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KEXP's morning show host John Richards has been helping listeners through breakups, deaths and loneliness for more than a decade — now they're going on a new journey together. KEXP listeners have come to expect this honesty. It’s so important to feel that you’re not alone.”, This weekly newsletter brings arts news and cultural events straight to your inbox. KEXP created the Gathering Space in hopes of providing a place where people could come together to learn, think, enjoy music and, simply, to be.

KEXP’s Morning Show host, John Richards, presents the KEXP Running Powered Podcast, a series of Music That Matters podcasts.

A presidency hanging in the balance, a nation unchanged, Trump calls them suspicious, but WA has counted late ballots for years, What divesting from Seattle police is really about. “Even though it was really scary … there was just no way that I couldn't share [the cancer diagnosis] with people — be gone for a period of time and just leave them wondering what was going on,” Waters says.

KEXP's star DJ, John Richards, a soft-spoken indie-music tastemaker known to loyal listeners as "John in the Morning," made $120,000 last year, according to … Stay connected with everything KUOW by signing up for our free, weekly Best of KUOW newsletter. KEXP announces several upcoming programming changes that will bring a wider range of DJ voices, experiences, and expertise to its radio programming. Due to the challenges of COVID-19, live performances are currently on hold. But next week, she’ll embark on a couple of months of sick leave to go through radiation — which will make talking and swallowing harder and more painful, but will shrink the chance of recurrence significantly — and allow time for recovery. “The listeners were with me the entire time, every step of the way,” she says. Programming changes go into effect beginning at 12 AM (Pacific) on July 27th. In March, she’ll host another day full of music and stories during “Music Heals: Beyond Cancer — an emotionally charged anchor point to look forward to, she says. John Richards is the Morning Show Host and (for now) The Associate Program Director. Life On Mars - a song from David Bowie's album "Hunky Dory" - will open at Pike and Harvard Avenue, one block west of Broadway, in May. John Richards. Radiation will make it increasingly difficult to speak and swallow.

They feel like they really know the hosts, Waters says. Biden's Lead Grows; Trump Takes Election Fight To Supreme Court, Learn How To Get A $200 AT&T Visa® Card When You Sign Up For TV. There are weekly programs dedicated to other musical genres, including rockabilly, blues, world music, hip hop, electronica, punk, and alternative country. See the new schedule below or view a text-only version, War on Women Make This 'Wonderful Hell' Worth Living In. With only a guitar and a digital delay pedal, Monkman recorded his debut album Bleached Waves at home and released earlier this year.

These daylong shows are each dedicated to life’s hardships, whether depression, anxiety, addiction or cancer, all under the reassuring banner of “You are not alone.”. Waters was one of the first to visit Richards after his children were born, and was beloved by his mother, who passed away 15 years ago. Some of that was excitement about interviewing Brittany Howard, the Grammy-winning solo musician and former lead vocalist/guitarist of the rock band Alabama Shakes, who Waters believes will be a “legend one day.”.

John is also responsible for a lot of the creative themes and ideas at KEXP including the all day breakdowns of albums, Six Degrees days, the Music Heals series and countless other on-the-fly themes and music sets. It’s already been strenuous since September. Waters should be back on the air full-time in late January or early February. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

“That makes my mom laugh. Through the stay at home orders, we’re dedicated to bringing you new live performances. Instagram. It’s the only time during the interview Waters gets teary-eyed.

He is also KEXP's director of programming and is referred to on air as "John in the Morning". Spotify. The show has been responsible for breaking acts like The Lumineers, The National, M83 and many others as well as being the on-air leader in fundraising over the years on KEXP.

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