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They were left behind in Bazzoxan when the party teleported back to Rosohna.[14]. Material Plane (Exandria) Based on Statblock5e and Open5e. conceptart creaturedesign dnd fanart mount criticalrole moorbounder dungeonsanddragons. STR. Distinctions [9], A rider must form a bond with a moorbounder before it will obey them. The moorbounders purchased by the Mighty Nein engaged in pack hunting when left alone overnight. The swamp panthers i mean. Maybe this'll help:

[13], Moorbounders are sold as mounts in Asarius. 7 feet[2] [Source]

[11], Moorbounders are capable of leaping fourty feet[1] and running faster than a riding horse with a speed of between 70 feet[1] and 80 feet[12] per round. Sociocultural Information We realize we don't have art for every piece. If you are a critter artist who has made a piece in the past concerning an encounter listed here that is lacking decoration, please let us know; we'd love to feature some of your fantastic stuff! Baby moorbounders in the same litter attack and eat each other. Matt's description made me think barghest. Hit Points. Locations Maybe Matt just dumbed them down a bit, or we're in for a surprise. Standing Leap[1]

21 Comments. Bristled Moorbounder[1]

Notable members Nergaliids are rotund, scaled, frog-like devils,1 sometimes found in Xhorhas.

[art 2]. So a big panther. They have a toothy maw with two upward facing tusks. Some discuss what we know about creatures that were merely hinted at, while most discuss the encounters faced by the various parties over the course of the show. Do displacer beasts havw the fish eyes?

Challenge. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Critter blog keeping track of monster stats, dice rolls, and anything else that can be quantified on Critical Role. Hair color Biological Information Average length [5], Fan art of a moorbounder, by Anna Molla. Some moorbounders grow bladelike bristles on their body, which they use as weapons. [art 1] Around 15 feet[3] They have wiry dull gray-purple fur that is matted along their back but fluffs around their muscular shoulders and pits. Abilities [6] Moorbounders are over six feet tall at the shoulder and 14-16 feet in length fully grown[7]. DEX. Yellow They have wiry dull gray-purple fur that is matted along their back but fluffs around their muscular shoulders and pits. Armor Class. The Mighty Nein purchased three moorbounders from a livery called Zorth's Pits run by a goblin named Zorth. Monster Presets: Use Preset. Physical Characteristics Their nose is described as a cat's skull nose, but with skin over it and two slits. INT. 2K Views. Morbounders i think he called them. MuscularBulbous eyesLarge curled tusks Moander's divine realm Offalmound was located in Rarandreth, the abyssal layer numbered 223, both in the Great Wheel and World Tree cosmology.

Here you'll find links to every Monster Analysis we've written over the course of the show.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) Monsters. WIS. CHA.

Morbounders i think he called them.

Black Carnivorous

I'm pretty much imagining Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon minus wings. The only weird part about them being worgs is that, according to the official statblock at least, they have an int of 7 and can actually speak goblin, so Nott could speak to them.

Subraces Moorbounders are muscular panther-like creatures with no tails. Their head combines with their muscular neck to create an aerodynamic profile that slopes all the way back to their haunches. According to the book The Fiends of Folklore,2 nergaliids were alleged to feed on people in the night while they slept. A comprehensive list of all official monsters for Fifth Edition.


I was hoping to find a picture of what they look like. Privacy.

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Moorbounders are carnivorous and naturally aggressive. The swamp panthers i mean.

Monster Size, type, alignment. Beast[1]

346 Favourites. General Running Stats Monster Analyses Quick Answers Favorite Moments Media References Puns Blog Archive; Mighty Nein Character Stats Livetweets Lore and Compendiums Rankings Rolls and Records Wildemount Calendar; Vox Machina Character Stats Lore and Compendiums Rankings Rolls and Records Tributes; More FAQs Spoilers About Contact CON. [8] Adult moorbounders will eat any kind of meat.

Just wanted to wind down and clear my brain out before I got burnt out. ClarabelleJannikYarnball

Zorth warns that trying to bond a moorbounder to more than one creature is dangerous because it may get confused and choose one of the two to eat. [4] Moorbounders are bred, trained, and ridden as mounts. Critical Role Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Large size, speed 50, and the official art definitely fits the sloping arched back description.

Adherents of the latter worldview speculated that with the deity's demise his realm was either pushed outside the Astral Planewithout any connections remaining or collapsed altogether.

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