oblique pain when sitting

A deep tissue massage can also help in the healing of the area. Oblique muscle strain can occur for a variety of reasons, but it is more likely to occur during certain activities that require the use of these muscles. Do not apply heat treatment directly on the skin which may result in burns; rather wrap up the heated bottle or pad in some towel and apply for just 10-20 minutes and leave 1 hour gap before reapplication. Especially the pain in case of minor strains is high as the person tries to engage in his normal workout, these results in the breakage of the microscopic fibres located in the abdomen area.

Keeping them engaged allows the athlete to tighten their core and improve performance while executing skills with the entire body. Any sudden forceful movements are responsible for oblique muscle strain.

This oblique muscle strain can ultimately result in shooting pain in the lower chest region followed by the side of the abdominal portion and increases more by twisting or bending the trunk forcefully. The ideal is to wrap a heating pad or hot water bottle in a blanket or towel. Mild sprains and strains can be treated at home only.

You will want to avoid applying heat for the first 72 hours after you strain your oblique muscle as this will slow down the process of healing. However, if the condition worsens with critical symptoms then urgently seek for medical attention. All these warning sign may cause strain in oblique muscle of the abdomen or rectus abdominal muscles. This involves pulling the belly button towards the spine and pushing the lower back towards the floor. These may be a result of some sports like tennis, golf baseball etc. This can help them continue the work and also help in the healing of the strain. You can also go for cross friction massages mainly on the tendon muscles which help in realignment of collagen fibers. In case if your skin turns red or pink color avoid using ice pack immediately. or may be a result of strenuous workout out which includes sit-ups or crunches.

Apply the compress 15 to 20 minutes and wait at least an hour before repeating. The body should be arched while doing this exercise and should be held for 10-30 seconds in that position. One should also follow some diet after the exercise which can help in the faster healing of the oblique strain. Oblique stretches not only improve flexibility in your abdominal muscles, but they can help prevent injury, maintain proper posture and support your spine. These oblique muscles are utilized for maintaining balance, different types of activities or movements or strength. Because they play such a large role in activity, lifting, and exercise it is very common that men and women alike experience pain associated with oblique …

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