regicide questline osrs

20. If you have plenty of coal, don't even let it reach the green part to start with, the tar will be slowly distilled anyway. Use your pestle and mortar on the sulphur.

If you don't have a rabbit already, kill one and cook the meat, but don't eat it, you'll need it! If you have not already created a strip of cloth, use four balls of wool on the loom in the farm south of Falador to make one. Also, if you run out of food, you can kill the rabbits around Isafdar and cook them on one of the fire pits in the elf camp.

You do not need to bring all the items listed at the beginning of this guide at the start of the quest.

Access to Arandar, an alternate route to the Underground Pass. Be sure to have a pot in your inventory before grinding or else the quicklime will disappear and you will need to heat another piece of limestone. An extra barrel of naphtha is needed for Mourning's End Part I, so if you plan on completing that quest, avoid making an extra trip to the camp and grab a few spares in case you make a mistake later.

), Tinderbox, Cooked rabbit

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests: The Old School RuneScape Wiki also has an article on:, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function.

Keep the book as you will need it later.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Fight The Well of Voyage is in the centre of the temple. He breaks the magic seal on the letter and asks you to read it.

Jump them (there aren't any rabbits here so take plenty of food for your trip back).

Go to the chemist's house just west of Rimmington and talk to him. Read it, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what the next quest in this ongoing story will be about.

Head east through some dense forest and you'll find a walled city.

Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first appears.

Head back to Tyras' camp using a charter ship to Port Tyras. The elven guards will tell you to talk with Lord Iorwerth at the Elf Camp in the north-western corner of the forest. pm me/add my discord at @Jassxy#3902 thanks!, Oldschool 07 RuneScape Questing Services,

Recommended: High-healing Food, 1-2 stamina/energy potions, coins to buy food in the Pass. He will tell you your current location is the site of Tyras's old camp but that the king and his troops have since moved on. He'll ask you for proof that you are to be trusted. Refer to. If you brought an anti-poison potion, use a dose, if not, let the poison wear off but watch your life points carefully. Use the cloth you get on your barrel bomb. However, you cannot pass through these until later in the quest when an elf tracker teaches you the skill.

Rotate the tar regulator clockwise twice to make the tar flowing at maximum. From the leaves, head slightly south and continue slightly south-west past the musician until you reach a sticks trap. Run southwest, Jump the Leaves trap, run west, Pass through the Sticks trap.

Squire (Player name) You are needed to serve the kingdom of Kandarin. Now use your pestle and mortar on the sulphur to grind it and add it to the barrel. The trip costs 3,200 coins (This can be reduced to only 1,600 coins or even 800 coins with the ring of charos (a), depending on whether or not you have completed Cabin Fever). Mine these rocks for limestone, one should do if you read the instructions carefully before continuing in a later part of this guide. Head back through the underground pass; consult earlier parts of this guide if it gives you any trouble. ","length":"Long","members":true,"requirements":"

[[File:Quest.png|21px|link=]] Quests:
  • [[Regicide|Regicide]]
    • [[Underground Pass|Underground Pass]]
      • [[Biohazard|Biohazard]]
        • [[Plague City|Plague City]]
\n\n*56 [[File:Agility-icon.png|21x21px|link=Agility|alt=Agility]] [[Agility]]'''[B]'''\n\n*10 [[File:Crafting-icon.png|21x21px|link=Crafting|alt=Crafting]] [[Crafting]]\n'''Recommended:'''\n\n*60 [[File:Agility-icon.png|21x21px|link=Agility|alt=Agility]] [[Agility]] or higher (to decrease the chance of failing obstacles in the Underground Pass)"}. Use the cloth on your barrel bomb. Click to follow the tracks a few steps west of the tracker near the blue mushrooms. Dylan C. King Lathas will employ you once again, this time for the grim task of disposing of his brother. After receiving the message, go and talk to King Lathas in Ardougne Castle in East Ardougne.

Now continue past some bears.

However, you can mine it in the Elven region if you wish. If you ran from the Tyras guard that appeared earlier, you will have to kill him to continue. The trip will also provide a convenient opportunity to complete the Iban You from Hurting Me! Go back to Lord Iorwerth and read the Big Book of Bangs he hands you.

The 'pressure' indicator on the left should go up. If the heat reading reaches the dark orange portion, you've spoiled your compound and must start again. Go to the underground pass in West Ardougne and enter. 7. Tripwires are armed across two close rocks, flanked by four crossbows aiming at the trespasser. [b] Regicide questline, As title states. When attempting to enter the castle, you'll be approached by an elf. Reproducing or copying any material found on this page is not allowed. This should stall the pressure indicator. Items Required: Limestone, sulphur, pot, pestle and mortar, 4 balls of wool (if strip of cloth is needed).

Items Required: Barrel bomb with cloth inserted (Bring 4 Balls of wool if you did not weave your cloth.

Go back to Lord Iorwerth, he'll give you proof that you killed King Tyras. (#59)

Talk to Koftik, who will give you some food, then go down the well.

Completion of Regicide is required for the following: Tyras guard • Chemist • General Hining • King's messenger, Idris • Morvran • Essyllt • Lord Iorwerth • Elf Tracker • Arianwyn • Elf warrior, Crystal pendant •  Big book of bangs •  Strip of cloth, Barrel •  Coal tar •  Barrel of naphtha •  Barrel bomb, Underground Pass • Well of Voyage • Iban's Temple • Isafdar • Poison Waste • Elf Camp • Port Tyras • Tyras Camp • Rimmington, Breeze • Crystal Castle • Elven Mist • Everywhere • Forest • Lost Soul • Meridian • Overpass • Riverside • Well of Voyage • Woodland.

Rag and Bone Man (Rag and Bone Man (Part Two)). Note: If you're low on life points and food already, don't pass it yet.

Collecting Ingredients

You can see this on the green status bar along the bottom.

Travel through the Underground Pass (entrance on the far west side of West Ardougne).

Now head north, and step over the trip-wire. Dense forests cannot be failed and it acts as a shortcut inside the forest.

Cross the Log Balance to reach it. This raises the 'heat' indicator on the right.

16. Recommended: Method of teleportation to Rimmington.

The whole process needs getting used to so be very patient. (You no longer need the pendant - more space for rabbit meat.)

Make sure you have the letter before transporting away.

Add the pot of quicklime and ground sulphur to the naphta mix, producing a barrel bomb.

to get to the Iban disciples in the centre of the maze. It revolves around consecrating the tomb of King Baxtorian on behalf of his and Glarial's grandson Islwyn. It can also be purchased on the GE. On the way to delivering the message, an elf named Arianwyn suddenly appears before you.

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