mars in cancer man

The Moon in Cancer man is a gentle man who prefers to use sensitivity and romanticism to conquer his special someone.

These men are often just grown up babies.

They may also be really into breasts and may choose women according to the type of boobs he likes. They often make great musicians, dancers. But, and there is always a “but” with this position, because of their insecurities and the constant fear of rejection they are able to “see” millions of “clues” that “prove” that the girl they like doesn’t like them back. Their feelings are always on the line, no matter how much they try and deny it, and they are easily wounded. He gets attached to people very quickly and he can’t stop this even if he wants to. They also love for their sex to be aggressive and ruff. Romantically, the man born with Mars in Cancer doesn’t like to beat around the bush and he will get directly to the part where he confesses his endless love, in a polite, romantic and exceedingly courteous way. He’s basically a soldier of fortune, one constrained to take up arms, but still a soldier. He’s not direct, but rather allusive, unpredictable and undercover, so don’t throw your plans out the window just because he doesn’t demonstrate his love in an obvious way.

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They love emotionally bonding with their lovers. Simply put, a Mars in Cancer is almost incapable of defending themselves but they are fierce defenders of their loved ones or their country (because Mars in Cancer is often patriotic).

Mars plays a very important role in our emotional lives.

In Mars, this lack of straightforwardness is even more pronounced.

Since Mars is a planet that represents our reaction to the world as well as our fighting spirit, when Mars is in Cancer, a gentle, emotional and often insecure sign, the warrior energies of Mars get blocked by Cancer. Even when they get into a relationship, they still need the reassurance that you love them. It makes sense: Mars is fierce and flamboyant, while Cancer is nurturing and private. They can “see” this in a glance, in a pause, in a mispronounced word… It’s like they are on the lookout for clues of their unworthiness of being loved. He takes everyone he loves under his protection, under his wings.

They may be the types to write a song about their girlfriend and sing it to her. He’s very sensitive and emotional, and this can sometimes be perceived and felt like a flaw, a really bad one if taken to the extremes. They feel they deserve to be nurtured more than others.

Of course, it’s not that they can get another woman in a matter of seconds, because they can’t, and it’s also very hard to stay alone for a prolonged period of time. Men with Mars in Cancer tend to be very passionate in sports and can often be sore losers. He’s even set to argue with his lover if she tries to suggest other ways of doing this, and conflicts take place quite often in his relationship.

Mars in Cancer man needs emotions in order to feel happy. In this, they are similar to Venus in Cancer women. Not only are they sensitive, they are very aggressively sensitive. This can create a fair share of problems and misunderstandings in their intimate relationships. He can get very clingy and affectionate with his partner, to such a point that they will want to kiss and hug her every moment of the day. Sun-Moon Combinations: Exploring Your Personality, Rising Signs: Uncover the Hidden Meanings Behind Your Ascendant, Planets in Houses: How They Determine One’s Personality, Zodiac Birthstones: Channel the Power of Your Birthstone. The men often have trouble expressing softer emotions. In fact, Mars is said to be “in fall” in the sign of Cancer, meaning this is one of the more challenging signs for the red planet to be housed in. In the end you will find that you will be mothered and some cases smothered in the relationship because they need reassurance that you will stay in their life. They innately understand the mental health benefits of crying and frequently do it. The men are totally mama’s boys! Water sports also require both surrender and self control — two of Cancers biggest issues. In every single way, they want to pamper and protect their loved one, either by doing them small favors and services or by going against those who would harm them. But, and there is always a “but” with this position, because of their insecurities and the constant fear of rejection they are able to “see” millions of “clues” that “prove” that the girl they like doesn’t like them back. They may also date women with a motherly quality or who like to mother their partners. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.

Most of their energy is in arguments in the home. With Mars in Cancer, your will to act is at the mercy of your intense moods, but when you find ways to act in sync with your emotions, you move others to tears or laughter. They want to be comfortable.

For this reason Mars in Cancer Lovers tend to be happier when they are conservative in their private lives.

Mars in Cancer men like to reminiscent about all things past and they will often mention things you did together or places you went to in the past. No.

But he’s a Cardinal sign, which means he initiates. In this sense, he takes it step by step and uses every weapon in his arsenal.

The women with this placement want a man that is nurturing and mothering and caring. A Mars in Cancer man will offer to help a woman he finds attractive with any miscellaneous task just to see if she accepts the offer. They will often need coddling. They can be very traditional or old-fashioned.

Romantically, the man born with Mars in Cancer doesn’t … They can get themselves into all kinds of trouble with their impulsive behavior. Reserved at first, he only makes a move if he feels safe (which happens after he’s spent some time observing you). The Mars in Cancer Woman: Get to Know Her Better, Mars in Cancer: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life, The Mars in Aries Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Mars in Aries Woman: Get to Know Her Better, The Mars in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Mars in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better.

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