robin hood kit car

/* Position the "next button" to the right */ It seemed an appropriate opportunity to mark the fact that that 'history' led to our existence ... so to speak. position: absolute; background-color: #bbb; bottom: 8px;

} Guy Rackham Es handelt sich dabei um ein Original englisches Kit-Car der Marke Robin Hood. It is available in 9 colours, and compatible with a range of engines. Being a member of The UK Kit Car Club has many benefits above those already mentioned. } Started Sunday at 07:26 AM, RHOCaR - The UK Kit Car Club margin: auto;

position: absolute; Join in the fun by registering to post on the forum, and to get full benefits you can buy 12 months club membership for just £20! } , The Wheels are Alive with the Sound of Music, The Ferrari 250 GTO is Finally Attainable, A Rundown of The 88th Geneva Auto Show (Part 2), A Rundown of The 88th Geneva Auto Show (Part 1), The Best Four Best 4-pots According to Us. Please put your name down on the list below, and how many vehicles if possible, to help us gauge how many will be attending etc. } This slack period enabled the owner to look carefully at Robin Hood Engineering's operations, and now in his fifties, ideally would have liked to have sold the business to allow him to concentrate on other interests. A Robin Hood Project 2B. Bulk collections have always been successful at Robin Hood Engineering, the record being one collection day in 1997 totalling 125 comprehensive kits. nelmo Barbeques welcome. .active, .dot:hover { Membership includes a quarterly club magazine, discounts with insurance companies and specialist suppliers,  exclusive, early or discounted access to a number of events each year and much more! Aluminium Stalks ... We supply a full range of parts and spares to suit a full range of cars from kit cars to rally cars.

We will set out a course, around the surrounding area, and you will follow a route & answer as many of the questions as possible to score points. 1.5 hours, leaving from the showground at timed intervals, then finish back at the showground where we can all enjoy a socially distanced picnic. max-width: 1000px; text-align: center; /* On hover, add a black background color with a little bit see-through */ border-radius: 3px 0 0 3px; /* Next & previous buttons */ Do it again .. unlikely to be honest - but nice to have experienced it.

The new style chassis was affectionately called the 'tubey' by staff and the 'Project 2B' (a reference to the affectionate nickname) was adopted as the kit name. The Club produces four magazines a year, exclusively for club members. /* On smaller screens, decrease text size */ apgodden Fahrzeugbeschreibung: Details anzeigen. High Court action from Caterham Cars almost stopped production, however legal advice gave a remedy to the problem. Although the donor vehicles and basic designs may have altered throughout the years, the main policy to supply value for money kits remained. font-size: 12px; Started Monday at 11:23 AM, By

.numbertext { .text { } color: white; Members benefit from discounted insurance with nearly all of the specialist kit car insurers, and often get a discount that is more than the membership fee itself. Robin Hood Sub-k Tax Until end October 11 MOT until end April 11 Fully Registered with age-related plate, no need to IVA Test Completed Jan 2008 1.6 Ford Pinto Engine, engine rebuilt with new gaskets and seals Unleaded Fuel 32/36 DGAV Carb (purchased … -webkit-animation-duration: 1.5s; I have just joined and have today purchased my car - getting it delivered on Sunday and can not wait! display: inline-block; Evidence of the event ( acquired the photos without the need to pay the extortionate fee asked for them!). Sorry, but due to the current Covid-19 situation unfortunately the area meeting must be cancelled. animation-duration: 1.5s; from {opacity: .4} color: #f2f2f2; top: 0; You'll also find other members are willing to go well above and beyond for anyone they see is in need of help, as long as they too are a member! height: 15px; Motoring enthusiasts showed their support and several kits were sold. But with no offers forthcoming, the licence to manufacture Monocoque chassis about to expire and the recent heavy investment in new CNC machinery, the only option was to carry on with a brand new model. My father, who passed away many years back, was brought up in London and then his family moved down to Brighton where he became a member of 'Brighton Shiverers'  ... back in the day, and where he was schooled. peter_m7uk font-weight: bold; A Robin Hood kit car was a British based kit car manufacturer based in Nottinghamshire; the Robin Hood kit car factory was a fair size at around 0,000 square feet and was situated on one and half acres of land, which is pretty good grounds to build a nice kit car company. from {opacity: .4} position: relative; to {opacity: 1} Implementation dates were put off several times by the Government and the whole of the kit car industry suffered. width: 100%; .slideshow-container { It's not just shows though, our active area secretaries and members arrange regular run outs and even longer trips including the ever popular Wales and Scotland trips. top: 50%; Robin Hood Engineering Ltd was a British kit car manufacturer based in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire. Last year, my son who lives/works in London expressed an interest in participating in the London to Brighton Run. /* Caption text */ color: #f2f2f2; During 1996 and 1997 sales of Robin Hoods peaked at over 500 kits per year, and larger premises and new machinery were purchased to maintain production. Being a member of The UK Kit Car Club has many benefits above those already mentioned. This is where Joey and his Dad detail the build and the Driving of their kit car.

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Ich biete hier meinen Lotus Super Seven Replica zum Verkauf an. In 1989, a Triumph TR7 based Robin Hood was introduced with the affordable price tag of £995 + VAT. There will be no October meet, which would have been this coming Thursday. /* Fading animation */ The Club is an independent organisation, and although we have our roots as the Robin Hood Owners Club and Register, we are very much a club for all makes and model of kit car, so anyone can be a "Hoody", as its all about the state of mind, not the car you drive! } Is there anything in particular I should know / check when I first get it? Their work consists in making modifications to improve cars, either on its design or its motorization. Good day ... yes. No V-8 Here. Kit Car Direct are distributors of parts and accessories for Lotus 7 replica amateur built kit cars including MK Indy, Caterham, Locost, Westfield and Ford Sierra and Mazda MX5 Based Lotus 7 Replica kit cars offering FREE Delivery to mainland UK. (Joey telling you how many of our Hoods got to Spain and Back without any problems) It is available as a kit, partially assembled, or fully built. Powered by Invision Community. } The factory covered 30,000 square feet (2,800 m ) and was on a one and a half acre site. This has been a long time coming, but as part of the recent update to the forum software there is now a new and improved dark theme available. ‘007’ Aston Martin Vanquish Up for Grabs! With the assistance of a team of expert chassis designers, a revolutionary new chassis was conceived. All vehicles welcome - Vintage, Modern, Military, Civilian, 2 wheels, 4 wheels etc. /* The dots/bullets/indicators */ Route will take approx. The Monocoque style chassis (a structure formed from sheet steel without tubes) was manufactured using the Triumph Dolomite, Ford Cortina and Ford Sierra as donor vehicle. So whether you own a Robin Hood, a GBS Zero, a Locost, an MK, a Westfield or a Caterham, all can benefit form joining, so what are you waiting for? /* Slideshow container */ .prev, .next { width: auto; Harborough at War Drive Out for Charity Treasure Hunt. @keyframes fade { border-radius: 0 3px 3px 0; Burney Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 is an Inline-6. Whilst other manufacturers had customers trawling scrap yards for an assortment of components to build cars, the Robin Hood policy of "One kit + one donor vehicle = car on the road" was a valuable selling point. Membership also gets you full access to the forum, and a wide variety of other discounts, including discounts at Euro Car Parts. With London's Emissions Zone expanding , Brighton's frontage being (temporarily?) are there any local meets in Lancashire (I’m in Lytham). Robin Hood Engineering Ltd was a British kit car manufacturer based in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire. Robin Hood is a kit car manufacturer founded in the 80's. right: 0;

Between the bulk collection dates of 21 August and 11 December 1999, exactly 205 kits were collected. My action cam battery went flat for the drive out, By

cursor: pointer; @media only screen and (max-width: 300px) { -webkit-animation-name: fade;

to {opacity: 1} Started 23 hours ago, By On 25 September 2006 the assets of Robin Hood Engineering were bought by Great British Sports Cars Ltd.[1]. transition: 0.6s ease; animation-name: fade;

These are to suit the GBS Zero and Robin Hood 2B.. £8.70 inc VAT Ex Tax : £7.25. The most recent model by Great British Sports Cars is called 'The Zero'[2] The Zero was designed to be small, lightweight, and purposeful car, suited to road and track use.

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