r6 defenders tier list

These windows can be shattered from the transparent side to give Defender's a murder-hole, but be wary; lose that gunfight, and you've given Attacker's the same sight-line. Check our rankings of defensive operators in Rainbow Six Siege! Mechanically the easiest utility in Rainbow Six Siege; Mechanically more demanding than Rook’s, but still very easy; Mechanically simple; Limited placement options (doors/windows); Passive; non-vital utility; requires at least basic map knowledge. They are hindered in gunfights due to their specifications, loadout, or design. Part of the latest content drop in Siege, Mozzie is a really interesting Operators that players are still learning how to use and how to combat. Dokkaebi has seen a number of buffs (too many, some would argue) in the recent balancing updates to Siege. Operators listed below require a bit more practice but are not the hardest to pick and play in R6 Siege. A passive utility that helps anchors greatly. Over time, Lesion acquires eight of the mines, gaining one every thirty seconds. This tier list was last updated to reflect changes made during Patch Y4S3.1. Jager is another Operator that's been included because of his ability to counter a huge amount of Attackers. However, he was previously a mixed martial arts news writer. Map knowledge required, Medium mechanical difficulty, with high skill ceiling; He mostly writes about video games. Another Operator that's received a pretty important buff recently is Ela. This DOT stops the Attacker from sprinting and causes some visibility problems; not mentioning that the trap triggering makes a loud enough noise that most of the Defenders can hear it, giving them intel on where the Attacker is. That being said, this tier list can be a great way to narrow down which operators you should focus your time with if you are currently unsure where to start. In some cases, those operators are the best at what they do. Rainbow Six Siege has a lot of moving parts. I was a bit worried when Warden was initially announced. If a character you enjoy is not listed in one of the top tiers, don’t fret. Requires understanding of gadgets interactions and game sense, Easy mechanically, but requires game sense and map knowledge to utilize efficiently; Here’s a quick look at how the Rainbow Six Siege meta is stacking up so far. Weekly email with the previous week's articles. This isn't limited to helping hard-breachers, either; most traps can be destroyed with Thatcher's grenades, as well as a lot of cameras and (temporarily) electronic scope crosshairs. She now has access to frag grenades, which precious few Attackers have access to. His gadget allows him to see enemy footsteps and scan them, pinging them on the map for all teammates for a short period of time. Here are some of the best Operators choices in Siege: Updated February 10th, 2020 by Drew Ferguson: Rainbow Six Siege has seen a bunch of new Operators released since this list debuted, not to mention there's been a ton of balancing changes that have changed how certain Operators are going to perform, and have had a marked impact on the meta.

His Volcan Shields are usually going to freeze Attackers for quite a while, and those foolish enough to ignore them and just jump over are going to be in for a really bad time. This tier list breaks down which operators are currently popular and effective in the meta, and it shows which operators are currently falling out of favor with the player base. R6 Siege is FPS, and thus at its core, every operator is a fragger. Rainbow Six Siege is a well-balanced game. Non-vital utility; Active usage, Mechanically simple; Passive utility; In sections that follow, we will rank all defenders in R6 Siege based on: The best support operator on defense in Rainbow Six Siege; Utility protects nearby defenders from various offensive tools (i.e., grenades), Area denial specialist; Her utility changed the game and META; One-sided mirrors, Intel-gathering and plant denial specialist; Echo brings  to the table 2 unique Yokai drones, Great intel-gathering trap oriented operator; Active utility that debuffs affected attackers and notifies about their position, Area denial specialist; Slows down impacted attackers and gives audio cue about their presence, Breach Denial; Denying breach to attackers is a game within the game in Rainbow Six Siege; Best at electrifying walls, Breach Denial; The only operator capable of consistently denying breaching of reinforced hatches​​, Intel-gathering; 2 Evil Eyes that can serve as turrets and cameras, Support defender; Mag-net pulls various offensive gadgets; Helps to secure areas and is capable of impacting attackers negatively, Support defender; Buffs defensive team by increasing their resistance to damage, Support defender; The only healer on defense in Rainbow Six Siege; 3 Stim shots that heal or revive affected operator, Intel & Breach denial specialist; Versatile operator who disables drones and remote detonation of electronics within his gadgets’ range, Intel denial and gathering defender; Able to hack attackers drones and use them for defenders’ advantage. Maverick can burn through the bottom of a wall to take care of a Mute jammer or a Bandit battery; the only real way to ensure he can't enable a hard-breacher to do their job is to put a Kaid Electroclaw in a place that Maverick can't reach. Looking to see what the community's opinions are on this tier list that I made for fun. The players who aren't super good with Maestro might stop playing him as frequently, but those who really know what they're doing with him are still going to be playing as him, and it's possible that his Win Delta could increase because of this. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Provides a game-changing utility that revolutionized defense in Siege; Invisible drones that can provide intel and debuff to enemies; plus plant denial potential; 1.5x scope; 1-speed, Powerful utility with area denial and intel-gathering functionality; Very good SMG; 3-speed. He loves that. In case you would like to learn more about each operator, please click their name to go to a dedicated page or click the below button to visit the list of all operators available in Rainbow Six Siege. Each Operator that was on this list originally still deserves a spot on the list, but there are some more Operators that have just as much value as those previously on the list, so we've added them! © Copyright R6SiegeCenter. Below defenders require more skill, experience, and often map knowledge to utilize them properly. Damages impacted attackers, Trap oriented defender; 3 Grzmot concussion mines that disorientate influenced attackers, Trap oriented defender; 3 Welcome mats that down attackers who step into traps; The highest reward trap operator, with the lowest activation chance, The Lord is a category on his own; Deployable LMG with destructible protection covering the head of the player, Intel-gathering defender; Able to see through smoke and nullify flash/stun effect; Extremely situational, 1-speed; LMG on defense with 80 bullets and good RPM…, 3-speed; Great SMG; Utility supporting fragging, 3-speed; Very good SMG; Automatic secondaries; Utility supporting roaming, 2-speed; Good SMG; Utility supporting fragging, 1-speed; Low recoil, 2.0x scope MP-5; Armour makes him more resistant, 1-speed; Low recoil, 1.5x scope MP-5; Ability to heal himself, 1-speed; 1.5x scope silenced MP-5; Automatic secondary, 2-speed; Good SMG; Utility supporting roaming and flanking potential, 2-speed; Versatile loadout options (shotgun/SMG; SMG/SMG); C4, 2-speed; Insane fire rate Vector/Sniper TCSG12 “shotgun”; C4, 2-speed; Headshot machine but peashooter MPX; Secondary Deagle; C4, 2-speed; Versatile loadout options (shotgun/SMG; SMG/SMG), 3-speed; Low recoil UMP with a low rate of fire; C4; Utility enhancing fragging potential, 2-speed; Low recoil decent SMG; C4; Trap utility with killing potential, 3-speed; High fire rate but insane recoil SMG; Trap utility support fragging potential, 1-speed; 2.0x scope sniper TCSG “shotgun”; C4, 3-speed; Bad primaries; High damage unique pistol; Utility supporting fragging potential, 1-speed; Extremely defensive focused shield operator, 2-speed; Low recoil UMP with a low rate of fire, 1-speed; Headshot machine but peashooter MPX. Now, she has a much better chance in gunfights, and has a pretty decent chance at making a quick and noticeable dent in the enemy team, especially if you've banned Lesion. Below defensive operators are least exceptional at killing potential. Rainbow Six Siege Attacker Tier List S – Tier Attackers. For a detailed explanation of each tier within this list, check out the information provided below. Not to mention his incredible primary weapon in the Commando 9, and his option to have a secondary shotgun in the Super Shorty. Active; Clearly non-vital; Map knowledge required to place in a good spot. Consequently, you can use this tier list to determine which operators you should be on the lookout for and which ones you should leave in the proverbial dust.

This list was last updated on April 23, 2020. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Can be active (“Bandit tricking”); Vital to team’s success; Map knowledge required, Mechanically simple, but potentially vital utility; The Rainbow Six Siege developer team published a blog post - in the middle of Year 5 Season 2 - showing data on the popularity and win delta of all characters in the game, and on the top 10 most banned operators by side. But Warden hasn’t been embraced for his role, which earns him a spot on the lower side of the list. When not writing about people pelting each other in the face or about leveling up in the latest RPG, he tends to spend his time as a web producer in Atlanta.

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