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"When you are in the thick of it, you think, 'Oh, this is going to be forever. Leif Garrett had a raging hard-on during this photo shoot and his manager made me kill many of the photos! ", 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. A statement from Garrett on his site reads, "Thank you so much for your support, your love and words of encouragement. Garrett and his sister Dawn Lyn worked a variety of acting jobs.

I had worked with Leif for years and he was my pal. "I think part of my drug use was that I didn't want to get older," Garrett said. Born on November 8, 1961 in Hollywood, California, Leif grew up in a world of showbiz and got his first taste of acting in the blockbuster film, Thu, Nov 05 Born on November 8, 1961 in Hollywood, California, Leif grew up in a world of showbiz and got his first taste of acting in the blockbuster film, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) playing the son of Elliott Gould and Dyan Cannon, though he was uncredited. He began treatment a week after being arrested for heroin possession Jan. 14 at a subway station in downtown Los Angeles.

Garrett has already logged 42 days at the Impact House in Pasadena. "I'm sorry that actions that I've done have hurt people.

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Knowing that I have my friends standing behind me, it will make it all that much easier to be strong.". "I was a monster," he said. Leif Garrett has been considered as one of the most happening and enthusiastic teen idols of the 70s era.

All rights reserved. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters.

Leif Garrett was a superstar.

I am going to live my life as me. "You don't allow a 14 or 15-year-old kid to go on the road without parental guidance. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. No producer or art director could have ever created a sexier couple than a teenage Nicolette Sheridan and heartthrob Leif Garrett. on Chris Cox, a family friend, told Los Angeles' City News Service in February that Garrett's official Website logged more than 1.1 million hits after his arrest.

He said he is struggling to fight his demons. The bartenders knew who I was, knew how old I was, but no one said no.". Leif Garrett is staying right where he is--in rehab. Dawn and Leif also guest-starred in an episode of Gunsmoke as well as Wonder Woman. If he completes the term and stays out of trouble, the heroin charge will be dropped. Garrett reportedly settled that case for several million dollars, but he said it became the catalyst for an addiction to heroin. Garrett's attorney, Andrew Flier, had asked the court to give his client outpatient status to spend more time with his mother, Carolyn Stellar, but Widdifield recommended another month in-house. Some people say it's not. Leif Garrett, Actor: The Outsiders. After his Thursday progress hearing, the neatly goateed Garrett told reporters that he feels "like a different person inside and out. But many still come to hear him play the oldies. Garrett still bears the emotional scars from years of pretending to be the golden boy the whole world wanted him to be. I have really hardcore nightmares and sleep issues.". on You can only love others if you love yourself. Outside the courthouse, Garrett did say something that everyone who saw his Jan. 14 mug shot can agree on. "I wanted to stay that rebellious 18-year-old, just thinking I was superman or, you know, indestructible.

But things catch up to you. "My mom didn't understand, you know. 4:05 PM PST Fame is a drug not only to oneself but to others as well.". Next week he begins court-ordered treatment at an outpatient facility, his second attempt at recovery this year. Although his teen-idol days are behind him, Garrett, 44, apparently still has a loyal fan base. HBO2 (520), The Outsiders Shoot Had Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe Sleeping in a Stranger's Basement, Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection is Remastered for Blu-ray, I Love the 70s: Volume 2: Then... and Now, IMDb Poll Board's Favourite Film Rated 6.0 or Lower, Favorite Beatles Song That Inspired a Movie Title, Tom Cruise supporting or villainous Characters, Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion, The Road to Freedom: L. Ron Hubbard and Friends, Medical Mystery: Caught Drunk Driving but Wasn't Drinking, William H. Macy/Gossip Columnist Diana Madison/Chef Fabio Viviani, Season 4 Revisited (Rachel Uchitel, Leif Garrett, Frankie Lons and Janice Dickinson), We Just Started and We're Already Losing Stars, Staying Gold: A Look Back at 'The Outsiders', American Bandstand's 50th Anniversary Celebration, Sensational Shocking Wonderful Wacky 70's, A salute to the 1920's and 1930's in music and comedy.

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