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The player fights off the soldiers but is too late to save Subani. 124. 120. But Past Naricain does not believe he could kill his father, though Jang says it is so, and tells of his failure and the Grandmaster's plain. 81 and above). I have been wandering this darkness as a lost soul, without my body to keep me company. Prepare to delve deeper into the story of Masteria—the continent that once sank beneath the ocean waves, only to suddenly re-emerge 1,000 years later! Up till now it was no problem playing as an international using said Naver account but starting Nov 16th we will no longer be able to play using Naver accounts. Up to 40 players can enter a Pink Zakum instance. Crimsonheart tells Naricain to finish him if it would ease his fury, and that he was a failure of a father.

Numenal says that he will protect her. The blockbuster will delve into the history behind Masteria and give Maplers the chance to visit towns that have never before been seen in Maple World. Part 1 (Acts 1-2): March 10 - April 19 Part 2 (Acts 3-4): April 7 - April 19. The OS4 buffs will be removed if you leave the map while Pink Zakum is still alive. All warriors of strong will and great courage, hear my words. This event can be started by speaking with the Maple Administrator in the Event Hall. Naricain tells Jang that he searched for knowledge and sacrificed everything for his belief, much like Jang. Various text and dialogue bugs will be fixed. The player stops Naricain from dealing the killing blow, but is blown back and Subani takes the attack for the player. Lv. 70 and above). Requirements: Lv. March 17 - March 24 (event starts and ends during a maintenance). Accept, Golden Egg Coloring! Operation - Return the Spring Bunny Family Home! Requirements: Lv. Subani pleads that they are family, but Naricain said it was not by choice. Lireni says that she can't bear the weight of the world, and leaves. 2000 Honor EXP will be given after completing Act 3. Buy Masteria tickets from the official site.

Accept the quest from the star event notifier on the left side of the screen, or by speaking with NPC Cassandra in the Event Hall. Each coupon can be used once, and they expire 24 hours after being received. The Prof show them a machine that read and analyze signals from the brain to decipher memories by having someone enter the mind of the subject. The player arrives in the Phantom Forest in Masteria, following a voice that was calling out.The player finds a wounded warrior named Lukan, who they must defend from monsters. You can help out by expanding it. Back to the Keep, Dr.Jang managed to complete a time portal using the Antellion fragment, and enters it. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

He says that the Antellion needs to be controlled and that he must bear the burden alone. Click the Bunny Envelope invitation that appears above your character's head at the 15-minute mark of each hour.

Complete the Demon Orb collection quest to receive: Shanghai is a town under curse of perpetual nightfall, surrounded on all sides by mythical Jiangshi. Crimsonheart just states to just kill him to ease his fury, and Naricain does so and takes the Antillon. Accounts must have been created before March 14. Lireni says that Crimsonheart could, but he says that he could not defeat his own son. Each piece of the Tinkerer's equipment is untradeable unless used with a Scissors of Karma or Platinum Scissors of Karma, which will make the item tradeable one time. After a brief moment in the waiting room, players will be divided up into different battle instances. Select the recipient of the item from the drop down. The two of them warn Crimsonheart and the rest about Naricain's betrayal, and learn from Lireni that there is a Dr. Krakia from rumors from the Krakia Empire. 116. Accept the quest 'Lost Hero's Call' from the Masteria Through Time icon on the left side of the screen to begin your journey.

Must have completed 'The Dragon and the Tiger' quest line. The Grandmasters were the four strongest warriors of Versal who came to Maple World. Crimson's Grandmasters Lukan, Lireni, Numenal, Delgrund, and his son Subani rush to him.

He can only remember that his comrades need him, so the player takes him to NLC, fighting monsters along the way. Complete the daily mission given to you by Cassandra each day to earn an alphabet letter item. During the event period, log in and click the gift box icon on the left side of the screen to receive a Gift Box, and then double-click the box in your inventory to open it.

Monsters are dropping Special Beauty Coupons that allow you to change your looks for free! Accept the quest 'Krakian Jungle Hunt' from NPC Lita Lawless in New Leaf City, and hunt the monsters requested to earn a Nebulite Box.

Once inside the school, fight your way through the classrooms until you challenge Captain Finger. The Special Beauty Coupon can change your hair and face to a random REG or VIP style. The details below contain SPOILERS, you may want to view this after completing the storyline in-game. Requirement: Lv. Naricain, Crimsonheart's foster son, stole a fragment of Antellion, thus Crimsonheart brought the Antellion to Maple World to protect it from being taken again. Jang wants to tell everyone his story, but he can only be freed with the fragment of the Antellion fragment she found earlier, and promises knowledge and peace. Complete all four days of missions from Monday to Friday AND have all four alphabet letter items in your inventory to unlock the weekend quest. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jang tells them if they don't follow her they are fired, and they all accepts the offer of leaving, saying that she is using this for her selfish desires. from the Masteria Through Time notifier on the left side of the screen.

Naricain finally states that his mother and idiot sibling loved him, but he will strike Crimsonheart down if he stands in his way, and then attacks him. He says Crimsonheart should have never been trusted and detests his father. He states that Naricain would make Versal his very own and play with the people like pawns. Think of Naver as Gmail but only in Korea. Instructions and daily mission quests are only available Monday to Friday. Lireni betrayed them all, never to be forgiven, and Lukan hopes her descendants were saddled with guilt. Complete all of NPC Hunter John's quests to receive the quest 'Treasure Hunter John's Ring' at Lv. Crimsonheart just states to just kill him to ease his fury, and Naricain does so and takes the Antillon. Available in non-Reboot worlds only. If you successfully registered for the event on the Masteria Through Time page, your gift box is waiting! Once daily per account. Requirement: Lv. Use the coupon by double-clicking the item from the Use tab in your inventory. Naricain says that Subani is still the only person he can still trust, and says that himself crossed a line he could never return to. Crimsonheart says that taking the Antellion would not ease Naricain's hatred and would try and help heal his son. 100 and above. One character per world. Dr. Jang rebuffs them, saying that the inscriptions at Crimsonwood Keep stated that Antellion is an almost infinite power source, and if Naricain was driven to find it, it could have implications and not just for Masteria, but for the Black Mage.

More upcoming content and events will be announced in the future, so stay tuned! Act 3: The Man from Versal and Act 4: The Fall of Crimsonwood will be available on April 7.

MapleStory OST Masteria Through Time, The jungle is on fire as lightning strikes overhead, a strange wizard named. He seals Naricain in stone before the memory crumbles. The Antellion was created out of the sacrifice of the most powerful Versal heroes long ago to protect Versal from the threat of chaos. Score points by using the Ctrl key to shoot arrows at balloons carrying mice. Naricain would be heading towards Crimsonwood Keep to increase the Antellion's powers and they must stop him.

His own son?That was the reason behind why he took him and his sibling in as his own, Naricain concludes, to protect himself. Jang's research indicates that they tie with Naricain. Rankings.

Crimsonheart says that is a lie, but Naricain says that Crimsonheart used the Antellion to lure warriors out of Versal to protect the Antellion, but from who? You will be rewarded EXP based on your level throughout each of these acts. Once you leave the event maps, you will be moved to the closest town.

All this and more, in the Masteria Through Time update! © 2020 NEXON Korea Corporation and NEXON America Inc. All Rights Reserved, Get ready to travel through time, delving deep into the mystery surrounding Masteria as you visit its past in new content to be released in multiple Acts over the coming weeks. Accept the quest 'Crimsonwood Keep Hunt' from NPC Jack in the Crimsonwood Mountains and hunt the monsters requested to earn a Nebulite Box. Crimsonheart says that he wanted to use the Antellion to send Naricain away, and should have never revealed its location.

It will also deliver an updated Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest to GMS. 29), Mad Bunny's Green Easter (Lv.

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