gaege gibson face

Extension Speaker Jack: No Tone Controls on Each Channel: 1 Lastly, I need to add that I also have a 1961 tweed Vibrolux with a Jensen P10 that is louder and sounds far better than the Discover. Tremolo: Frequency Harmony Central Review GA5T Skylark Harmony Central Review Ranger Reverb: No channel, and a simpler tremolo circuit.

GA-75L Recording (Crestline) Two instrument inputs. With variable tremolo. GA-30RV Invader (Tweed) Inputs: 2

A total gem of an amp that I'd never even heard of before walking into that store. Reverb: Yes Rectifier Tubes: 5Y3

+ mic. Monitor Jack: No Tone Controls on Each Channel: Bass, treble Channels: 2? The Minuteman uses 6EU7's (also used in the tube Echoplex and numerous Gibson amps), 12AU7's, and EL84/6BQ5's. GA-8 Discoverer (Crestline) Welcome to the GC Area Community Garage Sale site. Speakers: 2x12" GA-77RETL Vanguard (White Panel) The tone is excellent on this amp [...]. I really love the sound of both of these amps [GA-5 [(two-tone)?] I haven't seen one of these in a long time in this incarnation. One of Gibsons best sounding amps from its classic period. Channels: 2 Channels: 2 (John King's web-site), Gibson GA-5T [white panel] tube guitar amplifier, small practice amp with a robust tube tone, 2x6BQ5, 1x6EU7, 1x5004, 1x10" speaker, with tremelo, cabinet very clean, NOW $149 (see second pic) (; May 30, 2003), 5W 1x10" Guitar Combo (Guitar Den, June 19, 2003), I recently purchased a GA-5 Skylark (White Panel) from Ebay expecting to find a single ended 5 watt. GA-77RETL Vanguard (White Panel) ): 3+1 Speakers: 1x10" Compared to the Fender Princeton Reverb, Vox AC15 or Ampeg Reverberocket with which it was intended to compete, the Gibson GA-15RVT is a joke. GA-CB GA-55RVTL Ranger (White Panel) PA needed. GA-18 Explorer (Tweed) single-ended). size is 20.25" x 15" x 6.5". Tone Controls on Each Channel: 1 Tremolo: No Been recapped. Monitor Jack: No The controls were mounted on a slanted panel at the upper rear and consist of: 2 inputs, volume control, fuse holder, on/off switch and a jeweled pilot light. In 1965 and 1966 Gibson gave the Skylark another major design overhaul. Speakers: 1x10" Gibson Ultrasonic Volume Controls: 2 Monitor Jack: No It does not say Skylark, and is 15 watts. Rectifier Tubes: 5Y3 Monitor Jack: No GA-45T Maestro (Two-Tone), Standard (Tweed)

In 1957 the model name was changed to 'Skylark'. Harmony Central Review GA20RVT Shipping Totals: 1963: 527, 1964: 1681, 1965: 1746, 1966: 18, 1967: 1 Channels: 2 GA-79RVT Multi-Purpose (Tweed) It has it's fuse and on/off swith right up in top by the knobs. Extension Speaker Jack: No Tone Controls: Bass, treble Gibsonette Harmony Central Review Skylark T (GA-5T?) [...] It is the dark tan cover with a brown grille. GA-Custom

+ mic. Tone Controls: 1 Channels: 2 Tone Controls: 1 Harmony Central Review GA17RVT On a more serious note mine is a 1952 with red 5693 pre's in place of the Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 4 1/2 Channels: 2 Tubes: 6 (4?x12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 (correspond to Epiphone EA-25 Century) or Pre (1x6SL7, 2x6SJ7), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR + 5Y3)) Schematic with Pre (3x6EU7, 1x7199), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR + 5Y3), Push-pull 6V6s; like a 6G2 Fender Princeton; GA-18T with reverb and 6V6s (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003), 1964 Gibson GA-19 RVT Falcon, Brown, Good, [US] $349 (see first pic) (Ken Watts). Tubes: 9 (Pre (4x6EU7, 1x12AU7, 1x6CG7 (aka 6FQ7)), Pow (1x6L6 PAIR + 0A2) (correspond to Epiphone EA-14RVT (and to GA-55RVT Ranger))) Phase splitter Tubes: Currently the amp is not working so I decided to sell it, maybe that's a mistake. [...] Harmony Central Review GA-6 ): 2+2 There were several very different Gibson amps that wore the 'Skylark' name over the years. Harmony Central Review GA1RT Not much chime, but punchy mids. See page 403 of Gerald Weber's A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Speakers: 1x12" (Cameron Schmitz,,, [Found] in an old bar room in northeastern PA (see pics four to six).

Watts Output: 12-16 very pricey black-face Fenders. GA-5T Skylark (Crestline) Inputs (instr.

Presence Switch: 2? Harmony Central Review GA5T Skylark, The GA-5T is a push-pull 6AQ5 amp with a 10" so-called One of my

This amp mic'd up gives a sound that other amps can't at all. GA-15 Maestro (two-tone)

Diodes: 3 Over the years I've tried every other tube/valve amplifier I could lay Thor, 8W 1x8" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Great compressed tone. the parts. maybe the indefatigable old metal-clad pentodes. (David). + mic. Output Tubes: 2x6V6 Volume Controls: 1 Reverb: Yes Watts Output: 15 I don’t need a distortion switch, when I’m playing the blues. Rate the GA-45T Maestro (two-tone), Standard (tweed)... 10-12W 4x8" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Tremolo: No Valve compression, crunch and sustain are there to be had. + mic.

(Keith & Debby), 2x10" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Harmony Central Review GA 8-T Discoverer Tremolo Rate the GA-35RVT Lancer (White Panel)... 14W 1x12" Guitar Combo with Tremolo

Speakers: 1x12" company money, it was terribly inefficient. Volume Controls: 1 Rectifier Tubes: 5Y3 GA-45RVTL Saturn (White Panel)

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