red worm in toilet after urinating

So, you look down into your toilet and spot the thing you may have least expected: worms. Side effects include: itching or irritation of urinary tract. Adult females lay large clusters of eggs, which explains why there may be more than one worm in your toilet. The idea of organisms living inside... View answer, Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Call Mr. Rooter at (855) 982-2028 or make an appointment online to address any plumbing concerns.

Check the water and also floor for any such worms before you go to washroom. When these long, brown worms show up in a toilet, it could mean your sewer pipe is cracked. ... View answer, We found a worm in the toilet this morning, about 6inches long. ... View answer, I am 60 and when I urinate I see little black worms in the toilet after going.

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... View answer, After urinating I noticed this very small worm looking creature swimming in the toilet. Please get stool analysis done. My daughter had only urinated beforehand. Why do they appear again although the toilet is clean.

i do not know whether it came from me or not so i want to make sure.

Do you have concerns about pests in your home? The sender wants to know if this is an earthworm or a parasitic worm. Do you have any ideas what it could be? Since earthworms most likely indicate a crack in your plumbing, this is something that will need to be checked out by professionals in order to eliminate the problem. Let us show you how to determine which species is present, including color and size. Enter your password. Worms can come in a variety of sizes and colors. I am unsure if it was there before or of it was excreted from my body.

Here are the varieties of worms that tend to occur in this phenomenon. Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor, All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice.

Reply with thanks! Please type your query here...I have just found a worm in the toilet after my 3 year old had passed urine only. Having a cracked pipe easily allows worms or foreign bodies into your home. Although earthworms are discovered in toilets on a regular basis, we believe she has discovered a bloodworm! Could you please tell me whether these type of worms would be of any harm/ threat to humans? Use of this site is subject to our Terms & Conditions, Get your health question answered instantly from our pool of 18000+ doctors from over 80 specialties. Imagine turning towards the toilet to look inside after having a bowel movement or releasing some urine, and on the inner portion of the toilet bowl you see a few red dots, spots or specks.

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