solidworks alt codes

To add an appearance by dragging it from the Task Manager with “ALT” key pressed the Appearance Manger will open to allow for hierarchical application and addition of other items like faces, bodies, parts or subassemblies. Sounds like you need to update your “Cheat Sheet” now. Select anywhere in a table to move the table. If a sketch entity is selected while editing a sketch, then “ALT-C” is pressed the item will toggle from solid to construction and vice versa. Moves multiple keys in the MotionManager. This will open the Customize dialog for the customization of most of the user interface.

For instance pressing Alt and 0177 will insert a ±. When holding down the “ALT” in any context of SOLIDWORKS 2017, look at the menu items at the top of the window. Drawings. Hide/Show. You can also move a dimension to a different view.

For instance, this horizontal line: NOTE: This is not actually a shortcut key but an application of the “ALT” key to add or remove a check-mark in the option of the item property for “Construction Geometry”. To start it’s a good idea to learn what keyboard shortcuts are already defined in the SOLIDWORKS 2017 software.

Select the back faces in the View Selector cube. Annotations. I have tried keywords symbols, control codes, alt codes, character mapping, etc.

Click on the tab marked “Keyboard”, the select from the “Show:” dropdown, “Commands with keyboard shortcuts”. We're sorry for inconvenience. Solidworks is a mechanical design automation software that runs on Windows., Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS). Subscribe, SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS 3D CAD Design Design Analysis Electrical Design Lifecycle/Data Management Technical Communication Manufacturing CAMWorks 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Design Automation Altair Simulation Materialise 3D Print Software, SOLIDWORKS SERVICES SOLIDWORKS Consulting SOLIDWORKS Implementation SOLIDWORKS Deployment, SOLIDWORKS TRAINING Classroom Training Classes Online Training Classes CATalyst Training Packages, 3D PRINTING Stratasys 3D Printers Desktop Metal 3D Printers 3D Printing Materials 3D Printing Services 3D Printing Support 3D Printing Applications 3D Printing Industry Info Post Processing 3D Printing Promotions, 3D SCANNING Creaform 3D Scanners Coordinate Measuring Machines Creaform Photogrammetry 3D Scanning Software 3D Scanner Promotions, OTHER RESOURCES SOLIDWORKS Financing SOLIDWORKS Promotions Technical Blog, INDUSTRIES Aerospace and Defense Automotive and Transportation Consumer Products Electronics Heavy Equipment Machine Design Medical Design Mold, Tool & Die Design Process and Power Telecom and Networking, SUPPORT Software Support 3D Printer Support 3D Scanner Support CNC Mill Support SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service, INDUSTRY EVENTS Live Local Events Live and Recorded Online Events, COMPUTER AIDED TECHNOLOGY 165 N Arlington Heights Rd Ste 101 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, (888) 308-2284 Contact Us Careers Locations Online Store, SOLIDWORKS: “ALT” the Under-Used SOLIDWORKS Shortcut Key, If you have been using Microsoft Windows or Office.

While Inserting a Component. Creates a part instead of a configuration when you drag a Toolbox component into an assembly. If you add the combination of “ALT-CTRL drag the part will be copied, then the “Smart Mate” is created. Select anywhere on a view and move it while holding down the “ALT” key . Program name: Use these keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste, similar to Windows functionality. (while sketching) Turn off automatic sketch relations. The PocketDrum 2 Lets You Learn Drums Using A Pair of Smart-Sticks And Your Mobile Devices, Create Your Own Transparent Screen By Tearing Apart Your LCD TV, Shower Power Is A Hydropowered Speaker Which Runs on Your Showerhead, The Silviano is a Smart Laptop Sleeve with Design Secrets Galore, Adobe Capture Going 3D With New Scantastic Feature.

Please feel free to add your comments to this blog. International edition, © To show one or more components, move the pointer to the graphics area, and press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Tab.

When pressing the “ALT” key while editing a sketch the mouse pointer will change to allow for “Contour Selection”. pressing Alt and 0188 will insert a ¼. Type above and press Enter to search. Josh is founder and editor at, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. An example of using the triad is in Move with Triad mode and in Exploded Views. Copies multiple keys in the MotionManager. Mates. Using this method, you could navigate to almost any menu item without ever touching the mouse. Copies a component when you Ctrl + drag it.

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