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Witnesses told investigators that Guardado and the gunman struggled before the shooting. In an interview with the New York Daily News at the time, Jeannie Rosado said she and her entire family, including her and Francisco's three grown children and five grandchildren, were devastated by his death. A woman who called 911 said she stopped in to buy a soda and witnessed the shooting. Deputies believe the six men coordinated and planned the attack as a part of an intimidation tactic over presumed territory.

Valley View police notified nearby Cleveland, Bedford Heights, Garfield Heights and Sagamore Hills as members of both gangs rode up to the scene. It's good that they were caught, but it doesn't bring him back', In January the new Hells Angeles HQ in the Bronx was shot at however, Rosado's widow said she wasn't aware of any feud between the gangs. "They were turning it into the crime of the century - it's ridiculous.". The group tried to go into the closed establishment from what witnesses’ state as an attempt to entice a fight with several Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members at the same location. The clubhouse sits on East 67th Street and Edna Avenue in the Saint Clair-Superior neighborhood. Attorneys for Guardado and Nelson had filed a joint motion in the Sonoma County case in which they asserted that the Hells Angels organization was not a street gang. Frank 'Loose Cannon' Tatulli, 58; Anthony Destefano, 27, and Sayanon Thongthwath, 29, (not pictured) were arrested on Tuesday for the killing of Francisco Rosado (pictured left and right), Two men are seen on May 2 as Rosado was fatally shot in the head and chest in the Bronx, New York, 'I give all the glory to Jesus,' his widow Jeannie Rosado cried to the New York Daily News.

It’s lucky a regular citizen wasn’t shot.”. 'I give all the glory to Jesus,' his widow Jeannie Rosado (pictured right) cried. “Even though the act happened in Valley View, the next one could happen in California or Arizona or anywhere,” Schoville said. Members of the Hells Angels at the group's clubhouse on Tennessee Street in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco declined to talk about the killing.

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