illinois abandoned railroad map

*** The Class C motors carried eight General Electric motors offering 125 horsepower, providing them an hourly rating of 1,000 horsepower. For the past two years, Grigg has been dedicated to locating and charting every piece of abandoned railroad in America and plotting them on this fascinating map. In the meantime he looked northward and streamlined operations through formation of the Illinois Traction Company in 1904. This was to capitalize on the popularity of a song about the train written by Steve Goodman and performed by Arlo Guthrie: Willie Nelson's recording of the song was #1 in 1984. If more states did this, Grigg says, his project would be a bit of a lighter lift.So far Grigg, who works at a traffic information center in Illinois, has catalogued some 2,500 lines, covering more than 60,000 miles. Dan Robie photo. It took a bit longer than expected due a substation under construction in Fithian (west of Danville) but finally opened on September 6, 1903. Glad to hear that our data was able to help with your project! Its main line went from Cairo, Illinois, at the southern tip of the state, to Galena, in the northwest corner. The map also notes a handful of ghost towns, including some that have are now underwater, drowned by dammed rivers or mining activity. Lockwood, who would serve more than two decades until his death, had overseen federal land monies shortly after Illinois' statehood, then helped oversee early construction of the recently completed Illinois and Michigan Canal. So far, around 50 people have helped expand his atlas and excavate histories on the brink of being forgotten. All rights reserved. We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the world’s hidden wonders. In 1998 a gentleman by the name of Andre Kristopans put together a web page highlighting virtually every unit every out-shopped by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division. The Iowa Central Railroad was purchased by the much larger Minneapolis & St. Louis in 1909, which itself was purchased by the C&NW in 1960. Several more months later, my love of Google Maps had me looking at random towns in the United Kingdom, when I came upon a "Railway St" with no railway next to it.

The Iron Curtain escapee, DIY aviator, and thriving entrepreneur is ready for anything. I am trying to identify abandoned railway lines that would work for Railbiking, that is, riding specially modified bicycles with outriggers on the rails. Roger Puta photo. It is a must visit! An out-of-service line that is still owned by a railroad company would still appear on this map, as the point of the map is to show were trains no longer run, not its current legal status. Other important trains included the Hawkeye which ran daily between Chicago and Sioux City and the City of Miami eventually running every other day between Chicago and Miami via the Atlantic Coast Line, the Central of Georgia Railroad and Florida East Coast Railway. In 1949, it added a daytime all-coach companion, the City of New Orleans, which operated with a St. Louis section breaking off at Carbondale and a Louisville section breaking off at Fulton, Kentucky. Most crawl across the United States, though there are a few in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. [Illinois], 1889." Author's collection.

Thank you Andrew! Interestingly, while nearly all McKinley's properties utilized the standard 600-volt, direct-current (DC) system the lines between Springfield - Peoria and Peoria - Bloomington were equipped with a 33,000-volt alternating current (AC) operation, stepped down to 3,300 volts at substations. Norfolk & Western, "Precision Transportation". Like the TIGER highways import, hundreds of thousands of miles of railroad tracks (both active and abandoned) have been imported from (federal government, public domain, mid-2000s) TIGER data and share problems similar to highways, like disconnected segments, wrong tagging, missing bridges and crossings and positions that are frequently off quite a lot. The Road Of Personalized Services proved a good slogan for the Illinois Terminal, which worked hard over the years to develop its carload freight business while providing high quality service for customers. It is difficult to truly articulate just how much material can be found at this website. In the 1880s, northern lines were built to Dodgeville, Wisconsin, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Omaha, Nebraska. **  The Class B electrics carried four, 200 horsepower motors from General Electric offering 800 horsepower. I'd found a Facebook group for abandoned railroad enthusiasts, and while I didn't do much photography, decided I'd justify my being in the group by showing them my abandoned railroads map. IC combine #892, IC Day Coaches 2920 2855 2612, IC Business Car #7, IC 10-6 sleeper #3531 "Council Bluffs", IC Dorm-baggage #1906, IC #518 (MAIL STORAGE),IC Panama Limited Observation "Gulfport", ICG cement hopper #100040, IC #65018, IC bridge crane #X238,IC #X1957 Boxcar, IC #X2000 Idler Flat, IC #'s X4342 and X4352 tenders, IC X9151 Jordan Spreader, and IC cabooses 9926 9831 9880.

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