hackintosh ethernet not working catalina

Thanks. Link to intelmausi: https://github.com/acidanthera/IntelMausi, In install choose my computer doesn't have internet, IntelSnowMausi.kext is not for Catalina, I would try IntelMausi.kext. I tried to install with a ethernet cable connection, but it did not work. In order to install MacOS Catalina I need a working internet connection, but I cannot use my ethernet nor WIFI. Show More. Hackintosh Shop was made possible by using your donations & displaying ads. I wish I could give more of an explanation to help people who also have this issue, but I honestly have no idea what I did. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don't want to primarily use that as I don't have an unlimited hotspot, though. (kinda) The model is Inateck HBU3VL3-4. Ok, I restarted and now it's not working again. Hello everyone im new to hackintosh i just recently installed Catalina onto my system but can for the life of me get my ethernet to work. This is quite strange... You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I just poked around at unloading kexts from /Library/Extensions and now it thinks it's a bluetooth network lol. HELP. But hey, it works. Sign in to follow this . (Hardware specs further down.) RX 580 8Gb.

By rahul69, July 2 in Hackintosh Catalina Help Forum. Thanks.

Followers 1. Any Ideas?

Hackintosh Catalina Help Forum ; Not working Wi-Fi Ethernet sound graphics Sign in to follow this . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Haseeb Ahmad, October 28 in Hackintosh macOS Catalina - Post Installation Support. The WIFI Button's light on my keyboard is red and shows that the wifi is deactivated. In network it says I have a USB 10/100/1000 LAN and bluetooth is gone, but no cable connected. 12 comments. Here's my kext folder (I have FakeSMC.kext in the Other folder): Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm new to this :). Thanks. I reinstalled macOS on a different hard drive. Hackintosh macOS Catalina - Post Installation Support, Hackintosh macOS Post Installation Support.

Sign in to follow this . save hide report. Hello! Sign up for a new account in our community. I also tried plugging in my iPhone to see if tethering works, and it did. 12 % $25.00 of $200.00 Donate Now. By Hackintosh Shop was made possible by using your donations & displaying ads. Do I have to build the intelmausi.kext on my own? I checked the cable and it is connected.

By Hackintosh macOS Catalina - Installation Support ; USB to Ethernet not Working After Installing Catalina Facebook; Twitter; Donation Goals. rahul69 0 rahul69 0 Newbie; Members; 0 1 post; Posted July 2. I posted them to the about page on my profile. Specs: MSI B250 Krait. Not working Wi-Fi Ethernet sound graphics. I just used the kext from the release version. currently I am installing macOS Catalina on my laptop, using opencore.I got to the point where I booted the installer successfully and got my keyboard and Touchpad running. Hackintosh Monthly Donation - October. i5 7600k. Hello, currently I am installing macOS Catalina on my laptop, using opencore. ----------------------Hardware & Software-------------------------, Laptop: HP Zbook 15 G6CPU: i7-9850HCodename: Coffee Lake PlusBoot: Multiboot (Windows is installed, I want to install macos on the second partition (already setup the hard drive for that correctly)), Ethernet card: Intel (R) Ethernet Connection (7) l219-LMWIFI card: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX 200 160Mhz, ------------------------------bootable usb stick folder structure and installed kexts-----------------------------------------, Mode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ ----d----- 05.10.2020 18:41 EFI-a---- 16.10.2020 22:07 273920 boot-a---- 17.10.2020 11:31 788 listing.txt, E:\EFIode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ ----d----- 05.10.2020 18:41 BOOTd----- 05.10.2020 18:41 OC-a---- 17.10.2020 11:37 794 listing.txt, E:\EFI\bootMode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ -----a---- 05.10.2020 18:41 9152 BOOTX64.efi-a---- 17.10.2020 11:37 0 listing.txt, Mode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ ----d----- 05.10.2020 18:41 ACPId----- 05.10.2020 18:41 Bootstrapd----- 05.10.2020 18:41 Driversd----- 05.10.2020 18:41 Kextsd----- 05.10.2020 18:41 Resourcesd----- 05.10.2020 18:41 Tools-a---- 05.10.2020 18:41 478656 OpenCore.efi-a---- 17.10.2020 11:02 28775 config.plist-a---- 17.10.2020 11:40 800 list.txt, E:\EFI\OC\ACPIMode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ -----a---- 17.10.2020 01:46 693 SSDT-PLUG-DRTNIA.aml-a---- 17.10.2020 01:46 335 SSDT-EC-USBX-LAPTOP.aml-a---- 17.10.2020 01:46 73 SSDT-AWAC.aml-a---- 17.10.2020 01:47 414 SSDT-PMC.aml-a---- 17.10.2020 01:47 125 SSDT-PNLF-CFL.aml-a---- 17.10.2020 01:47 323 SSDT-XOSI.aml-a---- 17.10.2020 11:40 0 l.txt, E:\EFI\OC\BootstrapMode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ -----a---- 05.10.2020 18:41 9152 Bootstrap.efi-a---- 17.10.2020 11:41 0 l.txt, E:\EFI\OC\DriversMode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ -----a---- 05.10.2020 18:41 20484 OpenRuntime.efi-a---- 16.10.2020 22:12 37892 HfsPlus.efi-a---- 17.10.2020 11:42 0 l.txt, E:\EFI\OC\KextsMode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ ----d----- 05.10.2020 16:02 SMCLightSensor.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:02 SMCProcessor.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:02 SMCSuperIO.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:02 VirtualSMC.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:02 SMCBatteryManager.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:02 SMCDellSensors.kextd----- 05.10.2020 15:55 Lilu.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:00 WhateverGreen.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:00 AppleALC.kextd----- 22.03.2020 13:29 USBInjectAll.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:11 IntelSnowMausi.kextd----- 05.10.2020 16:10 NVMeFix.kextd----- 03.08.2020 23:27 IntelBluetoothFirmware.kextd----- 07.12.2017 11:44 ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kextd----- 01.02.2017 07:32 VoodooPS2Controller.kextd----- 01.02.2017 07:33 VoodooPS2Keyboard.kextd----- 01.02.2017 07:32 VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext-a---- 17.10.2020 11:42 2264 l.txt-a---- 17.10.2020 11:42 4934 l.tst, E:\EFI\OC\ToolsMode LastWriteTime Length Name---- ------------- ------ ---------- 05.10.2020 16:02 33600 rtcread------ 05.10.2020 16:02 42304 smc------ 05.10.2020 16:02 42336 smcread-a---- 17.10.2020 11:42 0 l.txt.

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