lambretta imports for restoration

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Condition is fair good starter for restoration what you see is what you get. Maidstone, Kent. Willenhall ScootersScooters, Spares & Accessories – Trade & Public, Croydon Scooters / 2 Wheels Ahead Croydon, Scooter Specialist Belfast, Northern Ireland. Tuning, parts and more, based in Leeds. MB Lambretta Spares (formerly MB Developments)At the forefront of modernising classic scooters – standard and tuned. Urban Scooters

Stator parts/coils. H-Bomb ScootersService & Repair, Engine Rebuilds, Restoration of classic geared scooters. We accept PayPal ONLY. More often than not, I have seen shops have to simply junk the entire motor and forks and start from scratch when attempting to work on these scooters.

This is simple to check as any weld on the mounting lug will be clear to see. Please be aware that we sell only scooters sourced either from within the U.S. or recent imports from Italy. VespamaniaVespa & Lambretta parts, repair, restorations and servicing in Pretoria, South Africa, Check out the map below.

The only real check you need to make is that it hasn’t had a mounting lug broken and re-welded at some point as that doesn’t look good on a restoration. Comes with nova and dating cert Bought the scoot back in April... 10. . Vespa GS 160 MK2 € 6499,00 € 5799,00 £5899. If the frame number matches the logbook then that is fine but there are still some other important points to look for. C&G Scooter Workshop Lambretta and Vespa renovation, service and maintenance, Loughborough . Hillingdon.

It appears that at some point, some enterprising people realized that these scooters could be repainted, and sold to unsuspecting westerners for a lot of money, and the trickle of scooters became a flood.

Nice little Indian GP150 restoration project for someone Scooter is pretty straight.

TJ Scooters

The outlined checks are an easy way of detecting problems without doing measurements. Garage ArtwerksCustom airbrush art from Colin Fitzgerald – for Lambrettas and more…. Lambretta & Vespa parts, accessories & gifts, Scooterist FactoryParts, Repairs, Restorations, Customs in Guadalajara, Xastre’s GarageClassic scooter garage in Gijón.

German online shop, modern and classic scoots. LN9 6JR UK Telephone: 01507 529529 | Fax: 01507 529490 | Company No. Add to basket.

Thanks in advance! Mike Phoenix ScootersEstablished dealer in Denton, Manchester. Casa Lambretta AustraliaWembley, Western Australia. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience.

Lambretta & Vespa Performance, Tuning, Restoration, Testing, Spare Parts, Gadgets, & Clothing in San Quirino, Pordenone, Italy.

TaffspeedAnother famous name in Lambretta tuning and performance parts. Finally if you’re having a bad day and something is not going right with the build, walk away and come back to it another day. Clarkes … JP Corse Go to one of the online forums, or ask your local scooter shop for a recommendation if you are serious about buying an Asian restored scooter. This month sees the start of our new series on Lambretta restoration based around all series three models. Shipping worldwide. is the trading name of Scooter Restorations Limited. Comprehensive spares, even for the rarer models. Scooter Italiano  For example a GP200 frame number may have a GP150 DGM number which would suggest the donor frame was from a GP1 50. Lambretta LI 150 series 3 .


The Lambretta DoctorEstablished and experienced for over 30 years. Lowestoft Lambretta WorksBased in, you guessed it, Lowestoft. ScootronicsSupply of electrical & electronic items for your classic scooter. However, the point of this article is to warn you away from all Asian "restorations" unless you really really do your homework.

Find out more about the history of Armando's. The horror stories about these scooters abound, and you won't have to look too far on the scooterist message boards to read them. In Staines, Middlesex. The worse these are, the worse the rest of the frame will be, likewise the bodywork. I’ve pretty much scoured the Internet & have located a couple of specialists but fear there costs might outweigh my budget.

The classic scooter shops have been around for years, and they have a good repuation to uphold.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. There will always be other scooters to buy. Scooter Restorations are the official UK Lambretta scooter spares importer for Scooters India Ltd. We carry a huge range of genuine and remade spare parts for all Lambretta models manufactured from around the world for Italian Innocenti, Scooters India Ltd (SIL) Automobile Products of India (API) and Spanish Serveta Scooters.

It may be the case that you already have the Lambretta you want to restore in your possession. Classic Lambretta Scooters for Sale. They also do Vespas . When I first started riding Scooters, the primary problem was finding scooters and parts. If a number has been welded in then the chances are you will see an area where the weld has been ground in. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

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SupertunePreston based company also using the Supertune name. Swiss Tony’s Scooter SparesLambretta Parts & Service, original & NOS spares and rare accessories. Harry Scooter And the past lot of work will be in the craft style combined with the special technical work that not monotonous. It must be presumed that the engine will be fully rebuilt so it doesn’t matter if it is running or not. Long established scooter dealer (UK’s oldest! 3676192 | VAT No: GB 716 6328 31. After someone has spent three to four thousand dollars on importing a scooter, the last thing they want to hear from a shop is that it will take another one to two thousand just to get the thing to run, and so, they get upset with their local shop owner.

The Scooter RepublicQuality repro Lambretta parts, exhaust systems, seats and saddles, plus lots of other spares for sale. If the Lambretta in question is in a poor state paintwork-wise then the easiest thing to do is remove the paint around the frame number area. Now, with the internet to help us, parts are less of a problem than they ever were. When considering which Lambretta you are going restore there are a few important choices to make.

C&G Scooter WorkshopLambretta and Vespa renovation, service and maintenance, Loughborough, The Classic Scooters Company (TCSC)Buy, build, sell and repair classic scooters in Birmingham, B30 3DT. rather than Lambretta, but included for historic interest. Lambrettafinder

Even if you haven’t done all the work yourself it doesn’t make it any less rewarding. Modern & Vintage Vespa and Lambretta respray and accident repair specialists. Scoot-foreverSadly, not forever. The shops know how much time, trouble, and expense these scooters are. A proud Italian heritage in performance Lambretta & Vespa parts.

Magic GarageIn conjunction with ProPorting, a bespoke scooter building service for those with an eye for detail and for whom time is not of the essence. ( Log Out /  Based in Brescia, Italy, offering newly designed performance parts and restoration tools for classic scooters. If there has been a front impact the first procedure is to look at the front forks and make sure they look straight. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

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