south park phone destroyer tier list

But this deck is kinda potato with bad rotation and you can only pray for Satan!

save. Fight epic real-time PvP battles and experience a hilarious single player story created in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios!

Special thanks to Fiufa for his hard work on the current tier list.

Hello South Park Phone Destroyers, This is Sypha. share. 1) Token or Randy gets dropped behind NK so stall the fight, trigger ability asap. Sci-fi & Fantasy has other options like program Stan with fucking dougie, paladin princess with cock magic. Thanks to all the participants for sharing your decks! when can we expect an initial evaluation of medusa bebe and hercules clyde?

SPPD Blogs . I think Alien Clyde and Marine Stan should be lower due to the high prevenlence of Shaman Token. Same, you can always fuck dougies with mind control.

save. Other than that I feel it is solid.


So for example; all fighters share a speed of 2.0, assassins 1.0, tanks 3.0 or something. Witch Garrison can replace Witch Doctor Token and performs better. Have Space Token dropped off after the first two ranged units behind Zen, so Token can rush in to Zen’s rescue, meanwhile have Mr. Hankey charging up his ability so that once Space Warrior Token has used his charge once, he can do it again with the help of Mr. Hankey.

It’s faster to use and mobile friendly! Just in the rly top tiers you don't see him so often and even on those you see ppl using it sometimes. The alternative to the spreadsheet. It’s up to you because you are running the meta deck. Open the game with any of them: Zen Cartman, Sixth Element Randy, Enforcer Jimmy, Space Warrior Token or Mecha Timmy, or control a fucking dougie. This tier list in no way reflects on a specific rank.

Mind control is for Dougies or Hankey in some times. Or at the very least you should be able to see unit attack speed values on their cards instead of it being a hidden stat... Sally is not a fighter And the bird can't attack.

The alternative to the spreadsheet. But once he gets to the enemy new kid you'll have an idea on his normal attack speed regardless of the glitch. Can someone explain why Program Stan is mid tier? You can even use it to get rid of Pope Timmy before he revives a unit if you time it right.

The main reason is the master ninjew combo.

If u look at ppl in ranks up to 40 basically everyone runs him in adventure. report.

:( not sure if I wanna spend money on them, Why nelly top tier? What even...? Randy is not fragile because of his cocks and gnomes + cocks + ninjew which can also destroy your opponent in one second.

HP 2791 | Bar 930 | Zap 38 | Shockwave 465, HP 2397 | Bar 799 | Zap 34 | Shockwave 400, HP 2586 | Bar 862 | Zap 36 | Shockwave 431, Region: Asia (but always matched with EU), South Park Phone Destroyer stats dot com announcement blog post. hard work on the current tier list. Edit - This is also to help out new players as well as players who have not yet started the game help them focus on which cards to level. Bandita Sally shouldn't be there. All units should have their attack speeds normalised by grouping. I don't have many copies of both, but I'm wanting to level both of these up.

The alternative to the spreadsheet.

Some of you know me on the discord, some of you may know me from reddit posts. Contact me on discord at Bounce#9640 – Your deck can be shown here!Updated November 6th 2019.

After Satan is dropped start building up just like with Zen or Randy. He won’t live long, but as long as he manages to hit once or twice with his boosted attack, he’ll do a ton of damage. Before we get into this tier list, I would like to point out that I am currently a high ranked PvP player that has been playing everyday.

Good job man. If you had to pick Poseidon Stan or Shaman Token?

If he deals with Mimsy, Assassins (or flock of birds/rats) help take down MBP.

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