreated, Mike kicked him in the side. Though a real blow from someone with that much strength would have killed, even the light blow must have dealt terrible damage. 8. "Funny, that's almost like your nickna-" He hurriedly cut off as the leader glared at him. What options did he have?

Following these chapters, the second book will be posted on RoyalRoad for free, as the first one was. "You can take a punch, kid!" This seal represents the Black Dragon World. ", "He threw me fair and square." Mike closed on him, furious blows pushing him further and further back until his only choice was to take the next one. "I'll do my best." Fueled by all the strength he could muster, it offered Rick a defense much stronger than anyone would expect for someone like him. In order to force Song Shuhang to properly closing-up, White once forcefully load the former into a specially made stone coffin. Which is why he really should have stayed down. A feeble reason to beat up someone, but when someone with a generation rate of over 100,000 lucrim spoke, logic tended not to matter so much. After the allocated time expires, his title was chosen randomly. Wiki home. It’s also paired with Tyrant Song Seal.[15]. He let himself forget about his core as well, needing all his attention to avoid taking a devastating blow. Even though the blow had been pulled, Rick felt pain rush through his entire left side. This is the second of the five chapters allowed to be posted publicly by the Amazon agreement - I wanted to let you know that right away in case you weren't aware.

Song Shuhang is the first and currently the only one in the entire history of All Heavens and Myriad Realms and the Nine Serenities to have more than one Seal. It was an expensive ether piece, radiating power out in all directions at the impact. Yet as he tumbled, Mike let out a shout. A few days after he was promoted to Sixth Stage True Monarch, he has an enlightenment of the ability. Beside him, Rick saw that Henry was moving forward, trying to do things the right way. 3 Level ch. 9 Level ch.

Mike punched him in the chest and Rick automatically reached up to grab at his wrist.

Unless the place got trashed, he didn't care.

He knew that the smart thing to do was stay down. 243 8 Level ch. You can read some of my stories here, but I also have more work you can find at these sites:

[17], This seal represents the ‘past’. In the term of both quantity and quality, Song Shuhang’s energy far surpassed those with the same level as him. Faced with such staggering power, the core couldn't help but absorb some of the excess lucrim thrown against it, adapting to the new challenge. Mike kicked at Rick again, exactly where his ribs were sorest, and Rick barely choked back another grunt of pain. As he left, he caught a glimpse of Mike staring at him. Previous Chapter Fiction Index Next Chapter.

"We paid you for a sparring match!" Yet when Mike kicked him, he found himself grabbing the other man's leg and beginning to pull himself up.

White then jammed the telecommunication signals since Shuhang was chatting in the Nine Provinces (1) Group. The technique should have slammed his opponent to the floor. [1], According to many big shots, including the Second, Third and Seventh Rulers of the Nine Serenities, Song Shuhang’s talent is very ordinary and not worthy even to be mentioned.[2]. "That's your time."

He also gets promoted from Fourth Stage to Fifth Stage in the Demonic Tribulation.

Another blow crunched into his shoulder and Rick couldn't hold back his grunt at the pain.

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