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Elijah tells Josephine that they will defend the witches, Josephine refuses him and Hayley tells her off. June 6, 1991 (New Orleans, Aged 20/35) In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah decides to unlink Hayley (and the baby) and Sophie and gives Davina one of his mother's spells to do it. As Hayley and Jackson fight, Freya tries to use her magic to open the door.

In current time Hayley is in labor and the witches are preparing to deliver the baby. Both of their astrological signs are Gemini. Hayley keeps up the ruse that there is something romantic going on between her and Tyler by sensually wiping alcohol from Tyler's lip, knowing Klaus is witnessing it. Would he have tried to help. However, she doesn't want to hear anything he has to say. She awakens sometime later and punches Aurora in the face and tells Cami to go ahead and put the syringe in Aurora, which knocks her out. In the Tremé neighborhood she sees Marcel having a meeting with the witches, she has a conversation with one of the witches and tells her what's going on with Hope. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Hayley is first seen in a flashback writing a love letter to her daughter when Klaus enters the room. Hayley joins Freya as she does a spell to find Elijah. After Klaus calls Hayley about Hope feeling dizzy, she tells him that she's never been sick and Freya tells her it's a magical affliction. He explains to her that a shaman would marry the alphas of each pack and that each special ability would be inherited mystically by everyone who participated. Klaus discovers what Damon did. Tyler asking Hayley why she was talking to Professor Shane. Hayley attempted to run away with Hope due to the increasing danger brought on by Dahlia and Klaus' family. Four Harvest Girls meet with them, and tell them they have a deal for them. Rustling is heard behind her and she stands, turns and is suddenly startled by a vampire. When they arrive she informs Rebekah that she is going to host a party and invite the crescent werewolves, since it is the full moon, the wolves will turn human for the night and she would be able to connect with her family. Hayley Marshall escaped from the farm house Greta and her damned followers had been keeping her hostage in. Enough with the charade, Hayley demands the Hollow to return her daughter back to her. After they walk into the building they see a lot of dead witches and Freya tells Hayley, that The Hollow knows they are there in the building. Two years and a half ago, Elijah Mikaelson lost everything and is still trying to pick up the pieces, building a wall around himself and not letting anyone in. Sometime later, Hayley finds Sofya, who's possessed by the Hollow. A room of horrors quickly manifest his worst nightmares as a faceless enemy psychologically torments both father and daughter to commit unspeakable acts. As Hayley and Freya talk. Hayley lastly asks about what happened with him and Marcel, as they were once like father and son. Often she pairs soft, feminine pieces such as fashionable dresses and skirts with leather or denim, such as belts, boots, or jeans. Hayley and Marcel head towards the Bayou, she is also on the phone with Klaus, she tells him that a wolf got caught up with the Hollow and she wants to ask her some questions. She realizes Elijah turned Tristan and he asks what she thought of him.

While battling the Purist vampires, Hayley is surprised to see Elijah, but realizes his memories of her are gone when he helps one of the Purist vampires instead of Hayley during their fight. He is hurting her while she screams. In both situations, Hayley was unapologetic and blunt but well-meaning, earning her the friendship of both women. When Caroline shows up and Tyler leaves the room to talk to her, Hayley meets Klaus who appears to talk to her. She wants to see how and why her parents were killed. But when Danielle ended up on the Other Side after her death, she learned that Julian has found peace so she manages to forgive Hayley. He tells her could feel Dahlia and that she was nothing but darkness. Hayley left a voicemail for Elijah and told him she no longer wanted her daughter to be a Mikaelson.

She asks how Hope is and he says she's safe and well, he then hesitates and says he'll find a way to release her from the curse. He also tells them if she doesn't get the bone she will come and get it herself, burning down the city in the process, which shocks and horrifies Hayley and Freya.

After Josh moves the freezer they go into the tunnel. Freya finds Hayley and wants to talk, but Hayley interrupts her. She has gone so far as to help orchestrate a mass murder (of 12 hybrids she called friends) for no other reason than to simply get the name of her parents. When the vampires come for Henry in retribution for Poppy's death, she tells them that they'll be throwing away seven years of peace.

Tyler finds Hayley, Chris and some other hybrids drinking in honor of Dean. He pumps them with wolfsbane and decides to get revenge for when she tortured him. Shen broke free of his constraints and easily overpowered Hayley and Marcel, shoving his hand into both of their chests, planning to tear out their hearts. Hayley reaches into her pocket to find a note that magically appears and reads that it's from Vincent. She wants to go back to being a werewolf as she doesn't want to live as a vampire and hates being one. Having been told that her blood is the key to the Hollow's demise, she slice her hand open and stabs Sofya. The Hollow uses her magic to lift Hayley off of the ground and snaps her neck. Tyler and Hayley seem to have met in the Appalachian Mountains when Tyler was trying to break his sire bond to Klaus. Hayley tells Jackson and Marcel to get the rest of the Alphas to the cabin to protect them from the vampires. He hands her a robe and after she puts it on, she hugs him. Tristan makes Hayley watch him kill Jackson.

She wants her alive, but needs her to be out of it, The Hollow then slices her arm with a knife. At the end of the consultation Hayley hears a wolf and understands that Agnes leads an ambush against her. Elijah is hurt and blames her for not only violating his privacy but also for breaking his promise for him. I shouldn’t feel this way about him, but yet I can’t help it. Hayley senses that there is trouble at The Compound, and tells Mary she needs to go over. Hayley tells them it's a safe place for now and they must hurry so no one can find where they are. She asks if this is still high school and Oliver tells her she should mind her own business. They hooked up on a one-night-stand, and Hayley ended up pregnant. He tells her yes. This almost costs her when she faces Finn, and she only survives thanks to the intervention of Jackson. The originals bring trouble back to Mystic Falls, just as everyone had settled into a somewhat normal and happy reality. She and Jackson are waiting for Aiden to arrive, but he never shows, but Marcel does and tells them that the club is safest in town right now. She can be somewhat of a tomboy, in that she doesn't buy into the usual expectations held for teenage girls; she scoffs at high school pretenses, doesn't seem to get on well with other girls, and holds her own against her male counterparts. Hayley wakes up with Davina next to her. Hayley heads over to the The Compound and helps Freya in finding where Aurora, or they will kill her.

Tyler tries to cover for him, but Hayley intervenes to claim that she let Elena out and stands up to Klaus, daring him to kill her instead. And to run in the sight of danger. After taking her to their old home, Elijah promises to always protect Hayley and the baby. Hayley opens Freya's coffin and tells her Freya and her family are dying. He then takes her left hand and asks her to marry him, which makes her joke about him having no ring. Before the series began, it was revealed that Hayley was pregnant with Klaus' baby from their one night stand. Klaus stares at them and walks away. Then she goes to The Abattoir to see her daughter. Una mala elección sobre quien derroto a Voldemort en Halloween, comienza a rodar los cambios en destino de nuestra protagonista, decidirá pelear por lo que la abandonaron o quedarse con su alma gemela WrongBoyWhoLive FemHarry/Klaus.

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