midland gxt1000 range

| This device has a very durable construction that will be sure to last for years without giving you any problems. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. When you buy this radio you will also get two rechargeable battery packs, two boom mic headsets, two belt clips, a 120-volt dual desktop charger, AC adapter, DC adapter, and owner’s manual. You can simply call the customer service which is available 8:00 am – 4:30 pm CST Monday – Friday at 816-241-8500, I hope that helps! When you are using any handheld radio for a prolonged period of time it is surprising how important the ergonomics of a radio handset becomes, a handset definitely needs to feel comfortable in your grip and as with many of Midland’s previous radio handsets, the GXT 1000VP4 has a shape that is both comfortable to hold and easy to use. They have a very durable and long-lasting design that you’ll be sure to appreciate. Channels – 50 channels comprising 22 primary channels and 28 privacy code channels. 0000159830 00000 n Privacy Codes: GMRS Radio has the inbuilt privacy codes which make it different in all the other devices available in the market. DC adapter, and an The LXT500 comes equipped with 22 Channels and has up to 24-mile range.*. Learn More.

But the performance degrades if you use it amidst large buildings. You won’t have to deal with any bulkiness or inconvenience, which can be a problem with many other models on the market. One person found this helpful. With 22 Channels, call alert, and eVOX (1 level) for easy voice activation, the water-resistant LXT118 puts communication in your hands™. What this Midland GXT1000VP4 review proves is that even big brands like Midland can get some of the basics wrong when it comes to designing consumer electronic gadgets. The other way of power transmission is to use 4 AA alkaline batteries. <]>> The GXT-1000 supports a total of 50 channels - 22 standard FRS/GMRS channels and 28 extra channels. What will you find in this box? There is also a Menu/WX Scan button for added convenience.

There are 2 ways you can use for power transmission for you Midland GMRS Radio. 142 privacy codes for more channel options and enhanced privacy, – JIS4 waterproof rating for protection against water splashes and dust, – High and low power settings for extra range and to extend battery life respectively, Auto channel scan that scans for active channels, – 10 call alerts and vibrate alert for situations when the call tones might be distracting to others, SOS siren that sends out an emergency beep to alert, Keypad lock to prevent accidental change of settings, – Whisper function allows you to speak quietly, Group calling feature to make direct calls within a created group. About Us These buttons control the scan function, up and down arrows to navigate the menu, direct call button to contact another radio, SOS siren, and much more. It’s always important to read customer reviews for a product like this one before making a final decision. $149.99 . The chunky appearance of the GXT1000VP4 may give an initial impression of it being a heavy handheld radio, but once in the hand it is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just under 5 ounces.

GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio is a first-class state-of-the-art high-tech portable walkie talkie manufactured by Midland. DC adapter, and an

120V dual desktop charger,

Do not worry I will provide you with these details also:

The GXT1000VP4 has so many features you’ll be playing with this radio for months! What will you find in this box? You will instantly notice that the Midland GXT1000VP4 radios have a nice professional look to them. However, if you can get past the disappointing battery life, the Midland GXT1000VP4 is a decent radio with several useful features to take care of your communication needs during outdoor activities. With 50 channels, this NOAA weather alert two-way radio gives you maximum output power with Xtreme Range Technology. When you are looking for a new, There are microphone and headphone ports on this radio, which are covered by a rubber cap to prevent damage. These Midland Radios gave us excellent result: great size, excellent range, durable, good quality, easy of use, good volume, easy to operate, great battery life, and have a good price. 0000001561 00000 n 0000003235 00000 n This radio’s LCD screen is bright enough to provide you with adequate visibility no matter what. You can set these devices up so that they respond to voice commands for hands free operation. xref

Emergency Radio Communication for when the SHTF! You can even use these radios when going out on the water without having to worry about damaging them. 0000001835 00000 n

0000012644 00000 n This is something that is going to be particularly beneficial if you are going on an outdoor adventure of some kind. 224 29 Range – if you restrict yourself to using it at paintball battles most of the time like I did, contacting your buddy or team members won’t be a problem. The NOAA weather alerts that this device offer could potentially save your life one day. The maximum communication range is available in open areas with little or no disruption. Where will you plug in the charging cable and support is required? owner’s manual

Display – The display is basic and seems rather dated but it is clear enough and can be viewed without problems in most lighting conditions. Pair Pack – Black/Silver: All in all, this is a slightly above average walkie talkie. 0000003160 00000 n trailer On the right-hand side is the headset jacks covered by a rubber flap to prevent dust and moisture getting inside.

If I only could suggest any improvement, a incorporated flashlight would be very useful. AC adapter, Read more . With free shipping so prompt, I wonder why anybody has to pay extra to have their items delivered. However, heavy use at maximum power settings will seriously shorten battery life. Kindly note that if you still find it difficult and not able to plug in than do not hesitate to contact us.

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