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The book also includes texts taken from prison records, letters from convicts, and inmate artwork. One settlement proposal suggested that Richard was willing to give Nancy most of what she wanted. About this journey The average travel time between Lyon and Nancy is 4h43 minutes. He wasn’t expecting me.

Yet they were never blatant materialists. Through the wall of our duplex, Richard and Nancy Lyon sounded like a happy couple.

“He’d get out on the lawn at these picnics, and all the parents would be eating and drinking, and Richard was just there frolicking with the kids and having a good time.”, When Richard left Nancy, however, her friends saw him change; he became disdainful, cold, and angry. “Just wait,” he told me.

Gary Perkins, a business associate and close friend of Richard’s, came to the hospital just as Nancy’s life support was being turned off.

Richard told him about the police investigation and said Bill Junior had filed a temporary restraining order to gain custody of his daughters. As I write this now, it seems almost absurd that I held so firmly to the idea that Richard was above suspicion. He’s a family man. “Now you know,” he said.

All I know is that she bought arsenic. On January 15, one day after Nancy’s death, an autopsy was conducted by the Dallas County medical examiner’s office. The couple ate burgers at regular Dillard picnics by the Dallas Country Club pool and went on Dillard family vacations each summer. It was unseemly, really—particularly late one night in early February, when I heard laughter in the back yard and saw her, Richard, and another couple having a dinner party.

I knew Richard, I thought. The guilty party could have been one of several people, nothing enables one to opt for one or other possibility. The Dillards never struck me as conspiring people.

Search for "Death in Small Doses" on, Title: And why would she have cried out for help in the hospital if she had known, all the while, what was killing her? We helped when she was sick, collected her mail, listened for her phone.

The day before nancy died, I took down their Christmas lights. The atmosphere was very festive, and it stayed that way for days. At the time, though, I didn’t know what to believe about Richard’s hints of secrets in Nancy’s family—secrets, he said, that tied into the mystery of her death. Standing on the stoop outside was Richard Lyon, our duplex landlord, holding a baby monitor. She appeared every two or three days after that, once lazily reading while he worked in the back yard. “I’m warming up the car,” his voice crackled through the monitor, inches from my ear. But my husband and I could see the stresses build. Shortly after Nancy was admitted to the ICU, he himself asked doctors if tainted food could have made her ill. I will never believe, as some suggested, that his tears were just a ploy to win the jury’s sentiments. Lyon was born in 1942 in Brooklyn, New York and is the son of Russian-Jewish mother Rebecca Henkin and German-Jewish father Dr. Ernst Fredrick Lyon.

He moved the angel statue into the center of the vegetable garden and planned to put a little washtub fountain in front of it—a makeshift memorial to his dead wife. Inside was an eight-compartment container filled with various pills and an open bottle of wine.

Written by Richard was gone on business often. Couch said he remembered inadvertently jotting their names on the bottom of the notepaper with the formula right before the woman came to pick it up.

“You tell me how I could have given her those prior exposures,” he said. At the time of Nancy’s death, the doctors still didn’t know the exact cause.

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