fuji c200 pushed to 400

When visiting our website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, typically in the form of cookies. For those looking for quality film with superb color reproduction, we offer the FUJICOLOR brand. I’m not afraid of grain, and in fact prefer the grainy look of consumer film to the smooth, clean look of, say, Portra 400, and the textured look of photos like that of the berries are especially beautiful to me. As a result, the film won’t be too dense and will carry its own creative effect with decreased contract and decreased grain. I push Portra 400 to 800 and it’s one of my absolute favorite looks. (Or black and white for that matter) I’m excited to see others pushing C200 also as that was my next stock to try pushing (going to to go for +2 push). View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 35mm format film. To improve your experience, we use cookies to remember log-in details and provide secure log-in, collect statistics to optimize site functionality and deliver content tailored to your interest.By continuing to use this site you are giving us your consent to do this. Get your 5 frames featured on by submitting your 350+ word article by either using this Google form or by sending an email via the contact link at the top of the page. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 120 format film – 6×6, 6×7, 6×9, 6×12 and 6×17. I’ve been told millions of times over – DO NOT PUSH COLOR FILM.

I love it! all have similar contrast with nice grain, color seems a little cleaner on the Portra 400, a little heavy contrast on the Portra 800, Portra 800 has the most contrast but all images are very flat, Fuji 400 handles the push very well with nice grain and skin tone, Portra 400 renders very nice colors and grain but the contrast is a little on the heavier side, all the films build good contrast in flat lighting, the contrast in the Fuji 400 is not so heavy as in the other two and looks pretty good, Portra 800 is shifting toward green in a bad way, Fuji 400 renders pretty colors and grain with balanced contrast, Portra 800 is being pushed to the limits and has lost its color rendition. How To Frame Your Shots to Avoid Excessive Cropping, How to Naturally Pose Photography Subjects, Interesting Photo of the Day: Milky Way From the Oregon Coast, Interesting Photo of the Day: Tre Cime di Lavaredo at Sunset, Interesting Photo of the Day: Misty Magical Morning. Fuji C200: Celebrated for its faithful depiction, Fuji C200 is the perfect choice for portraits of friends and family and features muted highlights and shadows. EMULSIVE is a space for film photographers of all backgrounds to spread knowledge, experience and thoughts about everything related to film photography. Go right ahead, submissions are open! At the heart of EMULSIVE is the concept of helping promote the transfer of knowledge across the film photography community. Written by Piper McManamon and published on February 13, 2020December 23, 2019. The camera will thus meter so that the film becomes underexposed by one stop. Fuji 400 is very flat when pulled while the Portra 400 and Portra 800 look better when pulled.

Experimentation plays a huge part in film photography – it’s baked right into the medium. If you like what you're reading you can also help this personal passion project by heading on over to the EMULSIVE Patreon page and giving as little as a dollar a month. Want more photography tips?

5 Frames… With Fujicolor C200 (El 100 / 35mm format / Nikon F100) – by Bart Patitucci, 5 Frames… With Fujicolor C200 (EI 800 / 35mm format / Nikon F3) – by Kevin Tan, 5 Frames… With Psychedelic Blues (EI 400 / 35mm format / Canon AE-1) – by Hannah Pitstick, 5 Frames… With Fujicolor C200 (EI 200 / 35mm format / Pentax Spotmatic) – by Antoine Wallet, 5 Frames... On the Buffalo River with ILFORD HP5 PLUS (35mm Format / EI 400 / Nikon EM + Nikon Series E 50mm F/1.8) - by Chase Taylor, 5 Frames... Of 35mm film in a Russian 6x9 camera and Agfaphoto APX 400 (35mm Format / EI 200 / KMZ Moskva-2 + Industar-23 110 mm f/4.5) by Martin Nauhaus, 5 Frames (+1)... Of beautiful B&W flowers on ILFORD HP5 PLUS (35mm Format / EI 400 / Minolta X-700 + MD 50mm f/3.5 Macro Lens) - by Kathleen E. Johnson, A complete guide to the Mamiya RZ67, part three: lenses, filters and accessories. When pushed by a stop or two, Fuji 400 looks beautiful. Some shots came out as muddy green messes, sure, but what matters is that some came out beautifully. However, please note that blocking some of cookies could impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to offer. You can support this goal by contributing your thoughts, work, experiences and ideas to inspire the hundreds of thousands of people who read these pages each month. I’ve never tried pushing colour film…but I think I might now . View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 110 format film. I basically shot it at whatever speed I wanted, using the in-camera light meter as a rough guide. Simply speaking, pushing and pulling film allows you to gain more contrast and grain for an artistic effect. Somehow, the photos not only came out breathtakingly beautiful but incredibly varied in their style.

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For more information you can read our Privacy Policy. Thoughts and musings on film photography. Now, in college, I probably have just about as many film cameras as I do rolls of shot film in my freezer. Available in 35mm single roll and 3-roll packs. EMULSIVE is bringing the photographic community and industry together, one Community Interview at a time. Because we respect your privacy, you can choose to disable some types of cookies. Privacy Policy, Great vividness across the entire spectrum, including vibrant reds, blues and yellows, Sharp depiction of all aspects of the subject from over all from to textural details, Fine grain for a medium-speed film, providing consistently high quality even in enlargements, Accurate color reproduction even under fluorescent lights.

“Pushing and pulling film is more about creating contrast and grain. There will always be the bad shot, the failed shot, but for every one of those that you end up with, you will have something unique and beautiful. See what we are looking for and get in touch.

I was shooting regardless of the Moon, thin clouds or poor collimation. Head on over to read the other half of these stories there. While some have beautifully muted tones that give a sense of softness, or that Fuji blue-green tint that adds a sense of unease and coldness to an otherwise fun shot, others bring punchy and saturated colors that look like a different film stock altogether, and others still perfectly and accurately render the scene I had before me.
Cookies are important to the proper functioning of a site. From shutter speed testers to large format cameras, we’ve got you covered. Find your perfect Leica or M-mount film camera with the help of this interactive tool & reference data, 65 photographic projects you can do when you’re stuck at home, Color drama: Negative Lab Pro v2… Finding the right workflow for scanning color film at home, How to make a TEXPan: shoot wide-format 35mm film in the Fuji GW690III rangefinder. See what we are looking for and get in touch. This will tell the camera that the film is more sensitive to light than it actually is—more sensitive by one stop. When pushed by a stop or two, Fuji 400 looks beautiful. Superia 400: Regarded as a truly everyday film, Superia 400 is a daylight-balanced look with subtle adjustments to colors and contrast that is colorful without being overly stylized. And to compensate for the extra exposure, the film will need to be left in the developer for a shorter time.

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