pt boat interior

2013 December 21, updated aft, top, and starboard views to show the rounded starboard aft corner post.

2014 March 18, updated aft, top, and starboard views to reflect an updated .50 mount.

On non-heater equipped boats, images show a cover plate on the flange where the duct coming from the engine hatch mounted heater attached to the throttle push rod deck housing at the aft end of the cabin trunk.

I honestly remember it as being pretty darned good, but then I was starved after spending the morning tramping about the other naval vessels on exhibit at the Battleship Cove. 2 "Root"-type settees.

Please note that this manual is a later version than the 103 class, read coverage notes below the title. The inner layer of planks is laid at an opposite direction diagonally making the hull very strong.

On PT 103-162 boats with heaters (possibly PT 139-141 only), the sections of the throttle push rod deck housing that ran alongside the day room cabin trunk (sections 2, 3, and 4) were also used as a heater duct. The vets I spoke to that served in the Pacific said they did not sleep on the PT Boats so they didn't store much inside in the way of gear. Battleship Cove Naval Museum is an awesome naval museum. 2013 November 24, corrected the supply duct layout and added the connecting duct for PT 103-162 on the forward view. One of Milt's fellow crew members, Charles Nelson wrote an in interesting account of his experiences as a 50 caliber Browning Machine Gun Turret Gunner. The early mast rest on PT 111.

The return trip back down the Hudson River was not quite as much fun as their high speed run north.

Milt served as a bow gunner on the 37mm cannon (the same weapon firing through the propeller of the Bell P-39 Airacobra). While their PT Boats were moored in a small port in the Mediterranean a large quantity of beer was unloaded on the pier right in front of them.

Exterior Photos

The structure is possibly a booby hatch or air funnel to the engine compartment. Aft windshield: PT 103-196 only.

Images are for non-commercial personal use only, please obtain permission for any other use. *****************************************

So how exactly do you put sheets on a triangular bed?

Like everyon... We get asked a lot about what type of seam is best for outdoor canvas projects. The torpedoes were launched when the PT boat had been steered in the direction you wanted the torpedoes to go. The next time I go I'll try to book myself a bunk onboard the ship to save myself that long drive back to NJ at the end of the day. One interesting thing about the Patrol Torpedo Boats is the way they are constructed.


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Marineblått, hvitt, taudetaljer, maljer og trykk.

 1 37mm Deck Gun Add a little maritime flair to your space with one of these fabulous nautical throw pillows. PT boats - built of wood - held inherently potent firepower and were, by and large, much cheaper to produce than her larger steel sisters. Access doors to the tank manholes shall be cut in the side panels of the day room between the floor and the deck. Unfortunately their reports fell upon deaf ears.

I wanted to know how much direct control the commander had or whether he would have to call down to the engine room to make power changes. Galley & Heads There shall be one main section of flooring mid-length of the compartment, built up in box-panel form which shall include hatch to center tank, and shall have ledges across forward and after sides to support separately removable panels placed in the four corners of the room, also the raised portable steps over fuel tank connections (see Section W-1-k). CREW'S DAY ROOM Some of the photos are really quite interesting. NAVY DEPARTMENT Crew quarters. Which is so amazing as Milt is well into his 80s and still hears very well. ***************************************** They even had a grill/snack bar on board with food that was quite passable and reasonably priced. Since 2003, a group of US military veterans has been restoring an 80 ft.,70 ton VietNam era Patrol Boat at Deland Naval Air Station Museum, creating a living tribute to the veterans who lived , and the many thousands who died serving our country.

Some other reference images can be found here: PT_Boat_Components_Torpedo_Tube_Images_Elco.html. Please confirm dimensions given here for yourself if errors cannot be tolerated. Length: 143" at outside faces of transverse bulkheads. Crew: 2 officers and 9 crewmen Interior design junkie.

PT-617 is an Elco class PT Boat. Width at outside of coamings at deck: 99 1/2". It is unnecessary to dismantle turrets in removing either engine or tank hatches.

This door shall be fitted with double fixed window and provided with gasket seal, and clamp dog from either side, but no lock. Above the deck line, the day room shall have 3 windows each side, and one in the forward bulkhead for bridge communication. I don't know if the connector duct was used on non-heater equipped boats or on PT 163-196, or if cover plates were used.

Torpedoes A stretcher handling door shall be cut in starboard aft bulkhead of the cabin trunk just above the transverse deck coaming, and shall open outward. Stu Hurley, author of the Italeri PT 109 Build page, let me know of a few observations he made regarding the torpedo tube cranks and mechanisms on the early 80' boats. So choose your marine fabric, your boat seat vinyl, or your boat …

Although often referred to as "Plywood Boats" and sometimes "Mosquito Boats", the hulls of the PT Boats were actually constructed of double planked mahogany. Engine room Set designer for TV shows. DECK HOUSES. Access to the after machine gun turret shall be through a door cut in the part of turret wall rounding out from the port aft corner of the day room.

These drawings are based on measurements given in original Elco drawings.

Milt even got shots of sailing the PTs through the locks north of the Hudson to get several examples from Melville RI to Detroit, MI. I'd love to hear it.

DIY enthusiast. Canvas structure on PT 141 utilizing the buttons mentioned above. Height: 37 1/2" at boat center line, from top of deck to top of roof plywood.



Rest for mast when laid down unknown. W-1-j. 37MM Deck Gun SECTION A-7. Eliminate windows from forward side of chart house.

Milt said he figured if the boat was hit and blown up he would be blown off the boat and would have likely survived.

Shortly after the war's end Milt volunteered with a group of other PT Boat crewmen to ferry a group of boats up to Detroit to display for the public. Starboard torpedo tube crank location varied. Whether those extra few seconds of transmission engagement lag time made the difference between the Amagiri cutting PT 109 in half or not will never be known, but it might have.

Dimensional details for PT 103-196 and 314-367: Details changed even within the same series: ***************************************** When I asked Milt about why they were burned, he replied the boats had taken a beating from all the night missions they performed (and some had run aground and had been repaired) and also that they just didn't care. Deck Views

I would have thought they would have left the boats for the natives. Launching Date: September 21, 1945.  1 40mm Bofors AA mount aft We'll cut your order to length, pack it in the most effective manner and ship it quickly at the best rate in the business.

Any tank may be unshipped independent of the other two.

It would have been pretty neat to be there at Sunset and Sunrise.

Crew quarters. Flooring of chart house shall be of 5/8 inch fir plywood, with mahogany bearers, well fastened to longitudinal bulkhead and with headers as required. The Type VII was the most numerous U-boat type to be involved in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Jack's answer was that the commander on the bridge had direct control over the throttles, but did not have control over the engagement of the transmission to the propeller shaft or forward and reverse gears (In order to engage forward, reverse, or idle the commander had to call down to the engine room where the operator manipulated the gear shift levers for each engine and propeller manually). Military Museums Main Page There is the Destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD-780, the Submarine USS Lionfish SS-298, the Soviet Missile Corvette Hiddensee, and the Battleship USS Massachusetts, BB-59. 2 Mattresses.

The entire center section of the cabin roof shall be mechanically removable, to facilitate the extrication of the fuel tanks.


31 March 1944.

40MM Bofors Deck Gun

A fore and aft cabin top stiffener each side of the center line shall be shaped to form an overhead handrail. The trunk above crew's dayroom shall be built with framed-up plywood side and ends, and top only being removable, to permit unshipping fuel tanks.

Max Speed: 41kts (46mph) A friend of my father, Milt Donadt served on Elco PT Boats in the Pacific during the Second World War.

Milt Donadt's WWII Photos on an Elco PT Boat in the Pacific. FOR THE UNITED STATES NAVY, BUREAU OF SHIPS PT 565-624 *****************************************

The findings were that the torpedoes ran 10 to 15 feet deeper than set, that magnetic fuses did not go off when they should, and the striker for the contact fuse would snap upon impact if the torpedoes struck the target at any angle other than 90 degrees to the surface they struck, preventing the detonation of the warhead. Type VII submarines were the most widely used U-boats of the war and were the most produced submarine class in history, with 703 built. And the heads were much more civilized and had genuine privacy.

The men concluded a distraction was in order.

machine gun turret, with main and depressed firing floors, limiting stops, exit door, and adequate drainage, as per plan.

Added a temporary aft view. Oil Capacity: 30 gallons

2013 December 16, updated top and aft views. The following images show dimensions and placement for an Elco 80' PT boat day room cabin trunk, in particular for an early 103 class.

ammunition shall be provided in crew's dayroom under settee on port side, and in locker on starboard side of bridge, with outboard door, forward of the machine-gun turret.

Early in the war the crews of the PT Boats found that their torpedoes didn't detonate, even when they were certain they were aimed accurately and should have hit their mark.

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