natural borders of france

‘the natural borders of france’ as a concept is not about the cultural aspect of belonging to a certain linguistic group or not, it defines a series of natural borders which would make france extremely defensible while also not overextending france far beyond the heartland. Cookies help us deliver our Services. [11], Following the Franco-Prussian War, of 1870 and by virtue of the Treaty of Frankfurt (10 May 1871), all of Alsace excepting the French-speaking Territory of Belfort area, was annexed by Germany, as were the districts of Sarreguemines, Metz, Sarrebourg (less 9 communes), Château-Salins (less 10 communes) and 11 communes of the arrondissement of Briey in Lorraine and the cantons of Saales and Schirmeck in the Vosges; a total of 1,447,000 hectares; 1,694 communes and 1,597,000 inhabitants.

France soon lost the County of Barcelona, from the end of the 9th century.

France became one state rather than the aggregate of a mosaic of semi-states. The other European powers were watchful lest France should ever regain control of the left bank of the Rhine (below the River Lauter): Following discussion at Plombières, of 21 July 1858, the minister of the Estates of Savoy Camillo Cavour promised Napoleon III the Duchy of Savoy and the county of Nice, in exchange for French support in the policy of the unification of Italy (the Risorgimento), led by king Victor-Emmanuel II of Savoy.

Most of these annexations were to be lost subsequently, at the Congress of Vienna (1815). ", 130 departments of the First French Empire, "Janvier 1595 : Henri IV veut couper le Camino Español en Franche-Comté", "Le Rhin, frontière naturelle de la France",, Pages with citations using unsupported parameters, Articles with French-language external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. France did lose some places such as Landau and Saarlouis. Revolutionary France- The only flag that ever makes sense for revolutionary countries besides maybe Italy. These strategic losses and the construction of a powerful German state may be seen as giving rise to later diplomatic and military events.

France became one state rather than the aggregate of a mosaic of semi-states. Though the main towns of Alsace-Lorraine were reconquered during the autumn of 1944, by french troops of Generals Koenig and Leclerc, fighting raged on in the Colmar Pocket until 2 February 1945. The debate over France's borders continued throughout the nineteenth century.

On January 31, 1793, the Convention annexed the County of Nice and the Principality of Monaco to form the département of Alpes-Maritimes. Elsewhere, it was the great lords who exercised their authority, notably the six lay peers of France : the dukes of Aquitaine, of Burgundy and of Normandy, besides the counts of Champagne, of Flanders and of Toulouse.

This was in exchange for the marquisate of Saluzzo, the last place he held in Italy.

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