physics of volleyball float serve

"Using a hexagonal or dimpled pattern instead could significantly increase the consistency of its flight.

- Nov 14, 2019 2:59 pm UTC. The faster the ball is moving in the air, the lower the drag coefficient and drag will be. Volleyballs experience a drag crisis (a jump from low to high drag) as they slow down. He wishes he could do it all the time, but the only problem is that he does not remember how he got the last one. After paying closer attention to float serves lately I can actually see the drag crisis happening. The development was shared…, The Meizu 17 family arrived back in May, but we haven’t heard much from the Chinese manufacturer since. Reverse that putting the heavy spot in back and the ball goes wacky. Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Ars Technica Addendum (effective 8/21/2018). The collapse of the boundary layer at the beginning of the drag crisis causes a chaotic swirling of air in the wake of the ball as each small vortex breaks free from the surface. Physics of Volleyball Definition: The speed of something in a given direction Newton's Three Laws Energy Newton's First Law Acceleration "law of inertia" Kinetic Energy Definition: An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. The effectiveness of the float serve is determined by its ability to succeed in an ace, or winning the point by serving over the net and having the ball hit the ground before the opponent can touch it. Higher arc serves start and finish faster because of gravity. Hitting a good floater and watching the player it's flying towards wave their arms around, just to have the ball drop right in front of them is the best. A non-rotating ball is subject to the unpredictable interactions between drag, lift, and a narrow window of opportunity called the “drag crisis.” With a better understanding of the details of these forces we can begin to improve our intuition of how to manipulate the two things we can control on a float serve; the contact speed and angle. As I previously mentioned a floater is a serve that does not spin. The faster the ball is moving, the less "sticky" the ball becomes. Can Ars please do something about the headlines... As a former high level volleyball player from a time pre-dating these experiments, I knew about the float serve but had no idea why it happened nor how to do it consistently. NRRA certification suggests yes. Typically, wakes are larger, and drags are higher, at slow speeds, but if the ball hits a critical speed threshold, it experiences a so-called "drag crisis": the wake shrinks suddenly, and the drag plummets. Also, there's not really such a thing as a jump-floater (not if you want to do it well, at least), so that first pic in the article isn't really applicable. Their newest ball, a Molten V5M5000 with the honeycomb patterned surface, began with similar characteristics to the standard ball but had lower critical speed and higher final drag. Asai and his co-authors suggested that this might be because the honeycomb pattern increased the ball's surface roughness, while the surface panel orientation (in transverse or diagonal directions) on the traditional ball as it is served changes how the air flows around the ball mid-flight, affecting its trajectory.

Like other Dacia models, it’s designed to be affordable – although…, (Pocket-lint) – The baby of the Lexus SUV range, the UX – which we first reviewed at release in the middle of 2019 – now…, Vivo will introduce its new custom user interface (UI), the Origin OS during the 2020 Vivo developer conference on November 19. We asked him to examine the physics of the float serve: What makes a serve float and how a server can maximize float. As a former volleyball player who used this to great effect, I enjoyed this article and would definitely fall on the side of not changing the ball to eliminate the 'floater'. There is not a lot of relative findings for my topic when researching. It was almost as if the ball was rotating about an off-centre axis. Numbers like those are hard for me to feel intuitively so for practical purposes I will instead refer to the ball speeds they represent, which gives us a range between 10 meters per second and 25 m/s, respectively. They used a robotic device to "serve" the balls to ensure consistency, then measured the drag coefficients for each ball. This state is called “turbulent flow.” (see figure 2). b. The Float Serve I am a volleyball player and also currently taking Physics in my last year of high school. The drag coefficient describes how much the flowing air "sticks" to the ball's surface. The serve involves hitting the volleyball in such a way to minimize the rotation of the ball, causing unpredictability in the ball’s movement and is akin to baseball's knuckleball. In this latest study, each ball was tested 30 times, for a total of 240 tests. During higher speed turbulent flow a volleyball will experience both drag and perpendicular lift which increases as the square of the velocity. But by paying attention to the physics of sports like volleyball, those concepts become easier to grasp.

The Reynold’s number is a ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces, and specifically for a volleyball in motion in the air, is found by the product of mass density of air, diameter of the ball, and the ball’s velocity, all divided by the viscosity of the air. The slower the ball is moving in the air, the higher the drag coefficient and thus drag will be.

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