reduction of benzophenone with sodium borohydride lab report

Narcotic. “The Organic Chemistry Laboratory Web Pages – UW Madison. exothermic and the rate of addition, therefore, should not be too rapid. 2. The quenched reaction mixture was transferred to a 250mL Erlenmeyer flask and 50mL of diethyl ether was added. C lower than expected 65-67 ? used in inert solvents such as ether, tetrahydrofuran, etc. The percent yield was relatively high at 58. Examples of good reducing agents are electropositive metal eleme… [ 4 ]. Add the sodium sodium borohydride (NaBH4) and lithium aluminum hydride (LAH, LiAlH.

Place 380 mg (0.380 g) of vanillin in a clean 5 mL conical reaction vial containing a spin vane.

“Sodium Borohydride Reduction: Diphenylmethanol from Benzophenone.

This process only works for carbonyl groups. Use with adequate ventilation.

There are various methods of reduction. F. Toda, K. Kiyoshige and M. Yagi, Angew.

Reduction describes the gain of electrons or decrease in oxidation state of an atom, ion or molecule. Examples of good reducing agents are electropositive metal elements such as lithium, sodium, iron, aluminium, zinc, iron, magnesium and carbon. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website.

Hydride is the isolated atomic hydrogen anion, H-, or any compound containing hydrogen and another more electropositive element or group.

After all the sodium borohydride has

CMP: -116.

These are considered very active catalysts as they are able to operate at lower temperatures. The melting point for the synthesized Diphenylmethanol was obtained and the range was observed to be between: 65.2ºC to 66.5ºC, which is lower than the literature value. 7g of NaBH4 was weighed into a tarred 50mL beaker covered with a watch glass. been added, heat the reaction to boiling for 2 minutes. 4 ?

Chem., 98 (1994) 1365. [ 8 ]. Res., 28 (1995) 193.

1). Chronic or substantial acute exposure may cause serious eye damage, including blindness. Introducing Textbook Solutions.

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The temperature of the reaction varies depending on the substrate and the activity of the catalyst.

6 wavenumbers proving the retention of the phenol rings (Experimental spectra).

Phys. 1 Experiment 15: Reduction and Oxidation of Organic Compounds Part 1. ” Organic Chemistry I Laboratory Manual. Lithium aluminum hydride, on

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04 g/mol| 0. Vollhardt, K. Peter C. , and Neil Eric Schore. N. B. Singh, R. J. Singh and N. P. Singh, Tetrahedron, 50 (1994) 6441. solutions.

C| Irritant| 6M Hydrochloric acid| 36.

M. Epple. Academic year. 13 Nov. 2011.

Lab report- sodium borohydride reduction of a ketone.

3. 13. The reduction of an aldehyde or ketone with sodium borohydride is straight forward and usually affords a high yield of the alcohol.

May be a reproductive hazard.

Biol., 83 (1986) 831. Benzophenone is a pure hydrocarbon that is very insoluble in water. 4| References Carbonyl Reactivity. Dissolve 1 g  of benzophenone in 7.5 ml of methanol in a 50‑ml Erlenmeyer Add the sodium borohydride in small portions and with swirling to the benzophenone solution at such a rate that the temperature does not exceed 45 E. pitt. The first is a loss of oxygen from a bond or loss of a bond to oxygen as in the case of carbon-oxygen double bond to a carbon-oxygen single bond.

K. Schaum and K. Rosenberger, Z. anorg. The observed melting point was 4-3. Print. (ii) Sodium borohydride reduction. In heating a reaction under reflux, the rate of heating should be adjusted so that the reflux ring is no higher than a third to half the distance to the top of the condenser. “Stereospecific Reduction of Benzil with Sodium Borohydride; Determination of the Stereochemistry by NMR Spectroscopy.

Perkin Trans. The more common ones are hydrogenation and hydride transfer reagents. 9 ? A week later, the product was weighed and melting point and an IR spectrum was obtained. 7.


26| C-H (sp3)| 2800-3000| ~3020-3050| Note the lack of a carbonyl absorption between 1680-1750 Theoretical Yield (Equation 1).

h�b```�E�B��@��(���1����a��ƭ���0%��D-f�\9���X�|��߲�x����,n+N��SdKw����K���A���������H0jt40 This reagent is particularly convenient because: 1) All four hydrogens are active; 2) It is not excessively reactive with inexpensive solvents, like water or alcohols; and 3) The reduction is selective. Sodium borohydride, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are corrosive; if any of these solutions come in contact with your skin, rinse immediately with cold running water.

chemistry laboratory: year chem1603 chemistry for biologists experiment reduction of benzophenone with sodium borohydride: preparation of diphenylmethanol name

wisc. Get Your Custom Essay on Sodium Borohydride Reduction: Diphenylmethanol from Benzophenone Just from $13,9/Page, We will write a custom essay sample on Sodium Borohydride Reduction: Diphenylmethanol from Benzophenone specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page. The agent reduces other substances and so, the agent itself is oxidized. Wash the crystal cake twice with 25‑ml h�b```�E�B��@��(���1����a��ƭ���0%��D-f�\9���X�|��߲�x����,n+N��SdKw����K���A���������H0jt40 Yield about 1 g

The boundary between the two zones will be clearly demarcated and a reflux ring or a ring of liquid will appear there.

Soc., Dalton Trans., (1996) 11. Catalysts are very much needed in this process to make it usable, without the presence of a catalyst this chemical reaction can only be possible at very high temperatures.


3 ? | Diethyl ether| 74.

However, there are many processes that are classed as redox even though no electron transfer occurs, for example those reactions that involves covalent bonds.


C| Toxic by ingestion. They are important reducing agents in industrial reactions though they are easily destroyed in the relatively acidic compound water (H2O).

6 ? ChemFinder: http://www. The LiAlH4 compound is a highly reactive, extremely powerful reducing agent. Abstract The goal of this lab was to reduce Benzophenone to Diphenylmethanol by using sodium borohydride. Reagent Table Name/Structure| Molar Mass (g/mol)| Density (g/mL)| Amount in lab (g or mL)| BP and/or MP (?

May cause burns or severe irritation in contact with skin or eyes.

chemistry laboratory: year chem1603 chemistry for biologists experiment reduction of benzophenone with sodium borohydride: preparation of diphenylmethanol name After the condenser and drying tube were properly attached, the apparatus was heated over a steam bath and refluxed for 20-30 minutes.

The reductant is also called an electron donor as it donates electrons.

It is used to heat a mixture for extended periods at certain temperatures. msu. Nevertheless, this reaction can be carried out without the need for a solvent, leading to pure alcohol without side products., DOI:, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips.

5| MeOH| 20| 16. NaBH4 reacts only slowly with water and alcohols. com| Experimental A drying tube was prepared as follows: a loose plug of cotton was placed on the bottom of the tube to keep the CaCl2 from falling into the reaction vessel; the tube was filled with anhydrous CaCl2; another plug of cotton was placed on the top and one end of the drying tube into a thermometer adapter. 46 g/mol| | | BP: -85.

217 g/mol| 1. It will convert aldehydes and ketones into alcohols, but it will not reduce carboxylic acids, esters, or amides. T. L. Threlfall, Analyst, 120 (1995) 2435. A couple of boiling stones were added and a steam bath was used to evaporate away the ether from the diphenylmethanol product.

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Topic: Sodium Borohydride Reduction: Diphenylmethanol from Benzophenone, By clicking "Send Message", you agree to our, Organic reactions and mechanisms report 1, Water And Methyl Alcohol Miscible Or Immiscible, The effect of increasing temperature on the solubility of two solids Essay Example,, terms Oxidation can be observed through the loss of electrons or an increase in oxidation state by an atom, ion or molecule. 1. C) | Safety| Benzophenone| 182. D. Giron, Thermochim. Reflux is the process of boiling reactants while continually cooling the vapor returning it back to the flask as a liquid.

http://fsl. Ed. In practice some of the borohydride is consume in reaction with the solvent and excess of NaBH4is always used 4. L. Addadi, M. Cohen, M. Lahav and L. Leiserowitz, J. Chim.

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