google digital marketing garage certification final exam answers 2020

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– True, Seth will only be charged for advertising when his ad appears in the search results. Fill in the blank: When describing the purpose of content, what is missing? What’s The Biggest Challenge For Most Businesses When Going Online? What Does The ‘IP’ Stand For? Fill in the blank: If you use __________ keywords when building your search ads, minor variations, like plurals, can still trigger the ad. Which of these is a good practice to keep in mind when sending emails to your contacts? Building A Plan Will Help You To Focus Your Efforts When Using Social Media. Which Of The Following Would Be Described As A Good Business Goal To Set For Your Social Media Campaigns? 31. Q.76 – Which of the following is the most accurate analogy for a display advertising network?

A. Q.66 – Digital marketing isn’t just about selling your products internationally.

Which Of These Is Not A Benefit For Businesses Using Fully Integrated E-Commerce Platforms? What can using video as part of your online presence help you create? 92. (B) You can target ads to a specific geographic area, (C) You can target ads to specific genders, (D) Search ads are cheaper than display adverts. When it comes to search ads, which description best describes ‘negative keywords’? Where Does The Domain Name Of A Website Primarily Sit? Which of the following is a good way to get other websites to link to your site? 22. If You’re Looking To Attract People To Your Social Network, What Tone Of Voice Should You Consider? Q.1 – What’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online? How Can Your Business Benefit From Video Without Making One Yourself?

URL of the Exam – Which Of The Following Tools Could Be Used To Gain An Insight Into The Phrases And Questions People Search For About A Given Subject Online? Most web analytics tools can tell you what information about the user? Fill in the blank: Businesses should focus on social media platforms with _______. Before starting to promote products to other countries online, what could you use to gauge demand for your product in that specific market? When Designing Mobile Advertising Campaigns, What Is A Best Practice To Identify Which Keywords To Target? Q.84 – Which of the following is a benefit of display advertising over search advertising? ‘To entertain, to inspire, to _______ and to convince’. Which Two Elements Should You Look To Optimise For Improved SEO Performance?

Search advertising vs. display advertising, Home movie watchers – Create a search ad with keywords based on Colin’s film reviews, Cinema-goers – Place a display ad on a cinema listings site, C. The ins and outs of display advertising, People who use ad-blockers and are interested in your subject, People who haven’t read your blog before but are interested in your subject, Only people who have read your blog previously, Only people interested in films and movies, Google Digital Garage Answers – Check Your Knowledge – Module 19 (Skippable), Email website owners to ask if they will feature his video, Use an ad network such as Google Display Network, People who search for TV-related podcasts, People who have started (but not finished) the subscription process, It improves your ranking in search engines, A prediction of sales you can make from your ad, You always need to contact the owner of the website to buy ads on their page, The network provides data on the click-through-rate, The network provides names of the people who click your ad, The network will continue to show your ad for 7 days once your budget has expired, Retargeting with a display ad encouraging newsletter sign-up, Creating a Facebook page for your business, Retargeting with a display ad that has a discount coupon, Google Digital Garage Answers – Check Your Knowledge – Module 20 (Skippable), Advertise on other videos to promote his recipes, B. Q.28 – When advertising on search engines, if you bid the same as your competitor, having a higher quality score will mean you appear where in comparison? Q.21 – Which of the following will be achieved by including an offer in a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ad? (A) What your customers are doing on your website, (B) Where your customers have come from before visiting your website, (C) Where your customers go after leaving your website, (D) What your customers are looking for on your website. In The World Of Analytics, Tracking The Type Of Device The User Accessed Your Site By Is Considered Which Type Of Data? thanks again. What Does The ‘IP’ Stand For? 99. Which Of The Following Tools Could Be Used To Gain An Insight Into The Phrases And Questions People Search For About A Given Subject Online?

35. Which of the following statements is true when it comes to taking a business online? When Building A Website For A Business, What Type Of Design Should It Have In Order To Be ‘Mobile Friendly’? Which section of Google Analytics can tell you whether visitors have found your website via social media? Why is optimising customer touchpoints online beneficial for businesses? 2 minute HD advertising video for the bakery, Large high res, full screen background image, Twitter button that links out to twitter page, Customers can learn about a business by downloading a mobile app, but they can’t place an order using an app, Building a new website requires a large budget, Mobile apps enable your customers to purchase your products without being on your website, All businesses must have a website to sell products, The customer service representative you can call when you have questions about your website, The answer you get when you search a term on the web, A computer connected to the Internet with software that allows it to host all the components of your website, The device that determines the speed of your mobile connection, A lot of deep scientific information and detailed statistics, Certifications to show you’re qualified to provide a service, A list of phone numbers customers can use to get in contact with you, A ‘Get directions to our store’ button which when clicked, redirects to a map displaying directions to the store based on the customer’s current address, An icon button that takes the customer to your social media accounts, A hotline phone number that helps users complete their purchases, Google Digital Garage Answers – Check Your Knowledge – Module 4 (Skippable), What should his first step be?

Q.79 – What is one of the benefits of using templates for your email marketing campaigns? All the latest questions and answers are updated. When Looking To Create Video Content For Your Marketing Strategy, What Three Best Practices Should You Look To Include? (2) It is accredited by The Open University and IAB Europe. It was a... 1337x came into existence in the year 2007, but gained spotlight after the shutdown... Cricket Games are super fun to watch and play on iPhone and iPad. What Are Three Key Considerations When Evaluating Keywords For Search Engine Optimisation? When Discussing Display Advertising, What Is An Ad Network? What is an example of product merchandising? To let learn is our motive in this industry for new comers, We appreciate your valuable comment and time you gave us. A Lot Of Factors Can Affect How Well A Website Will Rank On Search Engines. Which of the following is an example of a ‘call to action’ on a website? 1.1 FUNDAMENTALS OF DIGITAL MARKETING: MODULE 1/26 – The online opportunity; 2 The increased use of the Internet presents a lot of potential for which types of businesses? Q.107 – Which of these is not a benefit for businesses using fully integrated e-commerce platforms? Fill In The Blank: When Considering Expanding A Business Internationally, The Best Place To Start Is To__________? Q.56 – Why is social media a great tool for your business to build trust and engagement with your audience? Local Directories Are A Great Tool For Getting Noticed Locally Online. If You Want To Track A Completed Order In Your Website, What Would Be A Proper Place To Add The Conversion Tracking Code? How Could That Business Connect With Their Audience Through The App? When considering how mobile users will search for your business, which types of keywords should you focus on? All the latest questions and answers are updated. Q.101 – When using web-based analytics tools, by segmenting the data you will be able to achieve which of the following?

How video fits into your online strategy, Websites selling speciality vegetarian ingredients, C. Creating video content within your budget, Post it on his website as well as other sites, Use a title and keywords that the target audience will use to search, Have a call to action such as a ‘share’ option, Add hashtags to your videos for social networking sites, Review the comments to see what viewers have said, Setting up live streams of the business’s physical shop on their website, Publishing a how-to video on their website, An agency, professional crew and equipment, Creativity, lots of experience and a large budget, Creativity, planning and high-quality equipment, Guarantee sales of your product or service, Consider removing the video from the platform, Consider re-shooting your video based on comments, Consider updating your preview images, video titles or descriptions, Consider asking people to watch the whole video in the description, Google Digital Garage Answers – Check Your Knowledge – Module 21 (Skippable), Signing up to the newsletter – Conversion, “Stop sending newsletters as people aren’t reading them”, “Review the content of the newsletters to check they’re suitable”, “Check you’re not sending too many newsletters”, “Send more newsletters reminding customers to book a room”, C. Tracking specific goals with web analytics, Number of site pages users explore on average, Amount of time visitors spend on the site, Number of people clicking on the links in her newsletters, Percentage of orders made on smartphones and tablets, What time of day your website gets the most traffic, How many mentions or likes you get on social media, How well your competitor’s ad campaigns are doing, The email addresses of visitors to your landing pages, How long people spend on your ‘How To Find Us’ page, Which day of the week is most popular for bookings, How many people visiting your site book a room with you, Google Digital Garage Answers – Check Your Knowledge – Module 22 (Skippable), How many visitors are using mobile devices, Cosy guesthouse in Guildford town centre Get away from it all in a relaxed setting Book a room today! How Can Businesses Benefit From Using Analytics On Their Website? When Using Analytics Programmes On Your Website, Which Of These Do Not Fall Under The Category Of A Metric? Want great wedding pics? Where Does The Domain Name Of A Website Primarily Sit? (A) It will help the ad stand out and encourage people to click it, (B) It will guarantee the ad appears at the top of the search results, (C) It will increase the amount of users across your entire website, (D) It can increase the quality score of your ad. Q.31 – What is the most important thing to consider when optimising a search engine marketing campaign? Which of the following would be an ideal goal for an SEO plan? 94. Fill in the blank: Website analytics can tell you _____________. Google Digital Garage Answers, Google Digital Marketing Answers, Google Digital Marketing Course Answers, Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Answers. Q.71 – Local directories are a great tool for getting noticed locally online. When Using Analytics Programmes On Your Website, Which Of These Do Not Fall Under The Category Of A Dimension? When Advertising On Search Engines, If You Bid The Same As Your Competitor, Having A Higher Quality Score Will Mean You Appear Where In Comparison? Fill In The Blank: When Considering Expanding A Business Internationally, The Best Place To Start Is To__________? Why Should You Avoid Focusing On Collecting As Much Data As Possible? Which Of The Following Would Be Described As A Good Business Goal To Set For Your Social Media Campaigns? 59.

Google Digital Unlocked Certification Exam comprises of total 26 modules and each module contains 3-6 questions with 4 possible options.

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