plate tectonics 5 paragraph essay

This is due to new oceanic lithosphere always being constructed.

The theory was proposed in 1912 by Alfred Wegener, a German scientist. The most famous region of these sorts of volcanoes is the ‘Ring of Fire’ forming the outline of the Pacific plate, as shown in both Figure one and two.

Though it is just a theory geologic time, ocean trenches, seafloor spreading, mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes are all examples of evidence that support the theory of plate tectonics. All rights reserved. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The Theory Of Plate Tectonics 1049 Words | 5 Pages. Therefore, trying to create an equilibrium. From Visualizing Earth Science, by Merali, Z., and Skinner, B. J, 2009, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains and the Earth’s crust are unique yet have one common denominator; the amazing topic of plate tectonics.

Being a significant geologic construct, plate tectonics provides accurate data referring to location of lithosphere plates. Thinking about the rotational axis of the Earth, and possibly of what the Earth may become at a certain point in time, has a great influence on understanding all aspects of living things, either in the past, present, or future. Plate Tectonics Paper

This theory assumes that that the Earth’s tectonics work in a similar way to a conveyer belt in the sense that whilst plate is being pulled due to gravity into the asthenosphere at a subduction zone, somewhere else there is lithosphere being created at the same rate. These cells transfer heat and thus energy. The earth crust is made up of tectonic plates. “Understanding Plate Motions.” 1999.

There are many ways that Plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes are connected. Global Warming: Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming: Reasons, Outcomes, and How to Prevent It. “Plate Tectonics.” Moorland School. The motion of continents, called continental drift, occurs with the movement of the lithospheric plates.

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Using the example of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, we can see the way that eventually the volcanic activity can result in volcanic islands, for example Iceland.


The lithosphere is made up of large broken rock masses also referred as tectonic plates (Oreskes 424). This essay will answer the question: Why and how do earthquakes happen? Plate Tectonics is a theory proposed and accepted by scientists to explain the nature of earth's surface characteristics and oceanic and continental makeup.

A key example of an explosive volcanic eruption as part of the ring of fire includes Mount St Helens, Washington, USA. These tectonic plates are suspended on molten layer of Earth’s crust that comes immediately below the lithosphere; this layer is called asthenosphere. There are also many other plate tectonic related theories and studies that are connected with the earthquakes and volcanoes too. Copyright 2009 by Wiley. There are three different types of plate tectonics, that is, convergent, divergent, and lateral slipping.

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