names that mean forgotten

“Forgotten.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Baby names, baby names, baby names! (Entry 2 of 2). 2 - Cecilia But bear in mind that Persephone was the Greek goddess of Spring! "I swear to god! Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. But there's also the need to be unique.

The name Irving means green river. Well, for starters, it's too close to Dracula for our liking. Pick the best name for your baby and go gaga for these 9 popular baby name books. 9 - Campbell 16 - Mallory You don't want one of those on your hands!

Not a pretty picture. This German name is another pretty-sounding name, but deriving from Lurlei which means "ambush cliff", Loralei actually means "she whose singing lures men to destruction". Although Jacob helped to found the 12 tribes of Israel in the bible, the name actually means "supplanter" – which is someone who takes the rightful place of someone else.

21 - Mallory

", 9 - Harley Quinn This Hebrew name means "he makes sorrowful", and apparently his mother said: "I gave birth to him in pain". ", 12 - Jarica "Yes, for a girl.

Yes, the first is the meanings of "to destroy" and "murder".

", 14 - Olive Garden 26 - Teivel This well-sounding name is of English origin – but it means "inhospitable place". Although it might just be short for Mortimer, this name means "dead" in Old French. 14 - Lola However, there's no denying that the likes of Melanoma and Keeler will go down in history as some truly awful monikers. ", 30 - Keeler Names That Mean Time. YIKES – translated into Hebrew, Abaddon means "Angel of death". Your going to [hell] for naming your kid that. He tried to recall some forgotten detail of the business that might serve to occupy him.

"Well, I have liked the name 'Garden' for a daughter, but my wife was really set on 'Olive' so we compromised and are naming her Olive Garden Smith. 1 - Akuji These beautiful baby names from the Victorian era might be the perfect match for your baby. Which isn't necessarily a BAD thing, but... 23 - Portia Page. The top baby names of 2017 so far! ", 15 - Meldor 29 - Tristana Poor Tristana! Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! REVEALED: 121 unique baby names and their meanings. Her sister sonnet is the main character and her twin Hayley gets a lot of attention. 29 - Ubel This name means "sorrow" or "affliction". That's the baby's name! Oh dear! Top Names That Mean Time. "Like vegetable peeler, but with a K.", 31 - Kingsley But MomJunction can, at least, help you find a beautiful name meaning eternal. Following the same train of thought, this French name means "sadness". See, although this name DOES mean "bitter" or "sorrow" in Hebrew, and is also a Hindu goddess of destruction, Mara does mean "sea" in Gaelic. As seen in the girl's list, this unisex name means "deformed head".

Another Irish name, and it also means "sadness".

VAT no 918 5617 01, H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. 11 - Das 15 - Loralei 6 - Dolores 24 - Persephone 17 - Jacob The name Irving has a long ago feel to it, with a hit of modern twist. The meaning of this African name is "dead and awake" – not very cheery for a new life! Alva means "white," where in stark contrast Alvah means "evil" or "immoral". You'd already be off to a bad start as this Shakespearean character is murdered by her husband, Othello. Although this biblical woman is normally looked up to, being one of the main characters in the bible, the name actually means "to bind", "to tie" or "snare". "They must have read The Three Musketeers. “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time.

Anyone considering naming their sprog after Mad Eye Moody in Harry Potter, think again. Because it's not just the name itself, oh no; it's also the MEANING of the name. ", 21 - Orlando 12 - Leah 6 - Byron

38 weird and wonderful CELEBRITY baby names for girls, boys and twins! Dugal comes from the same origins as Doyle, and therefore also means "dark stranger". This name is a Latin name meaning "evil nymph". which is above, meaning "lady of sorrows". From sadness to devil worship, unluckiness to physical ailments, these name meanings are all outstanding in their terribleness.

"Not first name and middle name. His last name is also Cameron.

This Native American name translates to "valley of the dead oaks". 15 - Huxley "...Which easily becomes The Lizard Breath. Once used as a word to shame women, this Hebrew name actually means "an impure follower of idols".

See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. Irving is a cool, classic name for any little boy. In Irish legend, Cessair was the granddaughter of Noah and died in the flood. 30 - Valdis Sounds lovely doesn't it? Some books were in frequent use, but others were not forgotten. Than is a Greek name for "death" – how morbid! ", 26 - Queen Precious Jewel Earth This Celtic name means "sorrowful" or "sad".

Unfortunately not. "For real. 5 - Desdemona Anyways. Yup. Did you choose one of these? He's also the king of a locust army in the New Testament. Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz. In a new Reddit thread, people were asked to share the worst baby names they have ever heard. 20 - Kennedy

Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Biblical groups cite his name as an "evil demon" or "evil spirit", or even a "fallen angel".

Now if those weren't bad enough, some Reddit users had their say on the worst baby names they'd ever heard. Black Friday 2020: 17 of the best early Black Friday deals on right now, 13 children's Halloween costumes under £25, Cool (and affordable) Christmas gifts for the special dog or cat in your life, Baby names: 116 ILLEGAL names you need to be aware of, Your guide to pumpkin carving this Halloween, Grieving mums reveal what you should never say to someone who's suffered a miscarriage, These are the best face masks for children going back to school, Got a pet? Plus, you know, there are so many different interpretations of baby names out there, we bet there's BOUND to be at least one good and positive meaning for each of the monikers listed above. (Credit: Getty Images), You wouldn't like it if you were named for a "deformed head", we're sure (Credit: Getty Images), choosing a name for your baby boy or girl, go gaga for these 9 popular baby name books, REVEALED: European countries most popular baby names. 845898), Thinking of a name for your baby? 10 - Cessair

3 - Azazel This forgotten name for baby boys seems to be the type of name that suddenly gains fame and becomes ultra popular again. 26 synonyms of forgotten from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 53 related words, definitions, and antonyms. 1 - Aliviyah 28 - Tristan Don't pick any of these! So, you know, there's that... 19 - Mary

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. Hmm, this Hebrew baby name might sound very pretty, but it actually means "shadow", "shade" and "gloom"... READ MORE | REVEALED: European countries most popular baby names. I need a middle name. She had been summoned to the last meal of the day, but had forgotten the summons. Again, there are two ways to think about this name. 13 - Dracul This Spanish name sadly means "lady of sorrows" – you don't want your little girl to become one of those, do you?! This feminine version of Shakespeare's Malvolio translates to "ill will".

But Thana actually means "death" in Arabic. 8 - Hecate This Gaelic name is slightly ambiguous – yes, it means "warrior" or "fighter", but that's not ALWAYS a bad thing, is it? Delivered to your inbox! Never mind that it actually means "evil". 12 - Doyle This Greek baby name means "evil spirits" – eek!

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