sd gundam g generation genesis tips

', Completed 'Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. The My Character system also makes a reappearance, which allows the player to create his or her own custom characters. What you need: Units you want to level up, duh.

The same happens if it misses an attack. These SFS units increase unit movement and let units that can, for example, only move on water or land to move in space as well. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Don’t sleep on the gallery function, as it can give you precious hints at what you need to obtain a specific MS. Missions are a new mechanic for the franchise. Make sure you keep one shuttle alive so the. Sometimes when you encounter enemy ships they will deploy additional MS when you get near them.

PROTIP: You can just place your pilots as crew if you want them to gain Ace Points instead of your regular crew. It is the first time in nine years that a G Generation of this time has been released. The content is presented as a series of themed stages, between 2 and 6, covering the major points of each series, but should not be considered a comprehensive retelling.

MS whose size is greater than M will occupy more slots inside your ship. When both your warships' capture caches are full or your ships happen to be further away, be sure to send those friendlies to pick them up if you need them.

For a ship / MS to be deployed in a map it must be able run in that map environment (space or air, tipically). So you essentially get to pick from more abilities to make your optimal build compared to the other characters. Still it’s sometimes worth to look at what the game offer to you for your well levelled MS. Usually the last versions are stronger than the previous ones, but also have more difficult / complex requirements to complete their respective quest. If 2 units of the raid end the turn near each other they will regain HP and a little EN, otherwise (if a unit ends the turn with no raid ally nearby) they will regain 30% of EN. Some weapons also have higher accuracy than others. Finishing the stage with two full warships and an MS will net 51 Ace Points to 13, What to do: There are 3 enemy units on the stage. Raids are a new type of squadron, the main difference from the ship being that the units can regain HP / EN while roaming on the map. Each pilot has innate abilities and skills, and learn new skills as he/she levels up. Video Additionally, the player can write a custom profile for the character. Added all MS/MA units to Production List. ', Completed 'Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Space Beyond the Blaze. He managed the challenge criteria on the first stage- destroy 3 missiles with Amuro, but he was totally inefficient about it. ', Completed 'Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO.'-. The ship that you get at the start of the game can contain only 1 squad, but by doing one of the available dispatches you can acquire an item that let you unlock the 2nd squad slot. 0081. Be mindful that pilot stats matter a lot. Tip three. Whenever a unit dodge,hits or kills an enemy it gains morale.

This game is full of ways in which the player can gain new units.

Don’t sleep on the gallery function, as it can give you precious hints at what you need to obtain a specific MS.

These are essentially bonus objectives that you can accomplish by doing certain things in stages that will unlock units and characters for production and recruitment. Here are all the means you have to do so. Home » Guides » SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays: Beginner Tips. This hovever will not matter for the Master slot, which can host a big MS while still occupying only one slot (use this feature at your advantage).

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