is the crying child michael afton

Once, in the Real Ending, he is shown as a shadowy figure, and in the other in the Custom Night minigames, where he is shown walking down the street and has brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes, a purple shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes. Let me make it clear that Michael did not work as night guard in FNAF2. He remembers what happened the first time Michael left his sight and he is scared that it'll happen again. The Survival Logbook spirit says "Was your favorite ride the carousel?" In the minigames,he is accompanied by a Fredbear Plush who helps him.Each Mini Games,he is scared by Michael Afton. However, as the minigames progress, his skin gets progressively more rotten due to Ennard hiding in his body. Fnaf 3 takes place either 30 years after the mini game where the child is shot/stabbed outside of Fredbears, putting Fnaf 3 in 2003 or 30 years after the bite of 87, putting Fnaf 3 in 2017. If he forgot his name, he very well forgot who he was. Bro it's literally confirmed that Michael died from the Scooping. 2) How can Michael die in FNAF4 and then come back to life later to come to the other restaurants? Also in the logbook it hints to Michael being the crying child.

I personally believed he's the crying child but I will also mention why many believed he's the older brother. Chris is a name given to TCC from the Fandom, his real name is unknown, we will have to see if it gets confirmed later in the series or the books. 4.

They are both equally logical, and only Scott knows the answer, and I want to clarify that I don't just blindly follow MatPat, I just really believe that this is correct. Well the “supposed” writer of that book was Mike/Michael and there is plenty of hints that Mike is the crying child. Status. This would also tie in with the whole "Do you remember your name?". Now, answering the two biggest problems with Michael being the Crying Child, here are all the reasons for why I believe that he is: The Survival Logbook's Golden Freddy spirit is clearly addressing Michael since he is the one who writes in red. His body would be DEAD with NO possibility that he could grRow up to be an adult during SL because his bodyY is DEAD. It would logically explain the infamous FNAF lines of "It's Me" which usually appears with Golden Freddy, as Michael's spirit who talks to him is Golden Freddy (or Psychic Friend Fredbear), and "I will put you back together" since Purple Guy literary puts Michael back together by giving him the remnant of other children he murdered.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Unknown, really. Name. That is because the child who was supposed to be possessing him, Michael, is now back to being alive and only his soul remnant that was inside of the suit remains. He literally says "I should be dead, but I'm not", which means he didn't die from the bite. Bite Victim is having a birthday party at Fredbear's Pizzeria, which is he upset about.Each nights,he must survive from the Nightmare Animatronics. Apparently that's just a total coincidence. What this in turn means that at the time of the events of FNAF2, Michael was more-or-less a child. That is how Golden Freddy is still clearly alive however not in the way the other animatronics are. Can we fucking stopP usiIng matpats vidDeo as proof and start making original fucking theories? The security logbook does NOT confirm that the crying child is Mike. How can Michael be the younger brother if he returns to work as night guard in FNAF2, FNAF1, and Sister Location as an adult? Theory 3: Also basically what happened after theory 1 That Chris woke up and moved back to their house when he was in either in his 20s or 30s and realized that his family but Micheal was technically still not alive but forgave Micheal but went on and had a normal life but later on was murdered and then possesses Shadow Freddy or Fredbear and reunites with his family.

But I don't know, since honestly, Michael being the older brother theory makes just as much sense as this theory. and "It was for me.". Both burn down with presumably Springtrap(which would make no sense that spring trap would survive both locations burning down)Both show the children’s souls leaving the suits for heaven, both show the end to Fazbears entertainment, and both presumably take place at the tail end of the timeline, I do not believe Michael Afton is a robot since that's just ridiculous however there are a lot of other explanations which would actually make a lot of sense, I don’t think OP believes that conclusion, How to do you know the logbook ghost isn't talking to the other ghost who talks directly through the logbook. The logbook is a way the two brothers find each other and communicate. That is because Michael is that FNAF3 nightguard and Psychic Friend Fredbear is his spirit that is helping him. When asked for his name by Handy Unit, Michael couldn't remember his real name so he just picked "Mike" which was written on the keypad as his name. Lol I didn't mean to trigger you so hard. Prove it. If matpat didn't make that video, this theory wouldnt even fucking exist. It's just that when the voice at the end of FNAF4 says "I will put you back together", it would make sense for this to be William trying to put his son back together with the only way he knows how to, remnant. Do you feel like Scott, a Christian father of two, would rather make a story where the main protagonist is a guy who shoved his little brother inside the mouth of an animatronic and got him killed, or about a bullied child who grew up not remembering anything about himseld and spend his whole life trying to stop all of the wrong doings of his family. I won't even start debunking Michael forgetting his own goddamn name out of all the things he didn't forget. This certainly puts a weird twist on the franchise as it means that Sister Location took place after FNAF2, however, it is certainly possible and there not really any evidence against it. Apart from all the evidence mentioned by MatPat there is also the fact that the Crying Child was also addressed by Golden Freddy, who the community lovingly calls Psychic Friend Fredbear. However, don't you think it would be a bit strange for a full grown man to be riding a carousel and claiming it as his favorite ride.

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