fbi miami shootout autopsy photos

As my old USMC drill sergeant use to say, “Getting hit by a rifle bullet will fuck up your health record!” Case in point was me: The rifle bullet that hit my left arm “fucked up my health record” and temporarily took me out of the fight. Mireles fired six rounds at the suspects. At 8:45 a.m on April 11, 1986, a team of FBI agents led by Special Agent Gordon McNeill assembled at a Home Depot to initiate a rolling stakeout searching for the black Monte Carlo (Collazo's stolen car). Neither Platt nor Matix was injured. Matix was honorably discharged from the Army in 1976. One round hit McNeill in the neck, causing him to collapse and leaving him paralyzed for several hours. -, As Platt crawled through the passenger side window, one of Dove’s 9mm bullets hit his right upper arm -, After Platt crawled out the window and was rolling off the front hood of the Cutlass, Dr. Anderson believes he has hit twice more -, Dr. Anderson feels Platt received his fifth wound -, The bullet entered the back of Platt’s right upper arm -, At this point in the gunfight, Dove had relocated from behind the passenger side door of his car -, Mireles fired a total of five rounds from his Remington 870 shotgun from a range of about 25 feet. In 2001, the Village of Pinecrest, Florida, which incorporated in 1996, honored the two agents by co-designating a portion of Southwest 82nd Avenue as Agent Benjamin Grogan Avenue and Agent Jerry Dove Avenue. This incident led to the introduction of more effective handguns in the FBI and many police departments around the United States. The autopsy found Platt’s right lung was collapsed and his chest cavity contained 1.3 liters of blood, suggesting damage to the main blood vessels of the right lung. 9 a.m.: A squad of more than a dozen FBI agents in 11 cars are about to conduct a stakeout of ban... Alex Crandon. This simulates standard wall construction. -, Mireles first shot at Platt hit the back of the front seat behind Platt’s left shoulder. Ballistic gelatin, a testing medium scientifically correlated to simulate muscle tissue, was used in the testing.

A civilian witness described Platt leaving the car, walking almost 20 feet and firing at Mireles three times at close range. The way we were...Miami Beach Police Department ha... And now, for those of you with no life...here's 3 ... Head of Miami-Dade police union tells citizens to ... Lawrence O'Donnell: 'When it comes to Cuba policy,... Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is now a published... How can an airline nearly kill you without crashing? [14][19], Platt attempted to start the Grogan/Dove car.

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A civilian followed them from the scene and witnessed them switch to a white Ford F-150 pickup truck but lost contact thereafter. This incident contributed to the increasing trend of law enforcement agencies to switch from revolvers to semi-automatics across the United States.

Regular FBI agents (non-SWAT trained) could only purchase semi-automatic assault rifles, had to register their weapon with the FBI, and had to qualify with their weapons a minimum of once a year. The attack was initiated by one of them shooting the guard in the back with a large gauge shotgun.

The New York Times Archives.

[11], Manauzzi was unable to recover his revolver and was wounded in the head and back by a shotgun blast, thought to be from Matix. [31], Dove, a West Virginia native, had Jerry Dove Drive named after him in Clarksburg, West Virginia, where the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division is located. Grogan, however, is credited with landing hits in the gunfight. He fired a .357 Magnum revolver at agents Ronald Risner and Gilbert Orrantia, and was shot a fourth time when turning to fire at Hanlon, Dove, and Grogan. Only two of the agents were wearing ballistic vests, and the armor they were wearing was standard light body armor, which is designed to protect against handgun rounds, not the .223 Remington rounds fired by Platt's Mini-14 rifle. Of the 10, only one, Special Agent Manauzzi, did not fire any shots (his firearm was thrown from the car in the initial collision), while only one, Special Agent Risner, was able to emerge from the battle without a wound.

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