grand manan ferry cafeteria

Keep an eye out for whales, seals, shorebirds and more on the ride over. Wow, this is great!

While it’s an amazing destination for anyone, the two most common questions I get asked are: Is it dog-friendly? It’s also an AMAZING spot to see whales, seals, porpoises, and more! This one is Dan’s favourite restaurants on the island. The owner is the sweetest, its location in North Head is near great restaurants and activities, and it’s located on a beachfront stretch. There are a few man-made parking spots for you to pull into. Alright, I don’t have kids of my own and I have reservations about some areas of the island and small children. I’m a mermaid of habit. Just like Inn at Whale Cove, the menu changes daily and it’s a small dining room, so again, reservations are highly recommended. Wear layers and leave the flip flops on land. Grand Manan, New Brunswick.

Ihre Kartenakualisierung wurde angehalten. Inn at Whale Cove has a very small dining room, so make your reservation early. There are dogs on vacation everywhere. It can be a busy spot during height of tourist season - but they have a comfortable waiting room where you can have drinks. Trapped is an outdoor patio that serves only two things: hot lobster dip for your seafood lovers and hot spinach dip for your landlubbers. Free WiFi. The kitchen which still includes the original bar from Galloways has everything you need and there is a BBQ out back for grilling. Whether you catch them on a sunny day or in the fog – they’re a must! Stanley Beach is the beach at Surfside Motel and where 90% of my sea glass photos and videos are taken. You don’t pay anything on the way over but you pay to take the ferry back to the mainland when leaving the island from North Head. Formerly the Island Arts Cafe. The Southern Head Cliffs are easily my second favourite spot on the island. It’s free to walk out to the lighthouse and only $5 per person to tour the lighthouse and go to the top. While you may not be able to bring your dogs to the fancier dining rooms, there are plenty of spots with outdoor tables and dining too. Another great family-friendly beach, Seal Cove is a beautiful sandy beach perfect for beach days! I’ve been staying at the Surfside Motel since my first trip to Grand Manan over 17 years ago. If you’re not staying at the motel, you can easily access it from Stanley Road across from the hospital. It provides a personal, and as yet, incomplete exploration of our new home.

While you can see all of Grand Manan in a day if you’re short on time, I highly recommend spending at least a night or two to relax, discover your favourite spots on the island, eat a few amazing meals, and honestly just take it all in. To get to them, drive until the very end of the island until you can’t drive anymore. Definitely recommended if you’re into lighthouse history. There are also several other notable lookouts and spots to check out when visiting, so make sure to get a map when you pay! New restaurant seating along with diner stools & booths. When are you island hopping to Grand Manan?

It’s also where some of the best dulse on the island is grown and harvested. If you can, snag a room on the ocean side for great views of the ferry coming and going all day long. 992 Route 776, Woodward's Cove, Grand Manan, NB., Canada. Suchen Sie nach Restaurants mit Geschenkkartenfunktion. The restaurant is one of my faves. I could stroll them for hours and they are each so different in their own way. Stop by and sample our desserts in a cozy environment. Same ice cream same great food, homemade soups and desserts - daily lunch specials. They also serve delicious smoothies, beer and wine. That, my ocean friends, is served at Trapped. If you’re looking for healthier home-cooked, locally sourced options, there are really only a handful of dining rooms that offer this and reservations are recommended. They also sell live lobster. The Island Arts Cafe is your living room away from home on Grand Manan Island. Hurra! Once you’re on the island, you can get from one end to the other in about 30 minutes. You may be wondering—who should I bring on this magical ferry trip to Grand Manan?

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