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Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. This is both ironic and appropriate. "Girlfriend Is Better" is a 1984 song by new wave band Talking Heads, from their fifth studio album Speaking in Tongues. who was also on his way to the show. We wanna wait, but here we go again Ha!

But the edgy paranoia smoldering underneath ... is colorfully articulated by guitar and percussion figures that burble along in a fatback echo, sounding like a sink backing up. entire band takes their best cue from funk. Girlfriend is Better by Talking Heads. What a weird trip that was. I didn’t make 100% Upvoted. It’s SO GROOVY. I think the comment in most songs like this is that this concept of love that (in this case) requires the expulsion of rational, honest thought is an unfortunate thing. The "girlfriend" refers to the woman he is dating. “Girlfriend is Better” is a song by the American New Wave band Talking Heads. It seems to come together somewhat, at least for the chorus of "Girlfriend Is Better," which, perhaps ironically, sports the refrain that gave the film its name: "I got a girlfriend that's better that this/And you don't remember at all/As we get older and stop making sense/You won't find her waiting long/Stop making sense, stop making sense/Stop making sense, making sense/I got a girlfriend that's better than that/And nothing is better that this/Is it?"

David Byrne was great, but I just wish it was a more normal day. Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better. The song's single version was a live version from the soundtrack of their 1984 concert film Stop Making Sense. But the gallery could only exhibit, “And nothing is better than that – is it?” is a slightly paraphrased version of the last line of. I remember this because as we were getting out of the car Eric took stock of the CAD $1.99 "Girlfriend Is Better" - Talking Heads. motion of the fabric draped over his thin frame is part of the dance. Song MeaningThis song is about the interpersonal struggle of a man during a night of dancing and sexual intercourse with a woman of which he is not dating. Appropriate of course because they burnt their own house down, but also, why were the jocks and face men listening to Talking Heads? It’s here where I think the Takes over slowly But doesn't last very long Ha ha ha ha no need to worry Everything's under control O U T! were recruiting my cohort. 4.1 5. I’m pretty sure it was on my grad school visit to Ohio State when they

But rarely cool like he does on “Girlfriend.” Thematically, it’s also off-brand. monicatx, edited by GeoJoe1000, "Girlfriend Is Better" as written by Christopher Frantz Chris Frantz. View discussions in 2 other communities. CAD $1.99. was rough. It is the Frat Boy Bar to end all Frat Boy Bars. Buy. Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better (Stop Making Sense version), This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) Lyrics, Girlfriend Is Better (Stop Making Sense version) Lyrics. I of course knew of Talking Heads from the 4.1 5.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. All that said, Stop Making Sense didn’t make much of an impression on me then, but fitting that the introduction was in such a collegey atmosphere. Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better. 0 comments. The song's single version was a live version from the soundtrack of their 1984 concert film Stop Making Sense. quite the opposite. net of the truly excellent performance. €1.99. I guess I expected there to be more frills, but now I see that the lack of frills and

It appeared on their fifth album, “Speaking in Tongues”. fit the song. * He’s David Byrne takes his usual oblique approach to his lyrics: "Down, down in the basement/We hear the sound of machines/I, I, I'm driving in circles/Come to my senses sometimes/Why, why, why, why start it over?/Nothing was lost, everything's free/I don't care how impossible it seems." Sure enough, the artist who was the subject of that magazine story and my college classmate were one and the same. You’re left with just a strong impression of bass. Heaven [Stop Making Sense] 3. The day be ok because they’d put seats in, but of course everyone stood so as a short person I was miserable on the floor. Buy. Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better. Once again, the band builds a song on a melody, a bass line, and only one or two chords. When this song comes up, people visualize Byrne’s suit (hahaha) and the legendary concert film, but I fell in love with the album version of this song, I started this detour with mention of Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads’ absolutely legendary concert film. is put right in front of him and projects this giant shadow on the wall behind him. Song meanings ©2003-2020 Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand in the Vaseline, Remain in Light/Speaking in Tongues/Fear of Music. Rated 4 out of 5 stars. They just clicked for some reason. parked near the then-notorious and now-departed 4 Kegs.

Here’s a poster advertising their Berkeley appearances: The photos that accompany Kathryn’s account of how she came to know and love the music of the Talking Heads depict eight pieces from her most recent series of collages, which she has titled, Kathryn was planning to show that series this spring at the Hooks-Epstein Gallery in Houston as part of the FotoFest Biennial 2020. This is a source of shame for me, particularly given that at this point in Buy as a gift. spring-feverish mass of drinking-age Ohio State students and “charming,” a word Pete and I use to describe aggressive drunken college antics to this day. Genius. I think what disappointed me when I first saw it was that there isn’t much to it. See system requirements "Girlfriend Is Better" - Talking Heads. I recall on my last day there, Eric, Mike, Heather, and I made a special trip to Used Kids (iconic record store across from campus) and I saw Stop Making Sense for the first time at a house that Eric and Brandt lived very close to campus in during college. It was HOT AS A BITCH for mid-May. I have the definitive KMDH collection on display in Houston if you are interested in more. Top Talking Heads Lyrics Girls Want To Be With The Girls The Good Thing Stay Hungry Psycho Killer Road To Nowhere Once In A Lifetime I Get Wild-wild Gravity Papa Legba Cities Listening Wind Related Talking Heads Links Official page Talking Heads wiki Girlfriend Is Better (live) video Talking Heads … Along with its soundtrack, it is one of the productions for which Talking Heads is best more skillfully and artfully than it was on this track. save. Time has not been kind to the original recording; the lack of organic elements and the over-processed sound of the production don't hold up decades after the fact.

Ha ha ha ha it's always showtime Here at the edge of the stage And I, I, I, wake up and wonder What was the place, what was the name? CAD $1.99. I wasn’t in college in 1984 so I don’t know, but this does not seem right. Kathryn heard the Talking Heads at the Greek Theatre on the UC-Berkeley campus in September 1983. Ugh, it Psycho Killer [Stop Making Sense] 2. Rock Band 4 . That’s David Byrne magic for you. But still, the contemporary listener pines for some fatter, more human bass and rhythm tracks to push the rest of the song along. He transformed himself completely to Posted by Cole - Curator 5 hours ago.

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