kpop idols who died in the army

The Descendants Of The Sun and Doctors actor joined a musical with SHINee's Onew, who will also be discharged on the same day as him!

has also enlisted as of today, 30 may 2019. He got discharged from the military on October 28th, 2019. Park Yong-ha was a successful actor and singer when his life took a dark turn.

5 Answers. Since Geun Suk was diagnosed with bipolar disorder he had to enter the Military Manpower Association’s Social Service Training Center, following regulations that exempt them from basic military training. Sophie Jeong reported from Seoul and Jack Guy wrote from London. Its worthy to note that back on July 27, 2018, The Ministry of National Defense announced a new reform; they announced that the length of mandatory military service would be reduced. He was discharged in January 2019.

. Investigations are ongoing.

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Love to hear from you! At the age of 26, he had a role in a short movie and lasted starring in shorts until age 30. Oh and Minho of Shinee. As a parting gift he leaves fans with a new single.


Lee committed suicide by hanging in a recording studio where a suicide note was also found. Favorite Answer. Kim told us: ‘Mandatory military service in general would harm the career of artists, especially for those who are in their commercial/artistic peak. as an active-duty soldier. EastEnders star Danny Dyer’s nan dies from pneumonia, Uriah Heep star Ken Hensley dies ‘suddenly’ aged 75, Donald Trump ‘screamed down phone’ at Rupert Murdoch over Fox election report, Female police officer kicked down flight of stairs while trying to stop burglary, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘under severe pressure’ amid Mauricio Pochettino presence, says Paul Merson, BIGBANG’s Seungri is ‘finally living’ now that his bandmates are in the military, Jonghyun’s tragic death shines a light on K-pop’s mental health epidemic. His death was both shocking and mysterious.

It was announced that he enlisted on May 7th 2019. Police revealed the eerie details of the discovery where they said Ahn had probably died days before the 8th as his body was already decaying upon discovery. ‘While the generation of K-pop stars that gained international attention is mostly just entering the military — with groups like BIGBANG, 2PM, CNBLUE, SHINee, Highlight seeing their members begin to enlist or soon at the age to enlist — there are a few who have recently exited like Rain and TVXQ! The KPop World in 2020: Idols That We Look Forward To the Next Year; Top 10 Things You Should Get A K-pop Fan For The Holidays; Most Popular. Taecyeon  was discharged on May 16, 2019.

Choi Seung-hyun better known as T.O.P started his military serves as a conscripted police officer in February 9, 2017 but was dishonorably discharged from the police due to charges for marijuana use.

Here he is with an adorable puppy!

He wanted to enter as quietly as possible and didn’t stop for interviews but did wave to fans and saying thank you to them. I hope that you will fill this absence with enjoyment and happiness and we can meet soon while smiling.

Talk about a great friendship!

Here he is with an adorable puppy! Another 2PM member will soon be meeting their fans when he comes back after his enlistment. The idol even posted videos of Kyung Pyo on his Instagram Stories during a press con the moment he was discharged. He’s got to be well aware of the idols that DID get out of military service having their careers ended by hatred and condemnation, because it’s one of, if not THE highest honor to the country of Korea to serve in the military. For those who aren't fit to do rigorous training, they can go for non-active duties (i.e. The singer enlisted on January 24, 2019 as a conscripted policeman after undergoing basic training. My favorite part about editing on KProfiles is that I get to learn about the groups that I write about based off of your requests.

G. Soul is scheduled to be discharged in October of 2019. Currently, K-pop idols are not among those exempted from conscription.

They are not being put out on active duty.

In 2008, Choi received more pressure when she was yet again suspected to have caused another death.

He enlisted on March 5, 2018 and will serve as an active duty soldier.

The last idol to come back from his service this year is.

Along with Lee Jung Shin, Kang Min Hyuk enlisted on the same day of July 31, 2018 without their training location being disclosed. On December 16, G.Soul’s agency announced that the R&B singer would be enlisting into the military on December 26, 2017.

He shared photos on Twitter in the same year with his brother, Daeyeol from Golden Child.

But he’s a healthy young male idol. An amount of USD 354,000 per film was her income at that time. In May 2019, CNU updated BANAs with his photos in a military uniform together with his supportive B1A4 members, Gongchan and Sandeul. After his five weeks of basic training he will serve as full-time in the reserve forces. Can you make it out with £4000 in South Korea?.

since all male korean men have to do 21 months of military … Debts prompted Ahn to end his life. June 14, 1974 – September 1, 2009

But since this has been an issue for quite a while, like 15 years, it seems the companies and their artists have learned how to manage the situation and circumstances.

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